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Tegge >> Chat

Oh, btw. Is there any official community site on Facebook as well?

Tegge >> Chat

Hi FinMan! I will do that. Thanks for the tip! :) That's good so people can't cheat! I still recognize some nicks from when I played. I stopped play because my computer crashed so all my times and replays were removed. Unfortunately I couldn't save them. So now I had to start all over again and I got very suprised when I saw that people still go for new WR:s and stuff. So many new cool and insane tricks. Very nice that people keeps this game alive. :)

FinMan >> Chat

Hey Tegge! Check out elma online on also! :) Times need to be made online these days to confirm that your times are not cheated. Wish to see you there!

Tegge >> Chat

Hey all! This is awesome! I recently started to play Elma again. Last time was over 10 years ago. Now I found this site from moposite. Peace out!

BlaZtek >> Chat

RIP just got a new meaning. Rape Igge Pipes "Zero Edition"

Kopaka >> Chat

yes older replays doesn't exist in the db

Oddman >> Chat

..or is there a 3 year age limit?

Oddman >> Chat

Hm, can't share most of the replays for some reason. Could you do it for me Kopaka?

BlaZtek >> Chat

oke now did hoyl one lev

Zero >> Chat

hoyl people hoyl. many coal levs here o,o


 » Player » Zero

Zero [dat] Finland

Dragstrup Cup 2003 
DCup030126th46,766 years 
DCup03022nd1:05,801 year 
DCup030325th43,086 years 
DCup03042nd39,211 year 
DCup030514th1:01,585 years 
DCup03064th47,924 years 
DCup031016th1:43,266 years 
DCup03111st18,991 year 
DCup03122nd45,811 year 
DCup03136th39,594 years 
DCup031421st44,306 years 
DCup031614th1:19,706 years 
Mirror Internals 
MIRROR2117th18,966 years 
MIRROR3018th36,356 years 
MIRROR3416th43,586 years 
MIRROR4117th47,554 years 
MIRROR4523rd35,476 years 
MIRROR5220th35,406 years 
MIRROR5326th28,576 years 
1337 Contest 
1337L0121st25,668 months 
Max Internals 
MAX0314th27,834 years 
MAX1220th34,495 years 
MAX137th25,225 years 
MAX2221st1:03,636 years 
MAX3111th2:33,426 years 
MAX328th1:26,416 years 
cEp Level Pack 
cEplvl0136th17,704 years 
cEplvl0236th22,426 years 
cEplvl0339th22,446 years 
cEplvl0430th17,776 years 
cEplvl0535th22,406 years 
cEplvl0636th10,666 years 
cEplvl0736th6,556 years 
cEplvl0837th18,506 years 
Shareware Levels 
TheFaza01st33,598 months 
TheFaza11st43,348 months 
TheFaza21st49,348 months 
TheFaza31st1:02,318 months 
hnvhgm1st12,568 months 
WkE Level Pack 
Packwke22nd54,672 years 
Packwke42nd19,493 years 
Packwke54th1:10,833 years 
Packwke72nd43,092 years 
Packwke81st13,817 months 
Packwke92nd7,743 years 
Packwk101st10,327 months 
Packwk111st43,963 years 
Packwk121st54,222 years 
Packwk132nd36,562 years 
Packwk142nd18,492 years 
Packwk182nd41,262 years 
Packwk192nd36,102 years 
The Kopa Trilogy 
TKT011st28,462 months 
TKT021st42,112 months 
TKT031st49,382 months 
TKT041st31,452 months 
TKT051st50,862 months 
TKT061st50,532 months 
TKT071st31,812 months 
TKT081st48,462 months 
TKT091st39,982 months 
TKT101st28,352 months 
TKT111st1:18,782 months 
TKT121st29,392 months 
TKT131st24,812 months 
TKT141st54,292 months 
TKT151st1:10,512 months 
FSDC1L011st24,166 days 
FSDC1L0221st49,225 years 
FSDC1L085th1:08,493 years 
veezay höylä pack 
vzh00149th5,725 years 
vzh00257th8,835 years 
vzh00340th11,315 years 
vzh00448th13,295 years 
vzh00551st24,535 years 
vzh00644th3,885 years 
vzh00731st3,565 years 
vzh00852nd28,055 years 
vzh01149th12,395 years 
vzh01247th15,095 years 
vzh02845th7,155 years 
vzh03242nd6,155 years 
vzh03344th9,935 years 
vzh03741st9,695 years 
vzh04336th6,605 years 
vzh04839th13,275 years 
vzh05136th7,415 years 
vzh05235th15,395 years 
vzh0538th12,675 years 
vzh05422nd6,465 years 
vzh05817th26,285 years 
vzh05942nd8,435 years 
vzh06019th13,705 years 
vzh06145th6,345 years 
vzh06334th15,215 years 
vzh0698th4,984 years 
vzh0704th7,444 years 
vzh08237th10,915 years 
vzh08417th5,786 years 
vzh08944th7,895 years 
umiz level pack 
umizzz0527th44,256 years 
umizzz0930th23,566 years 
umizzz1725th49,256 years 
umizzz2025th33,386 years 
umizzz2319th47,596 years 
umizzz2722nd33,196 years 
umizzz3320th23,326 years 
umizzz383rd10,803 years 
Internally Tilted 
INTilt0123rd13,966 years 
INTilt0418th33,406 years 
INTilt0824th28,946 years 
INTilt091st1:09,942 years 
INTilt1422nd18,916 years 
INTilt1523rd1:16,256 years 
INTilt2111th28,346 years 
INTilt5217th38,596 years 
Hoyl101st10,244 years 
Raven Höylä Pack 
RHP0126th6,226 years 
RHP0230th8,706 years 
RHP0618th5,105 years 
RHP0721st3,026 years 
RHP1027th6,626 years 
RHP124th2,776 years 
RHP1312th8,614 years 
RHP1635th21,736 years 
RHP2530th11,106 years 
RHP2819th6,194 years 
RHP303rd5,313 years 
RHP3122nd11,486 years 
RHP3231st4,226 years 
RHP357th14,914 years 
RHP3937th8,686 years 
RHP4024th10,214 years 
RHP413rd4,273 years 
Internal Level Designing Contest 
ID302L021st38,505 months 
ID307L011st28,572 months 
ID307L021st12,071 year 
ID308L011st30,512 years 
Quality umiz Levels 
qumiz0114th13,415 years 
qumiz0317th23,936 years 
qumiz053rd9,483 years 
qumiz081st33,804 months 
qumiz109th37,194 years 
qumiz146th10,924 years 
FinMan Höylä levels 
FMH0445th10,176 years 
FMH0620th9,944 years 
FMH1132nd12,006 years 
FMH1325th12,324 years 
FMH1628th9,226 years 
FMH1740th7,996 years 
FMH1830th12,206 years 
FMH1930th8,856 years 
FMH2023rd9,356 years 
FMH2227th10,626 years 
FMH251st5,6211 months 
FMH2724th10,556 years 
FMH281st11,594 months 
FMH3033rd7,644 years 
Only Bounces Level Pack 
OBLP0115th12,663 years 
OBLP0218th11,603 years 
OBLP0327th29,136 years 
OBLP0412th11,486 years 
OBLP0514th20,313 years 
OBLP0616th22,883 years 
OBLP0715th14,733 years 
OBLP0811th9,273 years 
OBLP0912th18,423 years 
OBLP1013th13,633 years 
OBLP116th16,163 years 
OBLP1223rd18,116 years 
OBLP1313th14,603 years 
OBLP1422nd9,853 years 
OBLP1513th13,653 years 
Easy Pipes Level Pack 
EPLP054th14,773 years 
EPLP068th10,634 years 
EPLP0732nd14,876 years 
EPLP0831st13,686 years 
EPLP1012th17,694 years 
EPLP1120th16,514 years 
EPLP1218th20,074 years 
EPLP137th14,154 years 
EPLP147th14,984 years 
EPLP1534th14,656 years 
danpe levels 
danpe00127th9,566 years 
danpe0025th10,284 years 
danpe00331st12,636 years 
danpe00426th7,736 years 
danpe00530th6,846 years 
danpe00637th6,146 years 
danpe00738th6,756 years 
danpe00828th6,716 years 
danpe00931st8,086 years 
danpe0104th8,534 years 
danpe01130th21,756 years 
danpe01231st33,076 years 
danpe01325th1:23,446 years 
danpe01424th10,796 years 
danpe01531st18,976 years 
danpe0166th12,794 years 
danpe0171st15,961 year 
danpe01816th6,246 years 
danpe01932nd12,796 years 
danpe02030th12,386 years 
danpe02132nd11,756 years 
danpe02231st9,136 years 
danpe0233rd5,733 years 
danpe02432nd10,106 years 
danpe02534th10,686 years 
danpe02623rd8,356 years 
danpe02726th4,894 years 
danpe02829th6,826 years 
danpe02933rd9,226 years 
danpe03019th5,914 years 
danpe0311st17,923 months 
danpe03234th8,976 years 
danpe03315th4,194 years 
danpe03416th10,654 years 
danpe0351st5,551 year 
danpe03624th6,776 years 
danpe0375th9,135 years 
danpe03816th7,865 years 
danpe03911th6,336 years 
danpe0407th7,184 years 
danpe04110th2,856 years 
danpe04227th13,876 years 
danpe04335th15,286 years 
danpe04424th19,376 years 
danpe04525th9,096 years 
danpe04625th17,476 years 
danpe04727th10,356 years 
danpe04823rd14,764 years 
danpe04927th21,366 years 
danpe05033rd7,636 years 
Tube056th6:00,003 years 
NP011st23,021 week 
NP0220th20,574 years 
NP0312th21,815 years 
NP0424th18,446 years 
NP0523rd21,716 years 
NP0613th31,244 years 
NP0712th22,925 years 
NP0827th25,506 years 
NP0912th25,175 years 
NP1015th23,566 years 
NP1112th27,286 years 
NP1212th26,535 years 
NP1318th24,175 years 
NP1420th26,746 years 
NP1519th22,115 years 
I0115th21,595 years 
I0219th22,885 years 
I0315th21,475 years 
I0411th12,505 years 
I0525th33,985 years 
I0612th15,265 years 
I0922nd14,516 years 
I1115th20,604 years 
I1224th21,436 years 
I1312th18,586 years 
I1417th22,285 years 
I1615th18,025 years 
I1815th27,734 years 
I2021st17,756 years 
I2116th12,926 years 
I2320th16,186 years 
I2428th16,886 years 
I2519th18,655 years 
I2724th23,936 years 
I2813th23,936 years 
I3519th26,096 years 
FinMan Pipes 
FMPi0011st24,9310 months 
FMPi0021st29,603 months 
FMPi0031st34,544 months 
FMPi0041st24,6111 months 
FMPi0051st31,391 year 
FMPi0061st16,063 months 
FMPi0071st11,1510 months 
FMPi0081st12,0910 months 
FMPi0091st23,7210 months 
FMPi0101st27,755 months 
FMPi0111st17,0610 months 
FMPi0121st19,6910 months 
FMPi0131st13,434 months 
FMPi0141st19,5810 months 
FMPi0151st23,7510 months 
Great Sticks 
GS014th26,551 month 
GS021st22,934 months 
GS031st12,922 months 
GS045th31,091 month 
GS052nd29,422 months 
GS061st26,311 month 
GS071st34,962 months 
GS081st37,552 years 
GS091st24,381 month 
GS101st22,241 month 
GS112nd14,131 month 
GS121st38,302 months 
Qsla00011st21,231 year 
Qsla00021st31,452 years 
Qsla00032nd19,381 year 
Qsla00042nd15,301 year 
Qsla00051st17,383 years 
Qsla00066th53,991 year 
Qsla00071st30,681 year 
Qsla00081st41,241 year 
Qsla00091st32,042 years 
Qsla00101st30,851 year 
Qsla00111st21,551 year 
Qsla00121st26,111 year 
Qsla00131st35,001 year 
Qsla00141st25,021 year 
Qsla00151st29,941 year 
Qsla00161st16,413 years 
Qsla00171st21,532 years 
Qsla00181st18,261 year 
Qsla00191st31,651 year 
Qsla00207th20,201 year 
Bliz Höyl 
Bhoyl0119th20,915 years 
Bhoyl0215th21,605 years 
Bhoyl0323rd19,775 years 
Bhoyl0424th23,875 years 
Bhoyl0524th16,365 years 
Bhoyl0623rd15,475 years 
Bhoyl1618th15,764 years 
Bhoyl1711th11,974 years 
Bhoyl299th9,714 years 
semen00214th24,205 years 
semen00517th25,194 years 
VSK00116th7,643 years 
VSK00217th18,825 years 
VSK0032nd14,241 year 
VSK00416th19,425 years 
VSK00518th18,245 years 
VSK00622nd46,805 years 
VSK00714th24,895 years 
VSK00817th55,465 years 
VSK00915th33,385 years 
VSK0101st24,992 months 
VSK01113th1:51,855 years 
VSK0125th31,075 years 
VSK0139th25,725 years 
VSK01419th26,745 years 
VSK01514th16,835 years 
VSK0166th14,493 years 
VSK0179th23,075 years 
VSK01813th11,095 years 
VSK01912th2:07,695 years 
VSK0201st38,442 years 
VSK02112th21,055 years 
VSK02212th1:45,535 years 
VSK02314th30,615 years 
VSK02414th18,245 years 
VSK02511th28,874 years 
VSK0269th22,914 years 
VSK02712th31,914 years 
VSK0285th5,973 years 
VSK0299th43,275 years 
VSK03017th14,685 years 
VSK03111th10,945 years 
VSK03214th19,315 years 
VSK03313th12,715 years 
VSK03413th25,445 years 
VSK0356th9,965 years 
VSK0366th11,233 years 
VSK0377th35,025 years 
VSK0385th7,734 years 
VSK03911th18,275 years 
VSK04014th11,145 years 
VSK0418th34,715 years 
VSK04210th33,884 years 
VSK0437th29,744 years 
VSK04411th55,035 years 
VSK04512th19,715 years 
VSK0466th18,743 years 
VSK04710th42,405 years 
VSK0481st28,412 years 
VSK0492nd1:21,771 year 
VSK05012th33,045 years 
VSK05114th10,555 years 
VSK05214th18,375 years 
VSK0539th26,775 years 
VSK05412th25,525 years 
VSK05514th22,415 years 
VSK05613th1:20,285 years 
VSK05713th25,285 years 
VSK0583rd15,503 years 
VSK05913th1:53,255 years 
VSK06010th45,205 years 
VSK0614th21,954 years 
VSK0628th52,405 years 
VSK06311th1:07,505 years 
VSK06411th33,415 years 
VSK0657th15,385 years 
VSK0661st15,571 week 
VSK0676th33,132 years 
VSK06815th39,055 years 
VSK06912th25,965 years 
VSK0701st10,442 years 
VSK07113th37,845 years 
VSK0728th17,394 years 
VSK07310th9,125 years 
VSK07411th53,175 years 
VSK07510th8,054 years 
VSK0769th15,294 years 
VSK0778th13,645 years 
VSK0781st21,292 years 
VSK0791st25,422 years 
VSK0802nd13,683 years 
VSK08110th33,834 years 
VSK08217th16,805 years 
VSK0837th1:12,875 years 
VSK08414th18,275 years 
VSK0852nd10,513 years 
VSK0866th20,483 years 
VSK08712th53,865 years 
VSK0884th31,103 years 
VSK0895th32,945 years 
VSK0903rd23,293 years 
VSK09111th36,725 years 
VSK0921st17,831 year 
VSK0931st7,781 year 
VSK0943rd21,643 years 
VSK09515th28,784 years 
VSK09614th29,005 years 
VSK0979th20,474 years 
VSK09814th43,265 years 
VSK09912th51,805 years 
VSK10014th55,865 years 
VSK10118th20,885 years 
VSK1021st11,419 months 
VSK1039th14,935 years 
VSK1047th24,855 years 
VSK1051st11,712 years 
VSK10615th24,625 years 
VSK1077th12,265 years 
VSK10810th22,895 years 
VSK1098th18,755 years 
VSK11012th33,655 years 
VSK11112th36,735 years 
VSK11212th35,425 years 
VSK11312th14,775 years 
VSK11415th36,375 years 
VSK11512th38,595 years 
VSK11613th36,335 years 
VSK11712th1:24,945 years 
VSK11816th55,325 years 
VSK11911th8,805 years 
VSK1208th15,214 years 
VSK1211st10,962 months 
VSK1229th15,115 years 
VSK12316th12,095 years 
VSK12412th7,925 years 
VSK12512th18,625 years 
VSK1263rd34,753 years 
VSK12713th14,285 years 
VSK12810th27,385 years 
VSK12913th1:13,485 years 
VSK13014th23,335 years 
VSK13113th15,335 years 
VSK13213th50,085 years 
VSK13310th21,625 years 
VSK13416th21,475 years 
VSK13514th32,965 years 
VSK13610th28,695 years 
VSK13711th1:04,995 years 
VSK1389th23,795 years 
VSK13912th20,515 years 
VSK14014th21,135 years 
VSK14110th26,375 years 
VSK14215th33,145 years 
VSK14315th1:04,745 years 
Gsla011st37,491 year 
Gsla021st37,729 months 
Gsla031st45,199 months 
Gsla041st37,949 months 
Gsla051st48,949 months 
Gsla061st32,789 months 
Gsla071st26,939 months 
Gsla0816th42,025 years 
Gsla091st25,979 months 
Gsla101st35,639 months 
Gsla111st53,589 months 
Gsla121st30,139 months 
Gsla131st44,519 months 
Gsla141st30,182 years 
Gsla151st32,149 months 
Gsla161st28,309 months 
Gsla171st46,588 months 
Gsla181st41,779 months 
Gsla191st50,058 months 
Gsla201st52,669 months 
Gsla211st29,799 months 
Gsla221st34,829 months 
Gsla238th37,095 years 
Gsla241st24,081 month 
Gsla251st37,478 months 
Gsla261st33,111 year 
Gsla271st35,369 months 
Gsla281st28,298 months 
Gsla291st32,329 months 
Gsla301st31,972 years 
Gsla311st40,558 months 
Gsla321st42,729 months 
GslaFin9th57,535 years 
GslaPab5th42,204 years 
GslaSch1st38,748 months 
GslaSmi1st37,908 months 
Gslaumi11th41,745 years 
GslaVJ1st39,168 months 
Gslazyw1st32,848 months 
Alma and Zero Hoyla Pack 
AZHP01112th6,704 years 
AZHP0121st11,645 months 
AZHP0131st7,134 years 
AZHP0141st6,195 months 
AZHP01516th8,144 years 
AZHP01715th10,024 years 
AZHP01814th6,594 years 
AZHP0199th15,604 years 
AZHP0205th11,654 years 
AZHP0277th10,474 years 
AZHP0283rd10,164 years 
AZHP03114th3,814 years 
AZHP03214th7,544 years 
AZHP0357th8,084 years 
AZHP0364th5,772 years 
AZHP0384th11,114 years 
AZHP0486th7,444 years 
AZHP0494th9,084 years 
AZHP05011th6,134 years 
AZHP0515th9,294 years 
AZHP0528th9,964 years 
AZHP05316th6,294 years 
AZHP0541st8,895 months 
AZHP05712th10,654 years 
AZHP05814th6,564 years 
AZHP0593rd5,783 years 
AZHP0726th8,004 years 
AZHP08010th6,814 years 
AZHP09110th6,864 years 
AZHP0924th7,664 years 
AZHP0931st9,202 years 
AZHP09510th7,824 years 
AZHP09710th16,754 years 
AZHP0986th14,653 years 
AZHP09916th17,334 years 
AZHP1003rd19,354 years 
random igge pipes 
RIP011st43,712 weeks 
RIP021st40,802 weeks 
RIP031st45,392 weeks 
RIP041st41,592 weeks 
RIP051st30,752 weeks 
RIP061st1:04,682 weeks 
RIP071st1:05,602 weeks 
RIP081st1:25,092 weeks 
RIP091st35,892 weeks 
RIP101st2:02,032 weeks 
RIP111st1:07,712 weeks 
RIP121st1:02,972 weeks 
RIP131st39,762 weeks 
RIP141st1:41,042 weeks 
RIP151st1:02,464 days 
RIP161st43,304 days 
RIP171st1:15,825 days 
RIP181st1:14,852 weeks 
RIP191st24,211 day 
RIP201st1:20,475 days 
RIP211st36,122 weeks 
RIP221st1:40,442 weeks 
RIP231st1:05,785 days 
RIP241st37,062 weeks 
RIP251st1:06,515 days 
BlaZtek Adventure Levels 
BZAL0013rd10,322 years 
BZAL0027th32,883 years 
BZAL0039th36,493 years 
BZAL0043rd24,533 years 
BZAL0056th45,523 years 
BZAL0067th34,893 years 
BZAL0074th58,093 years 
BZAL0085th39,923 years 
BZAL0094th47,403 years 
BZAL0111st23,482 years 
BZAL0191st18,6310 months 
BZAL0231st13,362 years 
BZAL0271st32,252 years 
BZAL0292nd17,302 years 
BZAL0361st22,211 week 
BZAL0371st33,951 week 
BZAL0422nd14,293 years 
The Kopa Trilogy Ep II 
TKTII151st1:30,233 years 
TKTII011st39,453 years 
TKTII021st59,743 years 
TKTII031st1:17,273 years 
TKTII041st50,133 years 
TKTII051st38,463 years 
TKTII061st37,583 years 
TKTII071st1:40,283 years 
TKTII081st1:16,283 years 
TKTII091st37,953 years 
TKTII101st1:46,333 years 
TKTII111st15,703 years 
TKTII121st58,013 years 
TKTII131st37,382 years 
TKTII141st37,173 years 
kachi061st25,689 months 
Haru Pack 
Har0011st35,411 year 
Har0021st20,202 years 
Har0031st22,671 year 
Har0041st25,691 year 
Har0051st13,601 year 
Har0061st35,721 year 
Har0071st27,501 year 
Har0081st42,361 year 
Har0091st46,372 months 
Har0111st28,962 months 
Har0121st47,062 months 
Har0131st23,542 months 
Har0141st51,482 months 
Har0161st30,562 months 
Har0171st41,381 year 
Har0181st33,342 months 
Har0191st40,382 months 
Har0201st18,342 months 
Har0211st34,892 months 
Har0221st24,922 months 
Har0231st34,502 months 
Har0241st35,942 months 
Pab's Official Level Pack 
Pablo012nd12,032 months 
Pablo021st30,382 months 
Pablo031st29,212 months 
Pablo042nd27,162 months 
Pablo051st46,512 months 
Pablo071st30,472 months 
Pablo081st26,732 months 
Pablo091st36,432 months 
Pablo101st9,192 months 
Pablo111st1:01,072 months 
Pablo121st33,962 months 
Pablo131st49,202 months 
Pablo141st1:13,022 months 
Handpicked EOL battles by Jeppe 
Jeppe891st25,262 years 
Jeppe011st10,862 years 
Jeppe163rd56,142 years 
GAB042nd1:13,682 years 
GAB072nd49,202 years 
Höylä Mission 
World Cup Levels 
WCup3021st26,7211 months 
Found Internals 
Found544th1:10,981 year 
Found531st26,411 year 
Found521st19,074 months 
Found514th48,041 year 
Found508th1:15,421 year 
Found491st38,261 year 
Found481st51,6510 months 
Found474th43,161 year 
Found444th26,611 year 
Found427th51,831 year 
Found414th53,451 year 
Found406th1:06,741 year 
Found395th47,231 year 
Found385th29,401 year 
Found373rd1:03,921 year 
Found363rd1:12,081 year 
Found353rd2:46,741 year 
Found345th35,571 year 
Found324th43,171 year 
Found314th44,471 year 
Found291st48,151 year 
Found283rd59,321 year 
Found272nd42,201 year 
Found265th23,101 year 
Found251st26,891 month 
Found246th42,991 year 
Found236th40,501 year 
Found227th30,091 year 
Found211st21,491 year 
Found201st59,631 year 
Found197th43,641 year 
Found186th57,941 year 
Found176th1:09,761 year 
Found162nd1:07,751 year 
Found155th46,401 year 
Found148th27,901 year 
Found133rd25,091 year 
Found121st20,961 year 
Found111st19,3010 months 
Found101st29,221 month 
Found094th1:08,051 year 
Found072nd31,101 year 
Found065th51,821 year 
Found0511th21,401 year 
Found046th31,791 year 
Found034th23,931 year 
Found029th12,301 year 
Found016th11,681 year 
Total Times
Latest times
24,21 on RIP19 1 day ago
24,23 on RIP19 2 days ago
1:02,46 on RIP15 4 days ago
43,30 on RIP16 4 days ago
1:06,51 on RIP25 5 days ago
Last active
2014-12-21 at 06:01:48 on /records/level/RIP18

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