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Saturday 10 May 2014

Was time for some love for Kopasite.

Newest times is back, old banner is back, replay sharing feature now online. Click more for more info. More & comments (2)


Mats >> VSK113

GAA time

Oddman >> VSK113

1337 :)

Zero >> Chat

HALF2 vid is out

Zero >> Chat

VSK WR TT: 59:59,31 :)

Zero >> Chat

1337L017 world record. FINALLY!!

Leek >> semen030

Nah, not that good. Had some 31 misses.

Blaztek >> semen030

Impsy Leek. =O

Blaztek >> Chat

Finaly I sendt a time again. Des 2015

Kopaka >> Chat

upload times works again

Mats >> Chat

time cannot be verified fml :'(


Kopasite is an Elasto Mania website which primary target (along with all sorts of resources for the game) is to host the competition on a large number of level packs of different kinds. Recordlists are interactive which means you can participate simple by uploading your replay from a level using the upload time button in the top right corner and they will instantly be updated. It should be noted that times are required to be driven in the online mode of Elma Online for verification.

Newest Times

VSK11313,37Zero [dat]2 weeks0,11 improvement1st >> 1st
VSK11313,48Zero [dat]2 weeks1,29 improvement7th >> 1st
MIRROR161:50,87Mats [TR]1 month1,51 improvement14th >> 15th
MIRROR1418,79Mats [TR]1 month0,19 improvement15th >> 15th
MIRROR1317,92Mats [TR]1 month2,03 improvement11th >> 5th
MIRROR4422,63Mats [TR]1 month13,90 improvement10th >> 6th
VSK11134,47Mats [TR]1 monthfirst time in levNone >> 10th
VSK11035,27Mats [TR]1 monthfirst time in levNone >> 16th
VSK10920,80Mats [TR]1 monthfirst time in levNone >> 14th
VSK10822,69Mats [TR]1 monthfirst time in levNone >> 10th
VSK10712,74Mats [TR]1 monthfirst time in levNone >> 11th


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