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Riding into the sunset

Saturday 6 April 2019

Recently I've been considering plans for sunsetting Kopasite. Such as what would need to be done to no longer need it. There's a number of reason of why I'd want to do this. Click to read more. More & comments (0)


Blaztek >> Chat

World Cup 8 starts 30th august 2020, be there! EOL

redline >> Chat


Hosp >> Chat

Hi from June 2020

Blaztek >> Chat

Hi January 2020. :)

Arzenik >> Chat


Orcc >> umizzz03

We are still waiting for Jarkko's 9:xx

Blaztek >> kachi06

How the f*, Zero! Amazing time!

Blaztek >> Chat

Hi 2019. :)

Oddman >> Chat

Happy new 2019

b0ne >> Chat



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umizzz3519,47Zero [dat]5 months0,12 improvement1st >> 1st
umizzz3519,59Zero [dat]5 months0,17 improvement1st >> 1st
umizzz3519,76Zero [dat]5 months0,14 improvement1st >> 1st
umizzz3519,90Zero [dat]5 months0,29 improvement1st >> 1st
umizzz3520,19Zero [dat]5 monthsfirst time in levNone >> 1st
FMH107,20Zero [dat]8 months0,22 improvement1st >> 1st
FMH107,42Zero [dat]1 yearfirst time in levNone >> 1st
Packwke813,61Zero [dat]1 year0,20 improvement1st >> 1st
kachi0624,17Zero [dat]1 year1,51 improvement1st >> 1st
VSK07711,63Zero [dat]1 year2,01 improvement4th >> 1st
umizzz0310,46Cookie1 yearfirst time in levNone >> 5th

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