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Danielj >> MCHM036

this lev buggy also

Danielj >> MCHM030

cant submit times to this lev

BlaZtek >> NP11

Told ya. ;)

BlaZtek >> NP11

Arr Leek! I will take it back someday. ;)

Mawane >> Chat

@Schizmo type chainpi and press enter

BlaZtek >> Chat

Here you go:

Tegge >> Chat

Oh, btw. Is there any official community site on Facebook as well?

Tegge >> Chat

Hi FinMan! I will do that. Thanks for the tip! :) That's good so people can't cheat! I still recognize some nicks from when I played. I stopped play because my computer crashed so all my times and replays were removed. Unfortunately I couldn't save them. So now I had to start all over again and I got very suprised when I saw that people still go for new WR:s and stuff. So many new cool and insane tricks. Very nice that people keeps this game alive. :)

FinMan >> Chat

Hey Tegge! Check out elma online on also! :) Times need to be made online these days to confirm that your times are not cheated. Wish to see you there!

Tegge >> Chat

Hey all! This is awesome! I recently started to play Elma again. Last time was over 10 years ago. Now I found this site from moposite. Peace out!


 » Pack » wke

WkE Level Pack by WkE


21 levels made by WkE alias Worst kuski Ever. Level 21 is not counted in the total time. These levels doesn't count in the overall kinglist.

Most recent activity
1 month: 27,32 in Packwke3 by Zero
10 months: 10,32 in Packwk10 by Zero
10 months: 13,81 in Packwke8 by Zero
1 year: 40,21 in Packwk17 by Adebis
1 year: 31,65 in Packwk14 by Adebis
2 years: 24,06 in Packwk20 by Jeppe
2 years: 24,21 in Packwk20 by Jeppe
2 years: 39,81 in Packwk16 by Jeppe
2 years: 40,22 in Packwk16 by Jeppe
2 years: 40,25 in Packwk16 by Jeppe
2 years: 15,73 in Packwk15 by Jeppe
2 years: 45,40 in Packwk11 by Jeppe
2 years: 52,49 in Packwke2 by Jeppe
2 years: 54,35 in Packwke2 by Jeppe
2 years: 51,57 in Packwke6 by Jeppe

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