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SIC >> Chat

BZ. Prolly never come back. :/ Sry. :)

BlaZtek >> Chat

Hello SIC! :) The scene is doing fine. How are you? When EOL comeback? :D

SIC >> Chat

Hi. How are you guys? Long time didn't saw you all. :/

Danielj >> MCHM036

this lev buggy also

Danielj >> MCHM030

cant submit times to this lev

BlaZtek >> NP11

Told ya. ;)

BlaZtek >> NP11

Arr Leek! I will take it back someday. ;)

Mawane >> Chat

@Schizmo type chainpi and press enter

BlaZtek >> Chat

Here you go:

Tegge >> Chat

Oh, btw. Is there any official community site on Facebook as well?

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