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Blaz >> Chat

Finaly I sendt a time again. Des 2015

Kopaka >> Chat

upload times works again

Mats >> Chat

time cannot be verified fml :'(

Virus >> Chat

Blaz sosnul

roope >> Chat

Blaz hasn't seen my recs though : :>

kuchitsu >> Chat

oh i guess it happens if i refresh the page after uploading :)

kuchitsu >> Chat

for some reason when i upload a rec, it appears in the newest times twice. dunno why but sorry for spam...

Blaz >> Chat

roope sending rec's of quantity instead of quality, just to climb the kinglist. o,o

SIC >> Chat

mats: agree. :D

SIC >> Chat

Blaztek: Bcz have money problem in life and in life doing not good.


 » Player » Kazan

Kazan Russian Federation

Mirror Internals 
MIRROR052nd20,686 years 
Tube012nd51,096 years 
VSK0018th7,436 years 
VSK0029th17,976 years 
VSK00312th15,076 years 
VSK00410th18,326 years 
VSK0055th16,966 years 
VSK00610th41,096 years 
VSK0073rd21,116 years 
VSK0088th43,206 years 
VSK0094th31,306 years 
VSK0109th26,936 years 
VSK0115th1:33,666 years 
VSK0413rd33,546 years 
VSK0442nd49,646 years 
VSK1105th29,366 years 
VSK1112nd28,976 years 
Alma and Zero Hoyla Pack 
AZHP0014th3,385 years 
AZHP0022nd9,403 years 
AZHP0031st5,363 years 
AZHP0041st11,515 years 
AZHP0052nd9,655 years 
AZHP00610th11,675 years 
AZHP0073rd7,335 years 
AZHP0086th8,175 years 
AZHP0093rd9,715 years 
AZHP0107th8,425 years 
AZHP0112nd6,205 years 
AZHP0123rd11,975 years 
AZHP0133rd7,225 years 
AZHP0145th6,345 years 
AZHP0155th7,595 years 
AZHP0162nd8,785 years 
AZHP0177th9,665 years 
AZHP0184th5,865 years 
AZHP0193rd14,915 years 
AZHP0207th11,785 years 
AZHP0216th3,165 years 
AZHP0223rd6,835 years 
AZHP0235th5,635 years 
AZHP0241st3,635 years 
AZHP0254th4,445 years 
AZHP0263rd11,975 years 
AZHP0274th9,954 years 
AZHP0286th10,385 years 
AZHP0292nd10,005 years 
AZHP0306th7,615 years 
AZHP0312nd3,615 years 
AZHP0323rd6,975 years 
AZHP0333rd3,715 years 
AZHP0345th6,185 years 
AZHP0356th8,035 years 
AZHP0363rd5,745 years 
AZHP0373rd9,715 years 
AZHP0383rd10,245 years 
AZHP0397th4,335 years 
AZHP0401st5,185 years 
AZHP0412nd11,295 years 
AZHP0424th10,265 years 
AZHP0432nd3,425 years 
AZHP0442nd11,525 years 
AZHP0452nd5,485 years 
AZHP0462nd4,875 years 
AZHP0472nd6,305 years 
AZHP0484th6,715 years 
AZHP0492nd8,895 years 
AZHP0504th6,035 years 
AZHP0514th9,165 years 
AZHP0522nd8,665 years 
AZHP0536th5,925 years 
AZHP0546th9,545 years 
AZHP0554th7,445 years 
AZHP0564th3,345 years 
AZHP0574th10,315 years 
AZHP0581st5,945 years 
AZHP0596th5,924 years 
AZHP0608th2,615 years 
AZHP0615th7,695 years 
AZHP0628th5,455 years 
AZHP06311th7,895 years 
AZHP0644th5,365 years 
AZHP0656th5,115 years 
AZHP0662nd10,715 years 
AZHP0673rd11,615 years 
AZHP0688th14,795 years 
AZHP0691st3,755 years 
AZHP0707th2,945 years 
AZHP07110th6,425 years 
AZHP0724th7,975 years 
AZHP0736th7,015 years 
AZHP0745th8,325 years 
AZHP0752nd7,625 years 
AZHP0769th8,035 years 
AZHP0774th6,435 years 
AZHP0786th9,125 years 
AZHP0795th7,825 years 
AZHP0801st6,485 years 
AZHP0814th11,785 years 
AZHP0827th9,915 years 
AZHP0832nd2,075 years 
AZHP0846th5,305 years 
AZHP0857th9,175 years 
AZHP0862nd2,255 years 
AZHP0875th1,915 years 
AZHP0883rd10,115 years 
AZHP0895th6,555 years 
AZHP0905th4,225 years 
AZHP0914th6,355 years 
AZHP0923rd7,545 years 
AZHP0934th9,385 years 
AZHP0944th6,605 years 
AZHP0959th7,735 years 
AZHP0964th5,855 years 
AZHP0973rd14,925 years 
AZHP09813th15,715 years 
AZHP0996th14,535 years 
AZHP1002nd18,955 years 
Handpicked EOL battles by Jeppe 
Jeppe891st25,248 months 
Jeppe011st10,848 months 
Jeppe021st15,698 months 
Jeppe032nd12,683 years 
Jeppe042nd35,083 years 
Jeppe053rd28,163 years 
Jeppe063rd27,323 years 
Jeppe073rd30,223 years 
Jeppe083rd18,333 years 
Jeppe094th19,483 years 
Jeppe102nd27,763 years 
Jeppe113rd19,233 years 
Jeppe127th17,183 years 
Jeppe133rd43,783 years 
Jeppe147th19,113 years 
Jeppe154th36,073 years 
Jeppe166th59,263 years 
Jeppe177th33,363 years 
Jeppe183rd56,533 years 
Jeppe192nd32,483 years 
Jeppe206th39,733 years 
Jeppe214th35,363 years 
Jeppe223rd46,813 years 
Jeppe234th1:00,103 years 
Jeppe242nd20,653 years 
Jeppe254th40,983 years 
Jeppe265th16,143 years 
Jeppe277th18,363 years 
Jeppe283rd15,683 years 
Jeppe295th51,913 years 
Jeppe306th39,463 years 
Jeppe314th46,243 years 
Jeppe323rd49,973 years 
Jeppe335th18,853 years 
Jeppe344th47,043 years 
Jeppe354th39,353 years 
Jeppe366th44,053 years 
Jeppe376th1:08,523 years 
Jeppe382nd56,093 years 
Jeppe392nd30,813 years 
Jeppe406th28,613 years 
Jeppe412nd49,223 years 
Jeppe421st17,163 years 
Jeppe431st20,987 months 
Jeppe442nd27,853 years 
Jeppe452nd28,483 years 
Jeppe461st58,827 months 
Jeppe473rd40,233 years 
Jeppe481st27,317 months 
Jeppe491st45,367 months 
Jeppe501st23,987 months 
Jeppe514th34,173 years 
Jeppe521st23,857 months 
Jeppe531st16,887 months 
Jeppe543rd34,483 years 
Jeppe551st31,643 years 
Jeppe562nd44,493 years 
Jeppe577th27,203 years 
Jeppe581st27,297 months 
Jeppe592nd26,963 years 
Jeppe601st46,957 months 
Jeppe615th13,253 years 
Jeppe621st43,827 months 
Jeppe633rd31,673 years 
Jeppe641st24,587 months 
Jeppe653rd1:05,053 years 
Jeppe664th19,013 years 
Jeppe673rd2:10,363 years 
Jeppe684th26,083 years 
Jeppe694th35,473 years 
Jeppe701st1:02,577 months 
Jeppe711st2:10,737 months 
Jeppe724th55,423 years 
Jeppe731st19,517 months 
Jeppe744th33,943 years 
Jeppe754th1:23,657 months 
Jeppe761st40,137 months 
Jeppe772nd35,347 months 
Jeppe781st29,077 months 
Jeppe791st55,277 months 
Jeppe803rd1:01,477 months 
Jeppe815th38,867 months 
Jeppe821st52,017 months 
Jeppe831st42,407 months 
Jeppe844th27,857 months 
Jeppe854th56,358 months 
Jeppe861st30,068 months 
Jeppe871st44,458 months 
Jeppe881st34,828 months 
Found Internals 
Found543rd1:06,562 years 
Found536th28,352 years 
Found522nd19,082 years 
Found515th48,592 years 
Found502nd50,222 years 
Found492nd38,932 years 
Found484th1:05,572 years 
Found472nd35,302 years 
Found464th1:21,881 year 
Found459th34,302 years 
Found441st15,422 years 
Found431st58,132 years 
Found426th51,032 years 
Found418th56,142 years 
Found401st1:01,982 years 
Found394th44,372 years 
Found384th28,732 years 
Found371st59,761 year 
Found365th1:18,262 years 
Found352nd2:34,952 years 
Found345th35,012 years 
Found333rd1:09,672 years 
Found321st42,0211 months 
Found312nd39,892 years 
Found301st33,432 years 
Found293rd50,952 years 
Found283rd58,742 years 
Found273rd43,442 years 
Found264th22,902 years 
Found251st25,7111 months 
Found241st34,572 years 
Found231st37,011 year 
Found221st27,622 years 
Found214th23,592 years 
Found207th1:08,362 years 
Found197th42,972 years 
Found182nd52,132 years 
Found173rd1:01,132 years 
Found163rd1:15,002 years 
Found154th46,202 years 
Found141st22,372 years 
Found136th25,352 years 
Found123rd21,962 years 
Found113rd21,032 years 
Found103rd34,052 years 
Found091st1:01,891 year 
Found082nd23,812 years 
Found073rd31,962 years 
Found062nd49,482 years 
Found052nd20,522 years 
Found041st29,862 years 
Found039th25,212 years 
Found022nd11,852 years 
Found014th11,462 years 
HALF1A1st21,685 months 
HALF1B3rd38,435 months 
HALF1C2nd14,863 months 
HALF1D1st49,773 months 
HALF1E2nd27,343 months 
HALF1F2nd41,733 months 
HALF1G1st41,383 months 
HALF1H3rd53,073 months 
HALF1I2nd20,643 months 
HALF1J1st37,713 months 
HALF1K2nd32,703 months 
HALF1L1st21,793 months 
HALF1M3rd45,773 months 
HALF1N2nd27,403 months 
HALF1O2nd38,243 months 
HALF1P2nd48,583 months 
HALF1Q1st15,265 months 
HALF1R3rd52,525 months 
HALF1S3rd34,833 months 
HALF1T3rd1:45,173 months 
HALF1U1st12,755 months 
HALF1V2nd1:14,183 months 
HALF1W2nd37,013 months 
HALF1X3rd1:20,603 months 
HALF1Y2nd18,913 months 
HALF1Z2nd46,143 months 
HALF2A4th22,753 months 
HALF2B4th36,603 months 
HALF2C4th22,323 months 
HALF2D1st44,583 months 
HALF2E3rd28,243 months 
HALF2F2nd21,383 months 
HALF2G4th26,103 months 
HALF2H3rd38,863 months 
HALF2I4th32,163 months 
HALF2J5th1:03,563 months 
HALF2K3rd52,793 months 
HALF2L5th28,463 months 
HALF2M4th1:03,433 months 
HALF2N3rd41,003 months 
HALF2O3rd1:07,363 months 
HALF2P4th1:07,333 months 
HALF2Q2nd17,973 months 
HALF2R8th53,893 months 
HALF2S3rd19,393 months 
HALF2T2nd40,853 months 
HALF2U2nd17,453 months 
HALF2V3rd1:26,443 months 
HALF2W7th48,163 months 
HALF2X2nd1:53,093 months 
HALF2Y3rd29,233 months 
HALF2Z7th26,983 months 
Total Times
Latest times
52,79 on HALF2K 3 months ago
1:03,56 on HALF2J 3 months ago
32,16 on HALF2I 3 months ago
38,86 on HALF2H 3 months ago
26,10 on HALF2G 3 months ago
Last active
2015-11-21 at 10:25:01 on /download/

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