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Blaz >> Chat

Finaly I sendt a time again. Des 2015

Kopaka >> Chat

upload times works again

Mats >> Chat

time cannot be verified fml :'(

Virus >> Chat

Blaz sosnul

roope >> Chat

Blaz hasn't seen my recs though : :>

kuchitsu >> Chat

oh i guess it happens if i refresh the page after uploading :)

kuchitsu >> Chat

for some reason when i upload a rec, it appears in the newest times twice. dunno why but sorry for spam...

Blaz >> Chat

roope sending rec's of quantity instead of quality, just to climb the kinglist. o,o

SIC >> Chat

mats: agree. :D

SIC >> Chat

Blaztek: Bcz have money problem in life and in life doing not good.


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Shareware Levels by Kopaka [LaMe]


Levels made in the shareware editor, hence playable in the shareware version of the game.

hnvhgmZero [dat]12,56
TheFaza0Zero [dat]33,59
TheFaza1Zero [dat]43,34
TheFaza2Zero [dat]49,34
TheFaza3Zero [dat]1:02,31
Most recent activity
8 months: 1:05,92 in TheFaza3 by roope
8 months: 51,47 in TheFaza2 by roope
8 months: 45,78 in TheFaza1 by roope
8 months: 36,12 in TheFaza0 by roope
8 months: 12,78 in hnvhgm by roope
1 year: 1:02,31 in TheFaza3 by Zero
1 year: 49,34 in TheFaza2 by Zero
1 year: 43,34 in TheFaza1 by Zero
1 year: 33,59 in TheFaza0 by Zero
1 year: 12,56 in hnvhgm by Zero
2 years: 1:09,49 in TheFaza3 by Mats
2 years: 53,04 in TheFaza2 by Mats
2 years: 49,27 in TheFaza1 by Mats
2 years: 37,46 in TheFaza0 by Mats
2 years: 1:06,28 in TheFaza3 by Adebis

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