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Kopaka >> Chat

upload times works again

Mats >> Chat

time cannot be verified fml :'(

Virus >> Chat

Blaz sosnul

roope >> Chat

Blaz hasn't seen my recs though : :>

kuchitsu >> Chat

oh i guess it happens if i refresh the page after uploading :)

kuchitsu >> Chat

for some reason when i upload a rec, it appears in the newest times twice. dunno why but sorry for spam...

Blaz >> Chat

roope sending rec's of quantity instead of quality, just to climb the kinglist. o,o

SIC >> Chat

mats: agree. :D

SIC >> Chat

Blaztek: Bcz have money problem in life and in life doing not good.

Mats >> Chat

Elma is one of the best thing in life :D


 » Pack » wke

WkE Level Pack by WkE


21 levels made by WkE alias Worst kuski Ever. Level 21 is not counted in the total time. These levels doesn't count in the overall kinglist.

Most recent activity
6 months: 40,94 in Packwke7 by Zero
6 months: 49,76 in Packwke6 by Zero
6 months: 1:03,35 in Packwke5 by Zero
6 months: 7,64 in Packwke9 by Zero
6 months: 17,93 in Packwke4 by Zero
6 months: 18,22 in Packwke4 by Zero
6 months: 18,48 in Packwke4 by Zero
6 months: 51,56 in Packwke2 by Zero
6 months: 12,34 in Packwke1 by Zero
6 months: 23,99 in Packwk20 by Zero
7 months: 10,38 in Packwk10 by roope
7 months: 34,67 in Packwk19 by Zero
7 months: 39,88 in Packwk18 by Zero
7 months: 34,74 in Packwk17 by Zero
7 months: 39,26 in Packwk16 by Zero

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