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Kopaka >> Chat

yes older replays doesn't exist in the db

Oddman >> Chat

..or is there a 3 year age limit?

Oddman >> Chat

Hm, can't share most of the replays for some reason. Could you do it for me Kopaka?

BlaZtek >> Chat

oke now did hoyl one lev

Zero >> Chat

hoyl people hoyl. many coal levs here o,o

b0ne >> Chat


Zero >> Chat

hey bene)

BlaZtek >> Chat

EOL database*

BlaZtek >> Chat

How about we delete whole lev database and start all over again -_-

BlaZtek >> Chat

RIP01BZ.rec is driven on wrong version of the level (RIP01.lev).


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Handpicked EOL battles by Jeppe by Jeppe


The best of Jeppe's battle levels known from EOL as EOLJXXXX.lev.

Jeppe01Zero [dat]10,86
Jeppe02FinMan [dat]15,70
Jeppe03FinMan [dat]12,59
Jeppe04FinMan [dat]34,99
Jeppe05FinMan [dat]27,37
Jeppe06FinMan [dat]26,88
Jeppe07Jarkko [NK]28,64
Jeppe08FinMan [dat]18,15
Jeppe09FinMan [dat]19,04
Jeppe10FinMan [dat]27,71
Jeppe11FinMan [dat]19,02
Jeppe12adi [MiE]15,45
Jeppe13Jarkko [NK]43,55
Jeppe14FinMan [dat]16,38
Jeppe15adi [MiE]34,41
Jeppe17FinMan [dat]31,71
Jeppe18FinMan [dat]54,92
Jeppe19FinMan [dat]31,70
Jeppe20FinMan [dat]35,08
Jeppe22FinMan [dat]45,54
Jeppe23FinMan [dat]58,01
Jeppe24Zweq [WNO]20,62
Jeppe25FinMan [dat]34,83
Jeppe26Jarkko [NK]15,46
Jeppe27FinMan [dat]17,33
Jeppe28BlaZtek [CMR]15,37
Jeppe29adi [MiE]44,92
Jeppe30FinMan [dat]38,25
Jeppe31FinMan [dat]44,14
Jeppe32FinMan [dat]49,32
Jeppe33FinMan [dat]17,90
Jeppe34FinMan [dat]43,66
Jeppe35FinMan [dat]36,91
Jeppe36FinMan [dat]39,03
Jeppe37FinMan [dat]1:06,33
Jeppe38FinMan [dat]55,72
Jeppe39FinMan [dat]30,80
Jeppe40FinMan [dat]26,66
Jeppe41FinMan [dat]48,56
Jeppe43adi [MiE]21,39
Jeppe44FinMan [dat]27,57
Jeppe45FinMan [dat]28,05
Jeppe46FinMan [dat]59,76
Jeppe48adi [MiE]27,32
Jeppe49FinMan [dat]45,96
Jeppe50FinMan [dat]24,17
Jeppe52FinMan [dat]24,04
Jeppe53FinMan [dat]16,94
Jeppe54adi [MiE]33,98
Jeppe56FinMan [dat]44,45
Jeppe57FinMan [dat]25,16
Jeppe58FinMan [dat]27,42
Jeppe59FinMan [dat]26,54
Jeppe60FinMan [dat]47,03
Jeppe61FinMan [dat]13,12
Jeppe62FinMan [dat]44,24
Jeppe64FinMan [dat]25,85
Jeppe65FinMan [dat]58,46
Jeppe66FinMan [dat]18,03
Jeppe67adi [MiE]1:58,11
Jeppe68FinMan [dat]25,44
Jeppe69FinMan [dat]34,28
Jeppe70FinMan [dat]1:05,98
Jeppe71FinMan [dat]2:15,60
Jeppe72FinMan [dat]53,00
Jeppe73FinMan [dat]19,67
Jeppe74FinMan [dat]32,92
Jeppe75adi [MiE]1:18,25
Jeppe76FinMan [dat]40,18
Jeppe77FinMan [dat]35,26
Jeppe78FinMan [dat]29,85
Jeppe79adi [MiE]57,52
Jeppe80adi [MiE]54,86
Jeppe81FinMan [dat]37,27
Jeppe82FinMan [dat]52,47
Jeppe83FinMan [dat]42,78
Jeppe84FinMan [dat]24,84
Jeppe85FinMan [dat]55,55
Jeppe86FinMan [dat]30,07
Jeppe87adi [MiE]44,67
Jeppe88FinMan [dat]36,35
Jeppe89Zero [dat]25,26
Most recent activity
3 months: 43,76 in Jeppe04 by Mats
3 months: 14,40 in Jeppe01 by Mats
4 months: 1:22,23 in Jeppe79 by Mats
4 months: 50,24 in Jeppe77 by Mats
4 months: 53,61 in Jeppe76 by Mats
4 months: 3:01,84 in Jeppe75 by Mats
4 months: 38,16 in Jeppe74 by Mats
4 months: 21,50 in Jeppe73 by Mats
4 months: 1:16,52 in Jeppe72 by Mats
4 months: 2:53,36 in Jeppe71 by Mats
4 months: 1:49,80 in Jeppe70 by Mats
4 months: 44,25 in Jeppe69 by Mats
4 months: 41,97 in Jeppe68 by Mats
4 months: 2:52,44 in Jeppe67 by Mats
4 months: 26,40 in Jeppe66 by Mats

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