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Zero >> Chat

hey bene)

BlaZtek >> Chat

EOL database*

BlaZtek >> Chat

How about we delete whole lev database and start all over again -_-

BlaZtek >> Chat

RIP01BZ.rec is driven on wrong version of the level (RIP01.lev).

Danielj >> D0203L24

this lev crashes elma with high zoom

Danielj >> D0305L05

wcup606 prototype =)

Danielj >> Chat get hoyling! =)

BlaZtek >> Chat

Hi you :) Go to and get the online verson :)

ycsys >> Chat

Hi! I'am from Ukraine, elma is my favorite game. I upload my maps to Dowload.

BlaZtek >> VSK002

Very well done Nick :O


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Best Times
1.18,84Jarkko [NK]
2.19,19Staar [TEM]
3.19,26Xiphias [NK]
5.19,95Karesz [LOS]
6.19,96Lousku [BAP]
7.20,29MatchBox [(Black)]
8.20,29Souza [CART]
9.20,30skint0r [IV]
10.20,31Raven [EPO]
11.20,57veezay [rotaplask]
12.20,61Attlee [A&M]
13.20,63Mats [TR]
14.21,02adi [MiE]
16.21,20umiz [SAT]
17.21,90SpecB [UT]
18.22,08Mongoose [A&M]
19.22,46FinMan [dat]
20.22,78Alma [LaMe]
21.23,13Flat [FS]
22.23,39Danielj [TAH]
23.23,40BID [AG]
24.24,44Binder [KFC]
25.25,20BlaZtek [CMR]
26.26,11Disk1 [KFC]
27.27,96Thunder [LET]
28.30,50Api [OLD]
Record History
2011-12-1318,84Jarkko [NK]
2006-12-1718,94Jarkko [NK]
2006-12-1519,19Staar [TEM]
2006-12-1419,26Xiphias [NK]
2006-12-1219,95Karesz [LOS]
?21,47skint0r [IV]
?22,23Attlee [A&M]
?22,45SpecB [UT]

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