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Danielj >> MCHM036

this lev buggy also

Danielj >> MCHM030

cant submit times to this lev

BlaZtek >> NP11

Told ya. ;)

BlaZtek >> NP11

Arr Leek! I will take it back someday. ;)

Mawane >> Chat

@Schizmo type chainpi and press enter

BlaZtek >> Chat

Here you go:

Tegge >> Chat

Oh, btw. Is there any official community site on Facebook as well?

Tegge >> Chat

Hi FinMan! I will do that. Thanks for the tip! :) That's good so people can't cheat! I still recognize some nicks from when I played. I stopped play because my computer crashed so all my times and replays were removed. Unfortunately I couldn't save them. So now I had to start all over again and I got very suprised when I saw that people still go for new WR:s and stuff. So many new cool and insane tricks. Very nice that people keeps this game alive. :)

FinMan >> Chat

Hey Tegge! Check out elma online on also! :) Times need to be made online these days to confirm that your times are not cheated. Wish to see you there!

Tegge >> Chat

Hey all! This is awesome! I recently started to play Elma again. Last time was over 10 years ago. Now I found this site from moposite. Peace out!


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infected [LOS] Sweden

I027th20,677 years 
I109th7,337 years 
Haru Pack 
Har0053rd13,973 years 
Har0123rd50,023 years 
Har0134th24,043 years 
Har0152nd22,553 years 
Har0203rd21,573 years 
Har0223rd26,023 years 
Total Times
Latest times
26,02 on Har022 3 years ago
50,02 on Har012 3 years ago
22,55 on Har015 3 years ago
23,76 on Har015 3 years ago
21,57 on Har020 3 years ago
Last active
2013-04-09 at 15:11:44 on /records/pack/top10//

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