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We are still waiting for Jarkko's 9:xx

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How the f*, Zero! Amazing time!

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Hi 2019. :)

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Happy new 2019

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Hello Kopasite. The legends of the internet <3

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quote: (Zero) wtf!? under 6sec... omg!

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 » Pack » TKT

The Kopa Trilogy by Kopaka [LaMe]


The new level pack by Kopaka. The levels will be released in three episodes of 15 levels. First 15 levels was made over an almost 3 year period, this won't be the case for the other two episodes, but no release dates will be set, atleast not untill when they are close.

TKT01Zero [dat]28,46
TKT02Zero [dat]42,11
TKT03Zero [dat]49,38
TKT04Zero [dat]31,45
TKT05Zero [dat]50,86
TKT06Zero [dat]50,53
TKT07Zero [dat]31,81
TKT08Zero [dat]48,46
TKT09Zero [dat]39,98
TKT10Zero [dat]28,35
TKT11Zero [dat]1:18,78
TKT12Zero [dat]29,39
TKT13Zero [dat]24,81
TKT14Zero [dat]54,29
TKT15Zero [dat]1:09,45
Most recent activity
3 years: 1:55,69 in TKT15 by Mats
3 years: 1:18,69 in TKT14 by Mats
3 years: 53,52 in TKT09 by Mats
3 years: 1:04,67 in TKT06 by Mats
3 years: 1:09,45 in TKT15 by Zero
4 years: 40,36 in TKT09 by adi
4 years: 32,41 in TKT04 by adi
4 years: 50,96 in TKT03 by adi
4 years: 49,64 in TKT08 by adi
4 years: 50,80 in TKT02 by roope
4 years: 32,97 in TKT01 by roope
4 years: 58,25 in TKT08 by roope
4 years: 43,73 in TKT09 by roope
4 years: 1:23,96 in TKT11 by roope
4 years: 1:26,12 in TKT15 by roope

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