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quote: (Zero) wtf!? under 6sec... omg!

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GRob [NGT] Hungary

Dragstrup Cup 2003 
DCup03013rd35,076 years 
DCup03023rd1:10,596 years 
DCup03038th39,639 years 
DCup031119th24,571 decade 
DCup03137th39,611 decade 
DCup031411th40,871 decade 
DCup03159th1:25,521 decade 
Mirror Internals 
MIRROR0122nd14,851 decade 
MIRROR0223rd14,941 decade 
MIRROR0613th40,011 decade 
MIRROR0720th39,711 decade 
MIRROR0815th24,191 decade 
MIRROR1018th33,641 decade 
MIRROR1521st1:15,901 decade 
MIRROR1711th1:01,421 decade 
MIRROR1918th47,301 decade 
MIRROR265th28,441 decade 
MIRROR3010th34,841 decade 
MIRROR3210th45,571 decade 
MIRROR3617th1:20,991 decade 
MIRROR4714th56,721 decade 
1337 Contest 
1337L0032nd13,818 years 
1337L0053rd46,028 years 
1337L0063rd24,838 years 
1337L0072nd21,558 years 
1337L0092nd10,818 years 
1337L0103rd41,828 years 
1337L0173rd17,008 years 
Max Internals 
MAX0114th18,611 decade 
MAX0210th22,471 decade 
MAX036th27,131 decade 
MAX063rd59,881 decade 
MAX0814th37,381 decade 
MAX097th1:44,481 decade 
MAX108th32,481 decade 
MAX1211th32,791 decade 
MAX1318th26,981 decade 
MAX1410th30,141 decade 
MAX173rd1:38,651 decade 
MAX184th1:04,821 decade 
MAX212nd30,471 decade 
MAX224th56,681 decade 
MAX2315th1:22,251 decade 
MAX255th40,411 decade 
MAX263rd37,301 decade 
MAX2814th1:27,101 decade 
MAX302nd45,221 decade 
MAX368th1:49,931 decade 
MAX4114th1:02,731 decade 
MAX475th1:24,191 decade 
Shareware Levels 
TheFaza02nd34,518 years 
TheFaza12nd44,048 years 
TheFaza22nd50,048 years 
TheFaza32nd1:03,948 years 
WkE Level Pack 
Packwke115th13,741 decade 
Packwke32nd27,528 years 
Packwke416th26,551 decade 
Packwke52nd1:05,668 years 
Packwke63rd51,758 years 
Packwke811th14,921 decade 
Packwke919th13,391 decade 
Packwk113rd52,471 decade 
Packwk129th58,131 decade 
Packwk133rd36,578 years 
Packwk143rd19,228 years 
Packwk153rd23,438 years 
Packwk163rd41,538 years 
Packwk1710th37,761 decade 
Packwk187th43,781 decade 
Packwk193rd36,888 years 
Packwk203rd25,388 years 
The Kopa Trilogy 
TKT0311th51,359 years 
TKT044th32,709 years 
TKT054th53,691 decade 
TKT062nd50,909 years 
TKT0711th37,841 decade 
TKT0811th59,221 decade 
TKT096th41,689 years 
TKT107th30,879 years 
TKT113rd1:19,989 years 
TKT128th31,149 years 
TKT137th26,611 decade 
TKT143rd58,399 years 
TKT154th1:17,319 years 
FSDC1L019th27,511 decade 
FSDC1L084th1:07,209 years 
veezay höylä pack 
vzh00134th5,601 decade 
vzh00729th3,531 decade 
vzh0089th23,911 decade 
vzh00921st12,461 decade 
vzh0139th16,541 decade 
vzh01627th8,361 decade 
vzh01726th8,841 decade 
vzh01822nd20,771 decade 
vzh01912th13,431 decade 
vzh02016th5,021 decade 
vzh02128th8,651 decade 
vzh02410th8,331 decade 
vzh0284th5,851 decade 
vzh02928th6,031 decade 
vzh03119th14,191 decade 
vzh03222nd5,981 decade 
vzh03324th9,391 decade 
vzh03725th8,861 decade 
vzh03824th8,071 decade 
vzh0418th10,809 years 
vzh04212th17,349 years 
vzh04310th6,469 years 
vzh0446th10,861 decade 
vzh04513th16,339 years 
vzh0468th7,541 decade 
vzh04811th10,079 years 
vzh05721st20,991 decade 
vzh0595th6,611 decade 
vzh06212th6,801 decade 
vzh06515th8,431 decade 
vzh0713rd11,951 decade 
vzh07310th7,241 decade 
vzh07423rd12,901 decade 
vzh0769th10,041 decade 
vzh07719th12,621 decade 
vzh0789th9,831 decade 
vzh08123rd12,531 decade 
vzh08921st7,011 decade 
vzh0914th8,839 years 
vzh0927th5,889 years 
vzh09325th7,081 decade 
vzh09423rd8,131 decade 
vzh0964th11,709 years 
vzh09813th6,661 decade 
umiz level pack 
umizzz0112th17,951 decade 
umizzz028th21,821 decade 
umizzz033rd9,961 decade 
umizzz049th53,431 decade 
umizzz055th37,341 decade 
umizzz067th44,241 decade 
umizzz077th1:10,481 decade 
umizzz082nd53,037 years 
umizzz097th14,591 decade 
umizzz1010th37,961 decade 
umizzz117th20,341 decade 
umizzz129th38,981 decade 
umizzz133rd7,801 decade 
umizzz144th59,811 decade 
umizzz158th34,111 decade 
umizzz165th52,591 decade 
umizzz174th36,901 decade 
umizzz184th49,841 decade 
umizzz194th45,111 decade 
umizzz208th31,331 decade 
umizzz2110th51,961 decade 
umizzz224th23,961 decade 
umizzz238th36,161 decade 
umizzz248th25,021 decade 
umizzz255th1:43,131 decade 
umizzz2610th1:44,091 decade 
umizzz274th27,498 years 
umizzz285th1:04,371 decade 
umizzz293rd34,168 years 
umizzz305th2:34,531 decade 
umizzz314th1:04,041 decade 
umizzz322nd1:55,528 years 
umizzz337th19,551 decade 
umizzz348th27,931 decade 
umizzz352nd20,528 years 
umizzz368th32,261 decade 
umizzz377th51,701 decade 
umizzz3820th11,691 decade 
Internally Tilted 
INTilt0414th31,531 decade 
Hoyl018th8,789 years 
Hoyl0214th9,241 decade 
Hoyl036th8,151 decade 
Hoyl043rd13,749 years 
Hoyl055th14,409 years 
Hoyl063rd13,029 years 
Hoyl072nd14,231 decade 
Hoyl081st12,831 decade 
Hoyl094th12,741 decade 
Hoyl1011th10,791 decade 
Hoyl116th11,821 decade 
Hoyl122nd10,769 years 
Hoyl136th11,819 years 
Hoyl143rd11,791 decade 
Hoyl155th11,061 decade 
Hoyl162nd15,181 decade 
Hoyl171st14,031 decade 
Hoyl182nd11,551 decade 
Hoyl195th11,531 decade 
Hoyl209th9,079 years 
Hoyl219th9,079 years 
Hoyl226th10,661 decade 
Hoyl235th11,519 years 
Hoyl243rd14,579 years 
Hoyl253rd18,931 decade 
Hoyl262nd11,091 decade 
Hoyl2710th8,881 decade 
Hoyl281st12,389 years 
Hoyl294th9,781 decade 
Hoyl3010th13,541 decade 
Raven Höylä Pack 
RHP0111th5,511 decade 
RHP0212th8,461 decade 
RHP032nd15,621 decade 
RHP0417th9,211 decade 
RHP0517th11,771 decade 
RHP069th5,041 decade 
RHP0713th2,731 decade 
RHP0817th8,521 decade 
RHP0916th10,391 decade 
RHP1020th6,501 decade 
RHP1112th3,851 decade 
RHP1213th2,891 decade 
RHP1425th11,731 decade 
RHP157th7,031 decade 
RHP1615th19,821 decade 
RHP1725th5,911 decade 
RHP1811th6,371 decade 
RHP1914th6,741 decade 
RHP2014th6,431 decade 
RHP2112th5,371 decade 
RHP229th9,611 decade 
RHP2317th9,481 decade 
RHP2415th12,791 decade 
RHP2510th9,891 decade 
RHP2617th8,541 decade 
RHP272nd6,491 decade 
RHP2817th6,111 decade 
RHP2916th9,161 decade 
RHP3011th5,431 decade 
RHP317th10,721 decade 
RHP3223rd4,051 decade 
RHP3323rd5,691 decade 
RHP3418th6,261 decade 
RHP3512th15,251 decade 
RHP367th9,381 decade 
RHP3728th5,631 decade 
RHP3919th8,051 decade 
RHP4019th10,121 decade 
RHP4113th4,471 decade 
Internal Level Designing Contest 
ID302L012nd55,729 years 
ID302L023rd38,731 decade 
ID302L032nd1:10,249 years 
ID303L013rd35,999 years 
ID303L027th18,971 decade 
ID303L031st17,938 years 
ID303L042nd20,761 decade 
ID304L011st27,998 years 
ID304L021st17,358 years 
ID304L0312th16,511 decade 
ID304L045th16,701 decade 
ID305L014th34,591 decade 
ID305L021st47,798 years 
ID305L032nd29,568 years 
ID306L016th53,021 decade 
ID306L022nd30,188 years 
ID307L012nd29,858 years 
ID307L028th31,471 decade 
ID308L028th48,401 decade 
ID308L035th36,121 decade 
Quality umiz Levels 
qumiz013rd12,949 years 
qumiz0212th17,601 decade 
qumiz033rd21,029 years 
qumiz044th25,871 decade 
qumiz0512th11,029 years 
qumiz062nd24,039 years 
qumiz0710th21,071 decade 
qumiz086th35,211 decade 
qumiz0910th18,551 decade 
qumiz1011th37,491 decade 
qumiz114th39,301 decade 
qumiz127th14,461 decade 
qumiz133rd28,709 years 
qumiz144th10,791 decade 
qumiz159th56,461 decade 
qumiz164th32,119 years 
qumiz174th38,879 years 
FinMan Höylä levels 
FMH0135th8,411 decade 
FMH027th4,721 decade 
FMH0341st14,611 decade 
FMH0426th8,481 decade 
FMH0535th18,301 decade 
FMH0627th10,061 decade 
FMH0719th12,301 decade 
FMH0827th10,031 decade 
FMH0923rd6,931 decade 
FMH1032nd9,301 decade 
FMH1130th11,931 decade 
FMH1229th9,851 decade 
FMH1321st12,191 decade 
FMH1415th9,951 decade 
FMH1530th9,731 decade 
FMH1625th9,171 decade 
FMH1734th7,911 decade 
FMH1818th11,681 decade 
FMH1921st8,291 decade 
FMH2018th9,201 decade 
FMH2131st10,211 decade 
FMH2222nd10,191 decade 
FMH2329th8,021 decade 
FMH2415th14,031 decade 
FMH2528th7,301 decade 
FMH2625th16,191 decade 
FMH2719th10,521 decade 
FMH2826th11,821 decade 
FMH2918th11,871 decade 
FMH3013th7,341 decade 
Only Bounces Level Pack 
OBLP0117th12,671 decade 
OBLP0215th11,391 decade 
OBLP0321st25,191 decade 
OBLP0421st11,911 decade 
OBLP057th20,051 decade 
OBLP065th21,991 decade 
OBLP085th8,891 decade 
OBLP097th18,341 decade 
OBLP102nd13,358 years 
OBLP112nd15,908 years 
OBLP128th16,801 decade 
OBLP1313th14,591 decade 
OBLP159th13,161 decade 
Easy Pipes Level Pack 
EPLP0123rd22,131 decade 
EPLP0326th16,861 decade 
EPLP0428th13,471 decade 
EPLP0515th16,181 decade 
EPLP0730th14,601 decade 
EPLP0923rd12,051 decade 
EPLP1017th17,841 decade 
EPLP1123rd16,851 decade 
EPLP128th19,861 decade 
EPLP1314th14,391 decade 
danpe levels 
danpe0015th8,849 years 
danpe0028th10,301 decade 
danpe0031st10,845 years 
danpe0045th6,601 decade 
danpe0053rd4,911 decade 
danpe00610th5,001 decade 
danpe0077th4,981 decade 
danpe0083rd5,365 years 
danpe0094th7,501 decade 
danpe0106th8,549 years 
danpe0116th18,549 years 
danpe0121st23,989 years 
danpe0132nd1:05,369 years 
danpe01411th10,351 decade 
danpe0157th16,091 decade 
danpe01616th13,321 decade 
danpe0176th18,071 decade 
danpe0189th6,051 decade 
danpe0196th11,301 decade 
danpe0205th10,301 decade 
danpe0216th9,501 decade 
danpe0228th8,271 decade 
danpe0234th5,751 decade 
danpe0249th8,561 decade 
danpe0256th8,781 decade 
danpe02611th8,111 decade 
danpe0272nd4,431 decade 
danpe0285th5,951 decade 
danpe0299th7,931 decade 
danpe0309th5,761 decade 
danpe0315th18,979 years 
danpe0321st7,509 years 
danpe0334th4,081 decade 
danpe0343rd9,851 decade 
danpe03512th5,721 decade 
danpe0365th6,351 decade 
danpe0373rd8,889 years 
danpe0384th7,339 years 
danpe03921st6,471 decade 
danpe0407th7,171 decade 
danpe0418th2,831 decade 
danpe0427th12,791 decade 
danpe0432nd13,259 years 
danpe0444th16,641 decade 
danpe0455th8,829 years 
danpe0463rd16,289 years 
danpe0472nd9,769 years 
danpe0483rd13,449 years 
danpe0493rd17,709 years 
danpe0509th7,339 years 
Tube065th1:13,569 years 
Tube094th2:25,869 years 
Tube102nd1:09,758 years 
NP013rd24,119 years 
NP026th19,009 years 
NP037th20,649 years 
NP043rd17,339 years 
NP059th19,861 decade 
NP063rd29,787 years 
NP078th22,229 years 
NP082nd22,301 decade 
NP093rd23,571 decade 
NP103rd22,301 decade 
NP116th25,851 decade 
NP122nd25,351 decade 
NP131st22,039 years 
NP144th25,249 years 
NP152nd18,958 years 
I011st20,057 years 
I021st19,818 years 
I032nd18,728 years 
I042nd10,298 years 
I052nd23,838 years 
I068th13,707 years 
I071st12,167 years 
I082nd18,709 years 
I091st12,768 years 
I107th7,241 decade 
I114th19,527 years 
I122nd17,207 years 
I132nd15,867 years 
I143rd21,179 years 
I152nd22,706 years 
I163rd16,776 years 
I172nd12,226 years 
I181st24,767 years 
I192nd17,617 years 
I201st14,429 years 
I217th10,531 decade 
I224th10,311 decade 
I231st11,357 years 
I243rd15,618 years 
I252nd16,007 years 
I262nd10,818 years 
I273rd17,531 decade 
I288th21,649 years 
I292nd16,769 years 
I302nd8,457 years 
I311st12,909 years 
I326th13,189 years 
I3310th19,901 decade 
I346th16,019 years 
I353rd19,319 years 
FinMan Pipes 
FMPi0015th26,431 decade 
FMPi0027th41,821 decade 
FMPi00312th58,451 decade 
FMPi0049th30,951 decade 
FMPi00510th38,871 decade 
FMPi00618th17,921 decade 
FMPi00712th15,371 decade 
FMPi00810th14,311 decade 
FMPi0097th26,691 decade 
FMPi0108th30,991 decade 
FMPi01112th20,791 decade 
FMPi01210th22,841 decade 
FMPi0137th16,551 decade 
FMPi0148th22,681 decade 
FMPi0157th27,031 decade 
Great Sticks 
GS019th27,391 decade 
GS0211th27,021 decade 
GS035th15,281 decade 
GS048th31,321 decade 
GS0512th33,651 decade 
GS063rd30,569 years 
GS073rd38,339 years 
GS083rd39,231 decade 
GS093rd29,129 years 
GS103rd23,839 years 
GS114th16,171 decade 
GS123rd44,119 years 
Qsla00012nd21,269 years 
Qsla00022nd31,729 years 
Qsla00032nd19,297 years 
Qsla00046th15,641 decade 
Qsla00055th17,629 years 
Qsla00062nd52,889 years 
Qsla00073rd30,859 years 
Qsla00082nd41,739 years 
Qsla00092nd32,181 decade 
Qsla00103rd31,941 decade 
Qsla00114th22,771 decade 
Qsla00124th27,111 decade 
Qsla00134th36,731 decade 
Qsla00143rd25,119 years 
Qsla00153rd31,239 years 
Qsla00164th17,979 years 
Qsla00174th22,879 years 
Qsla00189th18,971 decade 
Qsla00196th32,539 years 
Qsla00202nd19,599 years 
Dakar Internal Cup 
Dakar016th5:48,101 decade 
Dakar029th6:40,861 decade 
Dakar057th5:45,711 decade 
Bliz Höyl 
Bhoyl017th19,971 decade 
Bhoyl027th21,291 decade 
Bhoyl0317th18,661 decade 
Bhoyl0411th21,961 decade 
Bhoyl058th15,241 decade 
Bhoyl0612th14,981 decade 
Bhoyl074th8,351 decade 
Bhoyl086th17,701 decade 
Bhoyl0918th21,581 decade 
Bhoyl1017th15,551 decade 
Bhoyl117th27,581 decade