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Zero >> Chat

oddman, check mopolauta and eol. pretty much going on actually

Oddman >> Chat

Hey! What happened? Did Elma die or what?

Orcc >> top10

Oke hev to do everything myself

Orcc >> top10

Ez 4h total time break up for grabs

Orcc >> pa76le07

Yesh I wandered the same, and I think dz picked teh levs and drove base times

Jeppe >> pa76le07

kinda hard to get le apple bug the way apples are placed tho o,o so dunno

Jeppe >> pa76le07

applebug when basetime set o,o guess abula didnt realise dat last apple is there.

Orcc >> pa76le07

Srsly some bug or typo or sach

Orcc >> pa76le07


Orcc >> top10

Roughly 40 original records unbeaten, go!


 » Player » Kazan

Kazan Russian Federation

Mirror Internals
MIRROR052nd20,684 years
Tube012nd51,094 years
VSK0018th7,434 years
VSK0028th17,974 years
VSK00312th15,074 years
VSK00410th18,324 years
VSK0055th16,964 years
VSK00610th41,094 years
VSK0073rd21,114 years
VSK0088th43,204 years
VSK0094th31,304 years
VSK0109th26,934 years
VSK0115th1:33,664 years
VSK0413rd33,544 years
VSK0442nd49,644 years
VSK1105th29,364 years
VSK1112nd28,974 years
Alma and Zero Hoyla Pack
AZHP0014th3,383 years
AZHP0022nd9,402 years
AZHP0031st5,362 years
AZHP0041st11,513 years
AZHP0052nd9,653 years
AZHP0068th11,673 years
AZHP0073rd7,333 years
AZHP0086th8,173 years
AZHP0093rd9,713 years
AZHP0105th8,423 years
AZHP0112nd6,203 years
AZHP0123rd11,973 years
AZHP0133rd7,223 years
AZHP0143rd6,343 years
AZHP0155th7,593 years
AZHP0162nd8,783 years
AZHP0177th9,663 years
AZHP0184th5,863 years
AZHP0193rd14,913 years
AZHP0206th11,783 years
AZHP0216th3,163 years
AZHP0222nd6,833 years
AZHP0235th5,633 years
AZHP0241st3,633 years
AZHP0254th4,443 years
AZHP0263rd11,973 years
AZHP0273rd9,952 years
AZHP0286th10,383 years
AZHP0292nd10,003 years
AZHP0305th7,613 years
AZHP0312nd3,613 years
AZHP0323rd6,973 years
AZHP0332nd3,713 years
AZHP0344th6,183 years
AZHP0356th8,033 years
AZHP0363rd5,743 years
AZHP0373rd9,713 years
AZHP0382nd10,243 years
AZHP0396th4,333 years
AZHP0401st5,183 years
AZHP0412nd11,293 years
AZHP0424th10,263 years
AZHP0432nd3,423 years
AZHP0442nd11,523 years
AZHP0452nd5,483 years
AZHP0462nd4,873 years
AZHP0472nd6,303 years
AZHP0484th6,713 years
AZHP0492nd8,893 years
AZHP0503rd6,033 years
AZHP0514th9,163 years
AZHP0522nd8,663 years
AZHP0536th5,923 years
AZHP0546th9,543 years
AZHP0554th7,443 years
AZHP0564th3,343 years
AZHP0574th10,313 years
AZHP0581st5,943 years
AZHP0596th5,922 years
AZHP0608th2,613 years
AZHP0615th7,693 years
AZHP0627th5,453 years
AZHP06310th7,893 years
AZHP0644th5,363 years
AZHP0656th5,113 years
AZHP0662nd10,713 years
AZHP0673rd11,613 years
AZHP0687th14,793 years
AZHP0691st3,753 years
AZHP0707th2,943 years
AZHP0719th6,423 years
AZHP0724th7,973 years
AZHP0736th7,013 years
AZHP0745th8,323 years
AZHP0752nd7,623 years
AZHP0769th8,033 years
AZHP0774th6,433 years
AZHP0785th9,123 years
AZHP0795th7,823 years
AZHP0801st6,483 years
AZHP0814th11,783 years
AZHP0826th9,913 years
AZHP0832nd2,073 years
AZHP0845th5,303 years
AZHP0856th9,173 years
AZHP0862nd2,253 years
AZHP0875th1,913 years
AZHP0883rd10,113 years
AZHP0895th6,553 years
AZHP0904th4,223 years
AZHP0913rd6,353 years
AZHP0923rd7,543 years
AZHP0934th9,383 years
AZHP0943rd6,603 years
AZHP0958th7,733 years
AZHP0963rd5,853 years
AZHP0973rd14,923 years
AZHP09812th15,713 years
AZHP0996th14,533 years
AZHP1002nd18,953 years
Handpicked EOL battles by Jeppe
Jeppe015th11,491 year
Jeppe022nd15,821 year
Jeppe032nd12,681 year
Jeppe042nd35,081 year
Jeppe053rd28,161 year
Jeppe063rd27,321 year
Jeppe073rd30,221 year
Jeppe083rd18,331 year
Jeppe094th19,481 year
Jeppe102nd27,761 year
Jeppe113rd19,231 year
Jeppe127th17,181 year
Jeppe133rd43,781 year
Jeppe147th19,111 year
Jeppe154th36,071 year
Jeppe166th59,261 year
Jeppe177th33,361 year
Jeppe183rd56,531 year
Jeppe192nd32,481 year
Jeppe206th39,731 year
Jeppe214th35,361 year
Jeppe223rd46,811 year
Jeppe234th1:00,101 year
Jeppe242nd20,651 year
Jeppe254th40,981 year
Jeppe265th16,141 year
Jeppe277th18,361 year
Jeppe283rd15,681 year
Jeppe295th51,911 year
Jeppe306th39,461 year
Jeppe314th46,241 year
Jeppe323rd49,971 year
Jeppe335th18,851 year
Jeppe344th47,041 year
Jeppe354th39,351 year
Jeppe366th44,051 year
Jeppe376th1:08,521 year
Jeppe382nd56,091 year
Jeppe392nd30,811 year
Jeppe406th28,611 year
Jeppe412nd49,221 year
Jeppe421st17,161 year
Jeppe433rd21,821 year
Jeppe442nd27,851 year
Jeppe452nd28,481 year
Jeppe462nd59,891 year
Jeppe473rd40,231 year
Jeppe484th27,831 year
Jeppe492nd46,041 year
Jeppe502nd24,461 year
Jeppe514th34,171 year
Jeppe522nd24,481 year
Jeppe532nd16,981 year
Jeppe543rd34,481 year
Jeppe551st31,641 year
Jeppe562nd44,491 year
Jeppe576th27,201 year
Jeppe583rd29,721 year
Jeppe592nd26,961 year
Jeppe603rd49,221 year
Jeppe615th13,251 year
Jeppe622nd45,381 year
Jeppe633rd31,671 year
Jeppe645th27,931 year
Jeppe653rd1:05,051 year
Jeppe664th19,011 year
Jeppe673rd2:10,361 year
Jeppe684th26,081 year
Jeppe694th35,471 year
Jeppe702nd1:08,371 year
Jeppe713rd2:17,251 year
Jeppe724th55,421 year
Jeppe732nd19,681 year
Jeppe744th33,941 year
Jeppe754th1:28,961 year
Found Internals
Found543rd1:06,5610 months
Found535th28,3510 months
Found521st19,0811 months
Found515th48,5911 months
Found502nd50,2211 months
Found492nd38,9311 months
Found483rd1:05,5711 months
Found472nd35,3011 months
Found465th1:28,7411 months
Found459th34,3010 months
Found441st15,4211 months
Found431st58,1311 months
Found425th51,0311 months
Found418th56,1411 months
Found401st1:01,9810 months
Found393rd44,3711 months
Found383rd28,7311 months
Found372nd1:02,6311 months
Found365th1:18,2611 months
Found351st2:34,9510 months
Found343rd35,0111 months
Found332nd1:09,6711 months
Found322nd42,6510 months
Found312nd39,8911 months
Found301st33,4311 months
Found293rd50,9511 months
Found282nd58,7411 months
Found272nd43,4411 months
Found263rd22,9011 months
Found254th30,6711 months
Found241st34,5711 months
Found231st37,8911 months
Found221st27,6211 months
Found213rd23,5911 months
Found207th1:08,3611 months
Found196th42,9711 months
Found182nd52,1311 months
Found173rd1:01,1311 months
Found162nd1:15,009 months
Found153rd46,2011 months
Found141st22,3711 months
Found136th25,3511 months
Found122nd21,9611 months
Found113rd21,0311 months
Found101st34,0511 months
Found092nd1:04,3411 months
Found082nd23,8111 months
Found073rd31,961 year
Found062nd49,4811 months
Found052nd20,5211 months
Found041st29,869 months
Found039th25,2111 months
Found022nd11,8511 months
Found014th11,4611 months
Total Times
Latest times
29,86 on Found04 9 months ago
1:15,00 on Found16 9 months ago
42,65 on Found32 10 months ago
42,76 on Found32 10 months ago
2:34,95 on Found35 10 months ago
Last active
2014-04-11 at 10:47:57 on /download/

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