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Blaz sosnul

roope >> Chat

Blaz hasn't seen my recs though : :>

kuchitsu >> Chat

oh i guess it happens if i refresh the page after uploading :)

kuchitsu >> Chat

for some reason when i upload a rec, it appears in the newest times twice. dunno why but sorry for spam...

Blaz >> Chat

roope sending rec's of quantity instead of quality, just to climb the kinglist. o,o

SIC >> Chat

mats: agree. :D

SIC >> Chat

Blaztek: Bcz have money problem in life and in life doing not good.

Mats >> Chat

Elma is one of the best thing in life :D

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KOPAKA: Why cant my times be vertified anymore? Because of nick change?


 » Pack » DCup03

Dragstrup Cup 2003 by Kopaka [LaMe]


The second normal levelpack from Kopaka, the levels are made over a long period (Spring 2002 - Fall 2003) and from the earlier days of Kopaka's career, which can also be seen in the quality. The levels are not in chronological order though.

Most recent activity
34 minutes: 1:05,80 in DCup0302 by Zero
34 minutes: 34,94 in DCup0301 by Zero
3 months: 58,17 in DCup0307 by roope
3 months: 1:01,74 in DCup0309 by roope
3 months: 1:13,33 in DCup0308 by roope
3 months: 1:00,78 in DCup0307 by roope
3 months: 58,99 in DCup0307 by roope
3 months: 1:37,25 in DCup0310 by roope
3 months: 26,08 in DCup0311 by roope
3 months: 56,85 in DCup0312 by roope
3 months: 42,59 in DCup0313 by roope
3 months: 44,35 in DCup0313 by roope
3 months: 39,86 in DCup0314 by roope
3 months: 1:26,66 in DCup0315 by roope
3 months: 1:10,81 in DCup0316 by roope

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