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ycsys >> Chat

Hi! I'am from Ukraine, elma is my favorite game. I upload my maps to Dowload.

BlaZtek >> VSK002

Very well done Nick :O

Kopaka >> Chat

the recent times on frontpage was removed temporarily for performance reasons, there's new still new times being driven here from time to time :)

Zero >> Chat

oddman, check mopolauta and eol. pretty much going on actually

Oddman >> Chat

Hey! What happened? Did Elma die or what?

Orcc >> top10

Oke hev to do everything myself

Orcc >> top10

Ez 4h total time break up for grabs

Orcc >> pa76le07

Yesh I wandered the same, and I think dz picked teh levs and drove base times

Jeppe >> pa76le07

kinda hard to get le apple bug the way apples are placed tho o,o so dunno

Jeppe >> pa76le07

applebug when basetime set o,o guess abula didnt realise dat last apple is there.


 » Pack » DCup03

Dragstrup Cup 2003 by Kopaka [LaMe]


The second normal levelpack from Kopaka, the levels are made over a long period (Spring 2002 - Fall 2003) and from the earlier days of Kopaka's career, which can also be seen in the quality. The levels are not in chronological order though.

Most recent activity
11 months: 23,63 in DCup0311 by Mats
11 months: 18,99 in DCup0311 by Zero
11 months: 19,74 in DCup0311 by Zero
1 year: 1:30,06 in DCup0318 by FinMan
1 year: 51,60 in DCup0317 by FinMan
1 year: 1:17,06 in DCup0315 by FinMan
1 year: 58,96 in DCup0316 by FinMan
1 year: 38,27 in DCup0314 by FinMan
1 year: 36,04 in DCup0313 by FinMan
1 year: 45,67 in DCup0312 by FinMan
1 year: 18,99 in DCup0311 by FinMan
1 year: 50,40 in DCup0309 by FinMan
1 year: 1:23,23 in DCup0310 by FinMan
1 year: 59,15 in DCup0308 by FinMan
1 year: 57,52 in DCup0307 by FinMan

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