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Kopaka >> Chat

yes older replays doesn't exist in the db

Oddman >> Chat

..or is there a 3 year age limit?

Oddman >> Chat

Hm, can't share most of the replays for some reason. Could you do it for me Kopaka?

BlaZtek >> Chat

oke now did hoyl one lev

Zero >> Chat

hoyl people hoyl. many coal levs here o,o

b0ne >> Chat


Zero >> Chat

hey bene)

BlaZtek >> Chat

EOL database*

BlaZtek >> Chat

How about we delete whole lev database and start all over again -_-

BlaZtek >> Chat

RIP01BZ.rec is driven on wrong version of the level (RIP01.lev).


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Alma and Zero Hoyla Pack 
AZHP0033rd5,422 years 
AZHP0202nd11,112 years 
Handpicked EOL battles by Jeppe 
Jeppe263rd15,702 years 
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15,70 on Jeppe26 2 years ago
5,42 on AZHP003 2 years ago
11,11 on AZHP020 2 years ago
11,17 on AZHP020 2 years ago
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