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FinMan >> Chat

Hey Tegge! Check out elma online on also! :) Times need to be made online these days to confirm that your times are not cheated. Wish to see you there!

Tegge >> Chat

Hey all! This is awesome! I recently started to play Elma again. Last time was over 10 years ago. Now I found this site from moposite. Peace out!

BlaZtek >> Chat

RIP just got a new meaning. Rape Igge Pipes "Zero Edition"

Kopaka >> Chat

yes older replays doesn't exist in the db

Oddman >> Chat

..or is there a 3 year age limit?

Oddman >> Chat

Hm, can't share most of the replays for some reason. Could you do it for me Kopaka?

BlaZtek >> Chat

oke now did hoyl one lev

Zero >> Chat

hoyl people hoyl. many coal levs here o,o

b0ne >> Chat


Zero >> Chat

hey bene)


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Orcc Finland

1337 Contest 
1337L00115th7,578 years 
1337L00224th10,308 years 
1337L0037th14,377 years 
1337L00421st17,507 years 
1337L0203rd25,618 years 
cEp Level Pack 
cEplvl068th9,886 years 
The Kopa Trilogy 
TKT019th30,998 years 
TKT096th42,288 years 
FSDC1L013rd25,537 years 
FSDC1L021st39,094 years 
FSDC1L032nd1:08,568 years 
FSDC1L043rd42,758 years 
FSDC1L051st17,138 years 
FSDC1L062nd25,728 years 
FSDC1L072nd23,987 years 
FSDC1L084th1:07,257 years 
FSDC1L092nd20,218 years 
FSDC1L103rd1:56,178 years 
veezay höylä pack 
vzh00115th5,498 years 
vzh00513th23,717 years 
vzh00631st3,828 years 
vzh0164th8,116 years 
vzh0287th5,867 years 
vzh02915th5,998 years 
vzh0509th10,737 years 
vzh05915th6,657 years 
vzh0615th5,287 years 
vzh0625th6,637 years 
vzh06513th8,367 years 
vzh0684th10,028 years 
vzh06910th5,297 years 
vzh07512th9,498 years 
vzh0804th6,237 years 
vzh08517th5,927 years 
vzh0885th6,688 years 
vzh08916th6,997 years 
umiz level pack 
umizzz017th17,596 years 
umizzz0211th22,217 years 
umizzz037th11,228 years 
umizzz046th51,928 years 
umizzz0512th38,848 years 
umizzz066th43,107 years 
umizzz078th1:10,967 years 
umizzz099th14,807 years 
umizzz104th36,334 years 
umizzz114th20,136 years 
umizzz124th38,637 years 
umizzz139th7,828 years 
umizzz1512th35,988 years 
umizzz167th53,697 years 
umizzz176th37,866 years 
umizzz195th45,867 years 
umizzz209th31,407 years 
umizzz215th49,186 years 
umizzz2711th30,837 years 
umizzz296th35,447 years 
umizzz335th19,107 years 
umizzz376th51,557 years 
umizzz389th11,247 years 
Raven Höylä Pack 
RHP0615th5,087 years 
RHP154th6,957 years 
RHP2932nd15,756 years 
Internal Level Designing Contest 
ID308L013rd33,977 years 
ID308L028th49,067 years 
ID308L039th39,347 years 
Quality umiz Levels 
qumiz059th10,427 years 
danpe levels 
danpe0202nd10,136 years 
I0412th12,737 years 
I205th14,997 years 
random igge pipes 
RIP017th54,574 years 
RIP026th58,374 years 
RIP037th59,784 years 
RIP045th55,824 years 
RIP057th39,574 years 
RIP074th1:24,304 years 
The Kopa Trilogy Ep II 
TKTII112nd16,613 years 
Pab's Official Level Pack 
Pablo016th12,263 years 
Pablo036th29,793 years 
Pablo052nd46,803 years 
Pablo074th32,043 years 
Pablo086th36,123 years 
Official Levelpacks Top10 
pa29le012nd24,441 year 
pa31le022nd30,161 year 
pa31le101st1:00,691 year 
pa33le011st38,891 year 
pa33le042nd1:00,2011 months 
pa33le063rd33,8611 months 
pa33le081st52,911 year 
pa35le063rd46,721 year 
pa35le101st41,621 year 
pa36le042nd45,901 year 
pa36le083rd42,951 year 
pa37le062nd1:43,631 year 
pa40le052nd19,081 year 
pa40le082nd36,431 year 
pa41le012nd42,701 year 
pa42le071st24,441 year 
pa44le012nd30,811 year 
pa44le032nd44,361 year 
pa44le061st39,831 year 
pa45le021st32,521 year 
pa45le031st1:39,271 year 
pa45le102nd24,941 year 
pa46le011st26,141 year 
pa46le042nd22,101 year 
pa46le052nd27,611 year 
pa47le031st48,851 year 
pa47le041st1:00,401 year 
pa47le051st27,941 year 
pa47le103rd20,581 year 
pa49le021st20,211 year 
pa50le063rd18,371 year 
pa51le062nd46,031 year 
pa51le091st20,961 year 
pa52le012nd13,021 year 
pa53le052nd16,011 year 
pa57le021st36,741 year 
pa57le061st1:01,001 year 
pa57le072nd45,871 year 
pa57le101st45,471 year 
pa58le011st48,821 year 
pa58le022nd17,491 year 
pa58le032nd30,321 year 
pa58le043rd14,871 year 
pa58le051st31,781 year 
pa58le062nd22,131 year 
pa58le081st48,311 year 
pa58le093rd33,891 year 
pa58le103rd17,191 year 
pa59le043rd46,131 year 
pa59le083rd1:13,761 year 
pa60le062nd24,821 year 
pa61le072nd15,431 year 
pa64le092nd28,321 year 
pa66le102nd23,781 year 
pa67le021st45,871 year 
pa69le092nd32,7911 months 
pa74le021st17,6111 months 
pa75le101st24,5411 months 
pa76le011st53,6411 months 
pa76le031st42,3111 months 
pa76le041st35,7111 months 
pa76le051st36,6411 months 
Level Of the Month 
D0201L011st44,671 month 
D0201L021st28,571 month 
D0201L031st3:43,641 month 
D0201L041st31,101 month 
D0201L051st48,771 month 
D0201L061st37,181 month 
D0201L071st19,661 month 
D0201L081st16,911 month 
D0201L091st21,691 month 
D0201L101st1:03,301 month 
D0201L111st1:40,081 month 
D0201L121st1:17,581 month 
D0201L131st29,041 month 
D0201L141st25,651 month 
D0201L151st2:43,921 month 
D0201L161st45,941 month 
D0204L071st15,272 months 
D0204L081st53,072 months 
D0204L091st48,822 months 
D0204L121st3:09,552 months 
Total Times
Latest times
45,94 on D0201L16 1 month ago
2:43,92 on D0201L15 1 month ago
25,65 on D0201L14 1 month ago
29,04 on D0201L13 1 month ago
1:17,58 on D0201L12 1 month ago
Last active
2014-12-18 at 10:51:11 on /

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