Remember  Nick


Danielj >> MCHM036

this lev buggy also

Danielj >> MCHM030

cant submit times to this lev

BlaZtek >> NP11

Told ya. ;)

BlaZtek >> NP11

Arr Leek! I will take it back someday. ;)

Mawane >> Chat

@Schizmo type chainpi and press enter

BlaZtek >> Chat

Here you go:

Tegge >> Chat

Oh, btw. Is there any official community site on Facebook as well?

Tegge >> Chat

Hi FinMan! I will do that. Thanks for the tip! :) That's good so people can't cheat! I still recognize some nicks from when I played. I stopped play because my computer crashed so all my times and replays were removed. Unfortunately I couldn't save them. So now I had to start all over again and I got very suprised when I saw that people still go for new WR:s and stuff. So many new cool and insane tricks. Very nice that people keeps this game alive. :)

FinMan >> Chat

Hey Tegge! Check out elma online on also! :) Times need to be made online these days to confirm that your times are not cheated. Wish to see you there!

Tegge >> Chat

Hey all! This is awesome! I recently started to play Elma again. Last time was over 10 years ago. Now I found this site from moposite. Peace out!


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King List

1.Jeppe9645 pts.
2.Jarkko [NK]7386 pts.
3.adi [MiE]6856 pts.
4.Alma [LaMe]5500 pts.
5.roope [MiE]4399 pts.
6.Oddman3869 pts.
7.GRob [NGT]3754 pts.
8.FinMan [dat]3074 pts.
9.ThanaTos2833 pts.
10.veezay [rotaplask]2813 pts.
11.Raven [EPO]2801 pts.
12.Mats [TR]2701 pts.
13.k0xx2577 pts.
14.Kazan2432 pts.
15.kzon [WAW]2250 pts.
16.MatchBox [(Black)]2249 pts.
17.Ciprian2238 pts.
18.1349 [(Black)]2074 pts.
19.BlaZtek [CMR]1903 pts.
20.MonzterMan1860 pts.
21.Thunder [LET]1769 pts.
22.BoneLESS [HHIT]1703 pts.
23.Attlee [A&M]1624 pts.
24.Souza [CART]1578 pts.
25.ZeCone1518 pts.
26.b0ne [dat]1432 pts.
27.Adebis1432 pts.
28.Xiphias [NK]1414 pts.
29.Zero [dat]1369 pts.
30.Markku1268 pts.
31.nick-o-matic [MiE]1150 pts.
32.Bjenn [EF]985 pts.
33.Juski [MK]968 pts.
34.FLeshly [(Black)]962 pts.
35.ScHuMaChEr [EF]941 pts.
36.Danielj [TAH]822 pts.
37.Mawane [SV]792 pts.
38.khristian [BATYS]780 pts.
39.VT [EA]752 pts.
40.Smibu [NK]752 pts.
41.Cfilorvy [TAH]743 pts.
42.umiz [SAT]650 pts.
43.Coco597 pts.
44.Mongoose [A&M]555 pts.
45.A.K.B. [EA]497 pts.
46.Boomer [LOS]455 pts.
47.Leek388 pts.
48.igge388 pts.
49.Sick_Mambo [EMA]362 pts.
50.Haruhi360 pts.
51.Myrdhel [TAAF]351 pts.
52.juish [HHIT]336 pts.
53.Orcc318 pts.
54.Lukazz [BAP]313 pts.
55.Nimda267 pts.
56.John [WNO]262 pts.
57.Baskiria [AG]242 pts.
58.Zox [MAN]234 pts.
59.jaytea_ [OMG]209 pts.
60.skint0r [IV]209 pts.
61.Fityma [AG]206 pts.
62.Kiiwi206 pts.
63.Ves [UHF]198 pts.
64.MojoDojo194 pts.
65.Rooker [NK]193 pts.
66.Decybel153 pts.
67.Staar [TEM]136 pts.
68.ToTaL [TAH]115 pts.
69.Bliz114 pts.
70.Pigman [NGT]112 pts.
71.markoppl112 pts.
72.SmaXa [EF]110 pts.
73.Bludek107 pts.
74.Dash102 pts.
75.Kuper95 pts.
76.Madness [SPEED]94 pts.
77.TeemuZ [TV]88 pts.
78.sla87 pts.
79.jonsykkel [BAP]81 pts.
80.tijsjoris [MK]76 pts.
81.Binder [KFC]75 pts.
82.JeMsTaR [NK]73 pts.
83.st663 pts.
84.HaraldH [LSD]59 pts.
85.Mige [IGA]56 pts.
86.klisse55 pts.
87.juka55 pts.
88.kabii [BAP]52 pts.
89.Edina [AG]49 pts.
90.KD [mEkK]47 pts.
91.Usque46 pts.
92.Grindelwald [NGT]46 pts.
93.Morgan [SPEED]44 pts.
94.Kake8I9 [ec]42 pts.
95.Karesz [LOS]41 pts.
96.Wacco [TV]41 pts.
97.KAAKU [NL]41 pts.
98.Kale40 pts.
99.Zerox [RDK]40 pts.
100.Zweq [WNO]40 pts.
101.Lousku [BAP]38 pts.
102.KoBeni36 pts.
103.edahl [TAH]35 pts.
104.McElast33 pts.
105.Polarix [TR]32 pts.
106.zamppe [WNO]30 pts.
107.Sanna [NoR]28 pts.
108.Hosp26 pts.
109.badb26 pts.
110.infected [LOS]25 pts.
111.Crazy25 pts.
112.welle25 pts.
113.Ice25 pts.
114.Nidde24 pts.
115.Pab [SV]18 pts.
116.Mochi17 pts.
117.VoiD16 pts.
118.Chip [BAP]16 pts.
119.BID [AG]15 pts.
120.Epidemic [AG]14 pts.
121.NiCage [EPO]14 pts.
122.Hx14 pts.
123.Tigro [Valan]14 pts.
124.Prank12 pts.
125.Giancarlo [dx]12 pts.
126.DreamX12 pts.
127.wiElOryB [WMX]12 pts.
128.alien111 [TiF]11 pts.
129.rene [FiN]11 pts.
130.twipley [HHIT]10 pts.
131.Johnny10 pts.
132.Somi [A&M]10 pts.
133.GIZZY_ [FiN]10 pts.
134.Schumi [mB]10 pts.
135.Who0t9 pts.
136.Astral [EF]9 pts.
137.Jappe2 [TAP]9 pts.
138.Suharice [TV]9 pts.
139.Drace9 pts.
140.troompl8 pts.
141.dodo6 pts.
142.Fossy5 pts.
143.SpecB [UT]5 pts.
144.Flat [FS]3 pts.
145.jaytea [OMG]2 pts.
146.WaHaHa!1 pts.
1.adi [MiE]27082 pts.
2.Jeppe24071 pts.
3.Alma [LaMe]14216 pts.
4.Zero [dat]14126 pts.
5.FinMan [dat]13611 pts.
6.GRob [NGT]11896 pts.
7.Markku10268 pts.
8.BoneLESS [HHIT]10017 pts.
9.Jarkko [NK]9987 pts.
10.Mats [TR]9922 pts.
11.ThanaTos8526 pts.
12.roope [MiE]7992 pts.
13.BlaZtek [CMR]7171 pts.
14.Adebis6698 pts.
15.Raven [EPO]6490 pts.
16.Souza [CART]6097 pts.
17.Kazan6001 pts.
18.Oddman5193 pts.
19.Attlee [A&M]4611 pts.
20.Thunder [LET]4080 pts.
21.veezay [rotaplask]4018 pts.
22.k0xx3849 pts.
23.Danielj [TAH]3516 pts.
24.MatchBox [(Black)]3444 pts.
25.xp [WNO]3378 pts.
26.Ciprian3355 pts.
27.skint0r [IV]3163 pts.
28.Xiphias [NK]2941 pts.
29.1349 [(Black)]2857 pts.
30.Tisk [FM]2834 pts.
31.Mongoose [A&M]2822 pts.
32.Smibu [NK]2767 pts.
33.umiz [SAT]2369 pts.
34.kzon [WAW]2302 pts.
35.Karesz [LOS]2282 pts.
36.Leek2223 pts.
37.MonzterMan2130 pts.
38.igge2043 pts.
39.Flat [FS]1951 pts.
40.mena1824 pts.
41.Mawane [SV]1746 pts.
42.Bjenn [EF]1659 pts.
43.ZeCone1583 pts.
44.Cfilorvy [TAH]1537 pts.
45.b0ne [dat]1526 pts.
46.khristian [BATYS]1521 pts.
47.Binder [KFC]1495 pts.
48.Lousku [BAP]1444 pts.
49.ShittingB [EMO]1425 pts.
50.nick-o-matic [MiE]1407 pts.
51.FLeshly [(Black)]1360 pts.
52.LazY [TAAF]1347 pts.
53.Orcc1323 pts.
54.A.K.B. [EA]1290 pts.
55.KD [mEkK]1241 pts.
56.Pab [SV]1186 pts.
57.Madness [SPEED]1163 pts.
58.Juski [MK]1021 pts.
59.juish [HHIT]1007 pts.
60.ScHuMaChEr [EF]943 pts.
61.Lukazz [BAP]907 pts.
62.Hosp852 pts.
63.ramone852 pts.
64.Haruhi828 pts.
65.Pigman [NGT]806 pts.
66.VT [EA]753 pts.
67.BID [AG]708 pts.
68.Zweq [WNO]663 pts.
69.York [xXx]649 pts.
70.Coco629 pts.
71.Kopaka [LaMe]586 pts.
72.alvin [KFC]578 pts.
73.kabii [BAP]530 pts.
74.Sick_Mambo [EMA]514 pts.
75.Crazy513 pts.
76.Luther512 pts.
77.Staar [TEM]503 pts.
78.ciph [EM]478 pts.
79.Spef [SPEED]473 pts.
80.Boomer [LOS]455 pts.
81.John [WNO]454 pts.
82.Chip [BAP]437 pts.
83.Astral [EF]415 pts.
84.talli [EPO]406 pts.
85.Rooker [NK]405 pts.
86.Virus [CMR]393 pts.
87.HaraldH [LSD]388 pts.
88.zebra [TAP]388 pts.
89.Myrdhel [TAAF]371 pts.
90.Morgan [SPEED]366 pts.
91.jonsykkel [BAP]360 pts.
92.Polarix [TR]355 pts.
93.sla354 pts.
94.CMc [TEM]352 pts.
95.TeemuZ [TV]337 pts.
96.Nimda315 pts.
97.Zox [MAN]312 pts.
98.ToMo [mEkK]290 pts.
99.SpecB [UT]277 pts.
100.Disk1 [KFC]272 pts.
101.Baskiria [AG]263 pts.
102.Kejebra-260 pts.
103.kinghias [kt]247 pts.
104.Rasken [LOS]244 pts.
105.Giancarlo [dx]240 pts.
106.onlainari230 pts.
107.TTechnik228 pts.
108.Ves [UHF]225 pts.
109.Wacco [TV]221 pts.
110.Kiiwi210 pts.
111.David_Blaine [o_O]209 pts.
112.markoppl207 pts.
113.Fityma [AG]204 pts.
114.TarGEnoR [dx]202 pts.
115.MojoDojo195 pts.
116.jaytea_ [OMG]194 pts.
117.Bosky187 pts.
118.YEAHS182 pts.
119.SmaXa [EF]182 pts.
120.Labs [SPEED]180 pts.
121.Decybel179 pts.
122.Kuper175 pts.
123.Mick [EM]172 pts.
124.devin [:-)]168 pts.
125.HesteRace [EMO]168 pts.
126.KoBeni167 pts.
127.dobla [KFC]165 pts.
128.infected [LOS]164 pts.
129.8-ball [EPO]156 pts.
130.Stini [ICE]150 pts.
131.twipley [HHIT]137 pts.
132.psy [.]134 pts. [EAM]130 pts.
134.Jokke [FM]128 pts.
135.Schumi [mB]127 pts.
136.gabika [KFC]125 pts.
137.Bliz120 pts.
138.elmaster [VTS]117 pts.
139.Bludek115 pts.
140.ToTaL [TAH]113 pts.
141.Ramza [FRC]110 pts.
142.Rigger [RDK]107 pts.
143.J-sim [EMA]106 pts.
144.Lakimies [SFP]106 pts.
145.Uncle Milty [EA]105 pts.
146.ap102 pts.
147.Jappe2 [TAP]98 pts.
148.gimp97 pts.
149.hehe95 pts.
150.Dash94 pts.
151.Usque91 pts.
152.schnon90 pts.
153.JeMsTaR [NK]87 pts.
154.klisse87 pts.
155.trew83 pts.
156.Edina [AG]82 pts.
157.Vandmand [SK]81 pts.
158.juka80 pts.
159.Kanec [CART]79 pts.
160.niN [HoHo]78 pts.
161.tijsjoris [MK]78 pts.
162.zamppe [WNO]77 pts.
163.error [27]74 pts.
164.Grindelwald [NGT]68 pts.
165.Zsolt [mEkK]67 pts.
166.Karlis [FM]64 pts.
167.st663 pts.
168.Prank62 pts.
169.petsen [RDK]61 pts.
170.Weetya60 pts.
171.Suharice [TV]59 pts.
172.Thorze55 pts.
173.Ville_J54 pts.
174.ANpDaD [GF]53 pts.
175.EleMent [CMR]52 pts.
176.zworqy [MK]51 pts.
177.WkE50 pts.
178.Mige [IGA]50 pts.
179.Ithal50 pts.
180.RJ48 pts.
181.KNeeCaP46 pts.
182.KAAKU [NL]44 pts.
183.Kale42 pts.
184.Apelgam42 pts.
185.DYW26541 pts.
186.EtanOli41 pts.
187.MP [GF]40 pts.
188.jblaze40 pts.
189.Honza [SPEED]37 pts.
190.edahl [TAH]36 pts.
191.wazsi [ngt]36 pts.
192.Mochi35 pts.
193.McElast34 pts.
194.Sanna [NoR]34 pts.
195.Totti [ICE]33 pts.
196.Kake8I9 [ec]33 pts.
197.apas32 pts.
198.jcl [dx]30 pts.
199.Benjamin [FRL]29 pts.
200.WaHaHa!29 pts.
201.Sulan29 pts.
202.badb28 pts.
203.Jonas26 pts. [FM]25 pts.
205.Zerox [RDK]25 pts.
206.jaytea [OMG]25 pts.
207.Ice25 pts.
208.PELUSON27 [JOINESS]25 pts.
209.welle25 pts.
210.totem [TEM]23 pts.
211.Ismo22 pts.
212.Kirios [FaF]22 pts.
213.Nidde21 pts.
214.marian [IEM]20 pts.
215.Eddi [[27]]20 pts.
216.DreamX20 pts.
217.mpq20 pts.
218.TL20 pts.
219.NiCage [EPO]20 pts.
220.troompl20 pts.
221.LastDay [Arcao]18 pts.
222.Kiri18 pts.
223.Durracell [HfK]18 pts.
224.VoiD18 pts.
225.Tigro [Valan]16 pts.
226.Pawq [EEM]16 pts.
227.palme [Apoku]16 pts.
228.TuA16 pts.
229.Mozes16 pts.
230.Epidemic [AG]16 pts.
231.GIZZY_ [FiN]15 pts.
232.Hx15 pts.
233.alien111 [TiF]14 pts.
234.kestas [TEM]14 pts.
235.Api [OLD]14 pts.
236.rene [FiN]13 pts.
237.Frost [(Black)]12 pts.
238.wiElOryB [WMX]12 pts.
239.Somi [A&M]11 pts.
240.Kazeta11 pts.
241.Johnny11 pts.
242.Dalroc [n00b]11 pts.
243.Chris10 pts.
244.JucQu10 pts.
245.Who0t10 pts.
246.Chaza10 pts.
247.Mr.iPod [FiN]9 pts.
248.RoN9 pts.
249.Toaster [ICK]9 pts.
250.Drace8 pts.
251.Abula [FM]7 pts.
252.Mooneater6 pts.
253.James [MK]6 pts.
254.dodo6 pts.
255.SCASI5 pts.
256.Fossy3 pts.
257.Brekus [KFC]3 pts.
258.kirbiby3 pts.
259.berh2 pts.
260.DDevil [A&M]1 pts.
261.Witalo190 [BRA]1 pts.
262.devan1 pts.
263.YawK [HAC]1 pts.
Level Packs in category
veezay höylä pack
Raven Höylä Pack
FinMan Höylä levels
danpe levels
Bliz Höyl
Alma and Zero Hoyla Pack
1.MiE36481 pts.
2.dat29263 pts.
3.NK16187 pts.
4.LaMe14802 pts.
5.NGT12770 pts.
6.HHIT11161 pts.
7.TR10277 pts.
8.(Black)7673 pts.
9.CMR7616 pts.
10.A&M7445 pts.
11.EPO7072 pts.
12.CART6176 pts.
13.TAH5202 pts.
14.WNO4572 pts.
15.LET4080 pts.
16.rotaplask4018 pts.
17.BAP3678 pts.
18.EF3199 pts.
19.IV3163 pts.
20.LOS3145 pts.
21.FM3058 pts.
22.SV2932 pts.
23.KFC2638 pts.
24.SAT2369 pts.
25.WAW2302 pts.
26.SPEED2219 pts.
27.EA2148 pts.
28.FS1951 pts.
29.TAAF1718 pts.
30.mEkK1598 pts.
31.EMO1593 pts.
32.BATYS1521 pts.
33.AG1273 pts.
34.MK1156 pts.
35.TEM892 pts.
36.EM650 pts.
37.xXx649 pts.
38.EMA620 pts.
39.TV617 pts.
40.TAP486 pts.
41.dx472 pts.
42.LSD388 pts.
43.MAN312 pts.
44.UT277 pts.
45.kt247 pts.
46.UHF225 pts.
47.OMG219 pts.
48.o_O209 pts.
49.RDK193 pts.
50.ICE183 pts.
51.:-)168 pts.
52..134 pts.
53.EAM130 pts.
54.mB127 pts.
55.VTS117 pts.
56.FRC110 pts.
57.SFP106 pts.
58.GF93 pts.
59.SK81 pts.
60.HoHo78 pts.
61.2774 pts.
62.IGA50 pts.
63.NL44 pts.
64.FiN37 pts.
65.ngt36 pts.
66.NoR34 pts.
67.ec33 pts.
68.FRL29 pts.
69.JOINESS25 pts.
70.FaF22 pts.
71.IEM20 pts.
72.[27]20 pts.
73.HfK18 pts.
74.Arcao18 pts.
75.Apoku16 pts.
76.EEM16 pts.
77.Valan16 pts.
78.OLD14 pts.
79.TiF14 pts.
80.WMX12 pts.
81.n00b11 pts.
82.ICK9 pts.
83.HAC1 pts.
84.BRA1 pts.
1.Finland110952 pts.
2.Sweden61481 pts.
3.Norway45799 pts.
4.Hungary37755 pts.
5.Canada13392 pts.
6.Czech Republic11402 pts.
7.Russian Federation7408 pts.
8.Denmark3635 pts.
9.Romania3360 pts.
10.Faroe Islands2941 pts.
11.Australia2574 pts.
12.New Zealand2223 pts.
13.Slovakia2062 pts.
14.Austria1591 pts.
15.Portugal1521 pts.
16.Argentina1297 pts.
17.Uruguay1186 pts.
18.Poland1155 pts.
19.Germany899 pts.
20.France655 pts.
21.Lithuania503 pts.
22.Switzerland388 pts.
23.Israel347 pts.
24.Afghanistan271 pts.
25.Ukraine225 pts.
26.Albania209 pts.
27.United Kingdom188 pts.
28.Latvia170 pts.
29.Iceland111 pts.
30.Netherlands78 pts.
31.Brazil29 pts.
32.Spain25 pts.
33.United Arab Emirates25 pts.
34.Chile11 pts.

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