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ycsys >> Chat

Hi! I'am from Ukraine, elma is my favorite game. I upload my maps to Dowload.

BlaZtek >> VSK002

Very well done Nick :O

Kopaka >> Chat

the recent times on frontpage was removed temporarily for performance reasons, there's new still new times being driven here from time to time :)

Zero >> Chat

oddman, check mopolauta and eol. pretty much going on actually

Oddman >> Chat

Hey! What happened? Did Elma die or what?

Orcc >> top10

Oke hev to do everything myself

Orcc >> top10

Ez 4h total time break up for grabs

Orcc >> pa76le07

Yesh I wandered the same, and I think dz picked teh levs and drove base times

Jeppe >> pa76le07

kinda hard to get le apple bug the way apples are placed tho o,o so dunno

Jeppe >> pa76le07

applebug when basetime set o,o guess abula didnt realise dat last apple is there.


 » Pack » kachi

kachi by Chip [BAP]


kachi level pack by kabii and Chip, infinitely awesome challengepack for tarzans and horses

Most recent activity
4 months: 25,68 in kachi06 by Zero
5 months: 1:02,22 in kachi12 by Mats
5 months: 38,38 in kachi11 by Mats
5 months: 21,91 in kachi01 by Virus
8 months: 49,81 in kachi12 by Lousku
8 months: 35,92 in kachi11 by Lousku
8 months: 54,94 in kachi15 by Lousku
8 months: 57,72 in kachi17 by Lousku
8 months: 49,94 in kachi14 by Lousku
8 months: 28,43 in kachi13 by Lousku
9 months: 22,57 in kachi01 by Hosp
11 months: 1:18,86 in kachi09 by Lousku
11 months: 31,99 in kachi08 by Lousku
11 months: 53,15 in kachi10 by Lousku
11 months: 27,84 in kachi07 by Lousku

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