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Hey Tegge! Check out elma online on also! :) Times need to be made online these days to confirm that your times are not cheated. Wish to see you there!

Tegge >> Chat

Hey all! This is awesome! I recently started to play Elma again. Last time was over 10 years ago. Now I found this site from moposite. Peace out!

BlaZtek >> Chat

RIP just got a new meaning. Rape Igge Pipes "Zero Edition"

Kopaka >> Chat

yes older replays doesn't exist in the db

Oddman >> Chat

..or is there a 3 year age limit?

Oddman >> Chat

Hm, can't share most of the replays for some reason. Could you do it for me Kopaka?

BlaZtek >> Chat

oke now did hoyl one lev

Zero >> Chat

hoyl people hoyl. many coal levs here o,o

b0ne >> Chat


Zero >> Chat

hey bene)


 » Pack » semen

semen by Jappe2 [TAP]


semen level pack by Jappe

Most recent activity
4 months: 40,75 in semen020 by Mats
4 months: 56,78 in semen020 by Mats
4 months: 34,36 in semen019 by Mats
4 months: 38,75 in semen017 by Mats
4 months: 51,40 in semen016 by Mats
4 months: 35,04 in semen009 by Mats
4 months: 44,04 in semen008 by Mats
4 months: 25,25 in semen007 by Mats
7 months: 27,20 in semen011 by BlaZtek
1 year: 27,55 in semen022 by GRob
1 year: 57,16 in semen025 by Adebis
1 year: 33,85 in semen030 by Adebis
1 year: 24,93 in semen028 by Adebis
1 year: 29,12 in semen027 by Adebis
1 year: 56,90 in semen025 by Adebis

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