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ycsys >> Chat

Hi! I'am from Ukraine, elma is my favorite game. I upload my maps to Dowload.

BlaZtek >> VSK002

Very well done Nick :O

Kopaka >> Chat

the recent times on frontpage was removed temporarily for performance reasons, there's new still new times being driven here from time to time :)

Zero >> Chat

oddman, check mopolauta and eol. pretty much going on actually

Oddman >> Chat

Hey! What happened? Did Elma die or what?

Orcc >> top10

Oke hev to do everything myself

Orcc >> top10

Ez 4h total time break up for grabs

Orcc >> pa76le07

Yesh I wandered the same, and I think dz picked teh levs and drove base times

Jeppe >> pa76le07

kinda hard to get le apple bug the way apples are placed tho o,o so dunno

Jeppe >> pa76le07

applebug when basetime set o,o guess abula didnt realise dat last apple is there.


 » Kinglist » Hoyla

King List

1.Jeppe9705 pts.
2.Jarkko [NK]7561 pts.
3.Alma [LaMe]5757 pts.
4.adi [MiE]5089 pts.
5.GRob [NGT]4035 pts.
6.Oddman3915 pts.
7.FinMan [dat]3187 pts.
8.ThanaTos2994 pts.
9.Raven [EPO]2978 pts.
10.veezay [rotaplask]2929 pts.
11.Mats [TR]2807 pts.
12.k0xx2644 pts.
13.MatchBox [(Black)]2494 pts.
14.Kazan2462 pts.
15.Ciprian2423 pts.
16.kzon [WAW]2337 pts.
17.1349 [(Black)]2220 pts.
18.BlaZtek [CMR]2007 pts.
19.Thunder [LET]1970 pts.
20.MonzterMan1949 pts.
21.Attlee [A&M]1814 pts.
22.BoneLESS [HHIT]1759 pts.
23.Souza [CART]1719 pts.
24.ZeCone1609 pts.
25.Adebis1601 pts.
26.Xiphias [NK]1499 pts.
27.ben3eee [EF]1426 pts.
28.Markku1328 pts.
29.Zero [dat]1296 pts.
30.nick-o-matic [MiE]1196 pts.
31.Bjenn [EF]1062 pts.
32.Juski [MK]1050 pts.
33.FLeshly [(Black)]1042 pts.
34.ScHuMaChEr [EF]1030 pts.
35.Danielj [TAH]938 pts.
36.roope [MiE]935 pts.
37.Mawane [SV]901 pts.
38.khristian [BATYS]868 pts.
39.VT [EA]789 pts.
40.Cfilorvy [TAH]778 pts.
41.Smibu [NK]772 pts.
42.umiz [SAT]748 pts.
43.Coco646 pts.
44.Mongoose [A&M]631 pts.
45.A.K.B. [EA]571 pts.
46.Boomer [LOS]484 pts.
47.igge415 pts.
48.Leek400 pts.
49.Haruhi378 pts.
50.Sick_Mambo [EMA]368 pts.
51.Myrdhel [TAAF]356 pts.
52.juish [HHIT]348 pts.
53.Lukazz [BAP]332 pts.
54.Orcc324 pts.
55.Nimda280 pts.
56.skint0r [IV]267 pts.
57.John [WNO]267 pts.
58.Baskiria [AG]260 pts.
59.MojoDojo250 pts.
60.Zox [MAN]236 pts.
61.jaytea_ [OMG]226 pts.
62.Fityma [AG]222 pts.
63.Rooker [NK]207 pts.
64.Ves [UHF]198 pts.
65.Decybel175 pts.
66.Staar [TEM]152 pts.
67.SmaXa [EF]135 pts.
68.Pigman [NGT]134 pts.
69.sla126 pts.
70.ToTaL [TAH]118 pts.
71.Bliz115 pts.
72.markoppl113 pts.
73.Bludek112 pts.
74.Kuper110 pts.
75.Dash105 pts.
76.TeemuZ [TV]103 pts.
77.Binder [KFC]95 pts.
78.Madness [SPEED]94 pts.
79.tijsjoris [MK]91 pts.
80.jonsykkel [BAP]90 pts.
81.JeMsTaR [NK]73 pts.
82.Edina [AG]72 pts.
83.st663 pts.
84.HaraldH [LSD]61 pts.
85.Mige [IGA]58 pts.
86.klisse56 pts.
87.juka55 pts.
88.kabii [BAP]54 pts.
89.KoBeni53 pts.
90.Usque50 pts.
91.KD [mEkK]50 pts.
92.Grindelwald [NGT]48 pts.
93.Karesz [LOS]46 pts.
94.Kake8I9 [ec]46 pts.
95.Wacco [TV]44 pts.
96.Morgan [SPEED]44 pts.
97.Kale41 pts.
98.KAAKU [NL]41 pts.
99.edahl [TAH]40 pts.
100.Zweq [WNO]40 pts.
101.Zerox [RDK]40 pts.
102.Lousku [BAP]39 pts.
103.McElast38 pts.
104.Polarix [TR]36 pts.
105.Sanna [NoR]31 pts.
106.zamppe [WNO]30 pts.
107.Hosp28 pts.
108.infected [LOS]28 pts.
109.badb27 pts.
110.Nidde26 pts.
111.Crazy25 pts.
112.welle25 pts.
113.Ice25 pts.
114.Pab [SV]22 pts.
115.DreamX20 pts.
116.BID [AG]20 pts.
117.rene [FiN]18 pts.
118.Mochi18 pts.
119.Chip [BAP]16 pts.
120.Epidemic [AG]16 pts.
121.VoiD16 pts.
122.NiCage [EPO]15 pts.
123.Hx15 pts.
124.Giancarlo [dx]14 pts.
125.Tigro [Valan]14 pts.
126.alien111 [TiF]13 pts.
127.wiElOryB [WMX]12 pts.
128.Prank12 pts.
129.Jappe2 [TAP]12 pts.
130.Johnny12 pts.
131.Somi [A&M]12 pts.
132.Who0t11 pts.
133.GIZZY_ [FiN]11 pts.
134.twipley [HHIT]10 pts.
135.Suharice [TV]10 pts.
136.Schumi [mB]10 pts.
137.Drace10 pts.
138.troompl9 pts.
139.Kiiwi9 pts.
140.Astral [EF]9 pts.
141.dodo8 pts.
142.SpecB [UT]6 pts.
143.Fossy6 pts.
144.Flat [FS]3 pts.
145.Mr.iPod [FiN]2 pts.
146.WaHaHa!2 pts.
147.jaytea [OMG]2 pts.
1.Jeppe24915 pts.
2.adi [MiE]23279 pts.
3.Alma [LaMe]14733 pts.
4.FinMan [dat]13823 pts.
5.GRob [NGT]12519 pts.
6.Zero [dat]10852 pts.
7.Markku10581 pts.
8.BoneLESS [HHIT]10277 pts.
9.Jarkko [NK]10182 pts.
10.Mats [TR]9974 pts.
11.ThanaTos8850 pts.
12.BlaZtek [CMR]7543 pts.
13.Adebis7021 pts.
14.Raven [EPO]6862 pts.
15.Souza [CART]6310 pts.
16.Kazan6071 pts.
17.Oddman5269 pts.
18.Attlee [A&M]4921 pts.
19.Thunder [LET]4350 pts.
20.veezay [rotaplask]4178 pts.
21.k0xx3928 pts.
22.MatchBox [(Black)]3763 pts.
23.Danielj [TAH]3637 pts.
24.Ciprian3570 pts.
25.xp [WNO]3525 pts.
26.skint0r [IV]3328 pts.
27.Xiphias [NK]3129 pts.
28.1349 [(Black)]3023 pts.
29.Mongoose [A&M]2906 pts.
30.Tisk [FM]2902 pts.
31.Smibu [NK]2798 pts.
32.umiz [SAT]2567 pts.
33.kzon [WAW]2407 pts.
34.Karesz [LOS]2374 pts.
35.MonzterMan2239 pts.
36.Leek2132 pts.
37.igge2108 pts.
38.Flat [FS]2045 pts.
39.Mawane [SV]1901 pts.
40.mena1830 pts.
41.Bjenn [EF]1761 pts.
42.ZeCone1686 pts.
43.khristian [BATYS]1623 pts.
44.Cfilorvy [TAH]1590 pts.
45.Binder [KFC]1566 pts.
46.ben3eee [EF]1520 pts.
47.ShittingB [EMO]1518 pts.
48.Lousku [BAP]1499 pts.
49.FLeshly [(Black)]1463 pts.
50.nick-o-matic [MiE]1455 pts.
51.A.K.B. [EA]1432 pts.
52.Orcc1392 pts.
53.LazY [TAAF]1371 pts.
54.roope [MiE]1358 pts.
55.KD [mEkK]1311 pts.
56.Madness [SPEED]1193 pts.
57.Juski [MK]1103 pts.
58.juish [HHIT]1063 pts.
59.ScHuMaChEr [EF]1035 pts.
60.Haruhi895 pts.
61.Pab [SV]866 pts.
62.ramone860 pts.
63.Pigman [NGT]854 pts.
64.Hosp850 pts.
65.VT [EA]792 pts.
66.BID [AG]763 pts.
67.York [xXx]681 pts.
68.Coco674 pts.
69.Zweq [WNO]672 pts.
70.Lukazz [BAP]645 pts.
71.alvin [KFC]590 pts.
72.Kopaka [LaMe]588 pts.
73.Crazy553 pts.
74.Staar [TEM]547 pts.
75.kabii [BAP]541 pts.
76.Sick_Mambo [EMA]531 pts.
77.Luther527 pts.
78.ciph [EM]495 pts.
79.Boomer [LOS]484 pts.
80.Spef [SPEED]479 pts.
81.John [WNO]459 pts.
82.Chip [BAP]443 pts.
83.Astral [EF]424 pts.
84.Rooker [NK]424 pts.
85.talli [EPO]411 pts.
86.jonsykkel [BAP]399 pts.
87.sla399 pts.
88.HaraldH [LSD]395 pts.
89.zebra [TAP]389 pts.
90.Virus [CMR]377 pts.
91.Myrdhel [TAAF]377 pts.
92.Morgan [SPEED]373 pts.
93.Polarix [TR]370 pts.
94.CMc [TEM]356 pts.
95.TeemuZ [TV]355 pts.
96.Nimda329 pts.
97.SpecB [UT]318 pts.
98.Zox [MAN]314 pts.
99.ToMo [mEkK]295 pts.
100.Baskiria [AG]283 pts.
101.Kejebra-281 pts.
102.Disk1 [KFC]278 pts.
103.Rasken [LOS]254 pts.
104.David_Blaine [o_O]251 pts.
105.MojoDojo251 pts.
106.kinghias [kt]247 pts.
107.Giancarlo [dx]245 pts.
108.Wacco [TV]242 pts.
109.onlainari235 pts.
110.TTechnik235 pts.
111.Ves [UHF]225 pts.
112.Fityma [AG]218 pts.
113.markoppl209 pts.
114.jaytea_ [OMG]209 pts.
115.SmaXa [EF]205 pts.
116.TarGEnoR [dx]204 pts.
117.infected [LOS]203 pts.
118.Decybel199 pts.
119.Labs [SPEED]191 pts.
120.Kuper190 pts.
121.KoBeni189 pts.
122.Bosky189 pts.
123.YEAHS182 pts.
124.Mick [EM]182 pts.
125.HesteRace [EMO]175 pts.
126.devin [:-)]170 pts.
127.dobla [KFC]166 pts.
128.8-ball [EPO]162 pts.
129.Stini [ICE]157 pts.
130.gabika [KFC]143 pts.
131.psy [.]141 pts.
132.twipley [HHIT]138 pts. [EAM]136 pts.
134.Jokke [FM]135 pts.
135.Schumi [mB]135 pts.
136.Bliz121 pts.
137.Bludek120 pts.
138.elmaster [VTS]119 pts.
139.ToTaL [TAH]115 pts.
140.Ramza [FRC]110 pts.
141.Rigger [RDK]110 pts.
142.Uncle Milty [EA]109 pts.
143.Lakimies [SFP]108 pts.
144.ap107 pts.
145.J-sim [EMA]107 pts.
146.Jappe2 [TAP]106 pts.
147.Edina [AG]102 pts.
148.hehe100 pts.
149.gimp100 pts.
150.schnon98 pts.
151.Dash97 pts.
152.Usque96 pts.
153.tijsjoris [MK]90 pts.
154.Vandmand [SK]89 pts.
155.klisse88 pts.
156.JeMsTaR [NK]87 pts.
157.niN [HoHo]85 pts.
158.trew83 pts.
159.Kanec [CART]82 pts.
160.juka80 pts.
161.zamppe [WNO]80 pts.
162.error [27]78 pts.
163.Grindelwald [NGT]71 pts.
164.Zsolt [mEkK]67 pts.
165.Suharice [TV]65 pts.
166.Karlis [FM]64 pts.
167.petsen [RDK]63 pts.
168.st663 pts.
169.Prank62 pts.
170.Weetya60 pts.
171.Ithal57 pts.
172.Thorze56 pts.
173.ANpDaD [GF]55 pts.
174.zworqy [MK]54 pts.
175.Ville_J54 pts.
176.KNeeCaP53 pts.
177.EleMent [CMR]52 pts.
178.Mige [IGA]52 pts.
179.RJ51 pts.
180.WkE50 pts.
181.DYW26545 pts.
182.KAAKU [NL]44 pts.
183.wazsi [ngt]44 pts.
184.EtanOli43 pts.
185.Kale43 pts.
186.Apelgam42 pts.
187.Mochi40 pts.
188.edahl [TAH]40 pts.
189.MP [GF]40 pts.
190.jblaze40 pts.
191.Sanna [NoR]38 pts.
192.McElast38 pts.
193.Honza [SPEED]37 pts.
194.Kake8I9 [ec]35 pts.
195.Totti [ICE]34 pts.
196.apas32 pts.
197.Benjamin [FRL]31 pts.
198.jcl [dx]30 pts.
199.Sulan29 pts.
200.badb29 pts.
201.WaHaHa!29 pts.
202.PELUSON27 [JOINESS]27 pts.
203.Jonas27 pts.
204.welle25 pts.
205.jaytea [OMG]25 pts. [FM]25 pts.
207.Ice25 pts.
208.DreamX25 pts.
209.Zerox [RDK]25 pts.
210.totem [TEM]24 pts.
211.marian [IEM]22 pts.
212.Kirios [FaF]22 pts.
213.NiCage [EPO]22 pts.
214.Ismo22 pts.
215.Nidde21 pts.
216.troompl21 pts.
217.mpq20 pts.
218.rene [FiN]20 pts.
219.LastDay [Arcao]20 pts.
220.Eddi [[27]]20 pts.
221.TL20 pts.
222.Epidemic [AG]19 pts.
223.Kiri18 pts.
224.Durracell [HfK]18 pts.
225.palme [Apoku]18 pts.
226.VoiD18 pts.
227.Tigro [Valan]16 pts.
228.Mozes16 pts.
229.kestas [TEM]16 pts.
230.Hx16 pts.
231.TuA16 pts.
232.Pawq [EEM]16 pts.
233.GIZZY_ [FiN]16 pts.
234.alien111 [TiF]15 pts.
235.Api [OLD]14 pts.
236.Johnny14 pts.
237.wiElOryB [WMX]12 pts.
238.Frost [(Black)]12 pts.
239.Dalroc [n00b]12 pts.
240.Chris12 pts.
241.Who0t12 pts.
242.Kazeta11 pts.
243.Kiiwi11 pts.
244.Somi [A&M]11 pts.
245.Toaster [ICK]11 pts.
246.JucQu10 pts.
247.Chaza10 pts.
248.Mr.iPod [FiN]10 pts.
249.Drace9 pts.
250.RoN9 pts.
251.Abula [FM]8 pts.
252.James [MK]8 pts.
253.dodo7 pts.
254.Mooneater6 pts.
255.kirbiby5 pts.
256.SCASI5 pts.
257.Brekus [KFC]4 pts.
258.Fossy4 pts.
259.berh2 pts.
260.YawK [HAC]1 pts.
261.DDevil [A&M]1 pts.
262.Witalo190 [BRA]1 pts.
263.devan1 pts.
Level Packs in category
veezay höylä pack
Raven Höylä Pack
FinMan Höylä levels
danpe levels
Bliz Höyl
Alma and Zero Hoyla Pack
1.MiE26092 pts.
2.dat24675 pts.
3.NK16620 pts.
4.LaMe15321 pts.
5.NGT13444 pts.
6.HHIT11478 pts.
7.TR10344 pts.
8.(Black)8261 pts.
9.CMR7972 pts.
10.A&M7839 pts.
11.EPO7457 pts.
12.CART6392 pts.
13.TAH5382 pts.
14.EF4945 pts.
15.WNO4736 pts.
16.LET4350 pts.
17.rotaplask4178 pts.
18.BAP3527 pts.
19.IV3328 pts.
20.LOS3315 pts.
21.FM3134 pts.
22.SV2767 pts.
23.KFC2747 pts.
24.SAT2567 pts.
25.WAW2407 pts.
26.EA2333 pts.
27.SPEED2273 pts.
28.FS2045 pts.
29.TAAF1748 pts.
30.EMO1693 pts.
31.mEkK1673 pts.
32.BATYS1623 pts.
33.AG1385 pts.
34.MK1255 pts.
35.TEM943 pts.
36.xXx681 pts.
37.EM677 pts.
38.TV662 pts.
39.EMA638 pts.
40.TAP495 pts.
41.dx479 pts.
42.LSD395 pts.
43.UT318 pts.
44.MAN314 pts.
45.o_O251 pts.
46.kt247 pts.
47.OMG234 pts.
48.UHF225 pts.
49.RDK198 pts.
50.ICE191 pts.
51.:-)170 pts.
52..141 pts.
53.EAM136 pts.
54.mB135 pts.
55.VTS119 pts.
56.FRC110 pts.
57.SFP108 pts.
58.GF95 pts.
59.SK89 pts.
60.HoHo85 pts.
61.2778 pts.
62.IGA52 pts.
63.FiN46 pts.
64.ngt44 pts.
65.NL44 pts.
66.NoR38 pts.
67.ec35 pts.
68.FRL31 pts.
69.JOINESS27 pts.
70.IEM22 pts.
71.FaF22 pts.
72.[27]20 pts.
73.Arcao20 pts.
74.Apoku18 pts.
75.HfK18 pts.
76.EEM16 pts.
77.Valan16 pts.
78.TiF15 pts.
79.OLD14 pts.
80.n00b12 pts.
81.WMX12 pts.
82.ICK11 pts.
83.BRA1 pts.
84.HAC1 pts.
1.Finland98965 pts.
2.Sweden63778 pts.
3.Norway47504 pts.
4.Hungary39922 pts.
5.Canada13882 pts.
6.Czech Republic11732 pts.
7.Russian Federation7519 pts.
8.Denmark3779 pts.
9.Romania3575 pts.
10.Faroe Islands3129 pts.
11.Australia2817 pts.
12.Slovakia2161 pts.
13.New Zealand2132 pts.
14.Portugal1623 pts.
15.Argentina1434 pts.
16.Austria1335 pts.
17.Poland1191 pts.
18.Germany944 pts.
19.Uruguay866 pts.
20.France703 pts.
21.Lithuania547 pts.
22.Israel408 pts.
23.Switzerland395 pts.
24.Afghanistan289 pts.
25.Albania251 pts.
26.Ukraine225 pts.
27.United Kingdom190 pts.
28.Latvia178 pts.
29.Iceland119 pts.
30.Netherlands90 pts.
31.Brazil30 pts.
32.Spain27 pts.
33.United Arab Emirates25 pts.
34.Chile11 pts.

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