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Zero >> Chat

oddman, check mopolauta and eol. pretty much going on actually

Oddman >> Chat

Hey! What happened? Did Elma die or what?

Orcc >> top10

Oke hev to do everything myself

Orcc >> top10

Ez 4h total time break up for grabs

Orcc >> pa76le07

Yesh I wandered the same, and I think dz picked teh levs and drove base times

Jeppe >> pa76le07

kinda hard to get le apple bug the way apples are placed tho o,o so dunno

Jeppe >> pa76le07

applebug when basetime set o,o guess abula didnt realise dat last apple is there.

Orcc >> pa76le07

Srsly some bug or typo or sach

Orcc >> pa76le07


Orcc >> top10

Roughly 40 original records unbeaten, go!


 » Player » BlaZtek

BlaZtek [CMR] Norway

1337 Contest
1337L00812th8,632 years
1337L0116th13,752 years
1337L0139th10,962 years
1337L01523rd10,612 years
1337L0164th26,702 years
1337L01714th20,852 years
1337L01815th14,262 years
1337L01927th28,722 years
1337L02010th27,752 years
Shareware Levels
hnvhgm33rd15,251 year
The Kopa Trilogy
TKT0511th56,832 years
umiz level pack
umizzz108th37,752 years
umizzz1112th20,972 years
umizzz156th34,042 years
umizzz2019th32,422 years
umizzz279th30,082 years
Internally Tilted
INTilt0124th14,032 years
INTilt0218th11,772 years
INTilt0325th25,202 years
INTilt0427th36,112 years
INTilt0521st18,902 years
INTilt3013th37,662 years
Hoyl275th8,832 years
Raven Höylä Pack
RHP0312th15,992 years
RHP098th10,242 years
RHP1411th11,203 years
RHP165th19,573 years
RHP175th5,813 years
RHP186th6,305 months
RHP1910th6,705 months
RHP308th5,392 years
RHP338th5,213 years
RHP377th5,313 years
RHP3911th7,922 years
FinMan Höylä levels
FMH0129th8,382 years
FMH0214th4,742 years
FMH0323rd10,593 years
FMH0414th7,942 years
FMH0512th17,173 years
FMH0618th9,872 years
FMH0716th12,133 years
FMH083rd8,742 years
FMH0918th6,783 years
FMH1010th8,133 years
FMH1112th11,213 years
FMH125th9,503 years
FMH1316th11,982 years
FMH1423rd10,343 years
FMH1523rd9,572 years
FMH1619th8,902 years
FMH1715th7,773 years
FMH1816th11,673 years
FMH1923rd8,413 years
FMH208th8,803 years
FMH218th9,013 years
FMH2220th10,143 years
FMH2316th7,273 years
FMH2422nd14,713 years
FMH2520th7,263 years
FMH269th15,133 years
FMH2727th10,633 years
FMH2823rd11,823 years
FMH2913th11,683 years
FMH3016th7,362 years
Only Bounces Level Pack
OBLP0110th12,333 years
OBLP0218th11,702 years
OBLP032nd22,752 years
OBLP0413th11,512 years
OBLP0512th20,182 years
OBLP0610th22,392 years
OBLP0717th14,782 years
OBLP0816th9,582 years
OBLP095th18,342 years
OBLP1022nd13,792 years
OBLP115th16,152 years
OBLP128th16,892 years
OBLP138th14,492 years
OBLP1413th9,642 years
OBLP1512th13,613 years
Easy Pipes Level Pack
EPLP0819th13,112 years
EPLP1214th20,012 years
EPLP1517th12,512 years
NP0111th25,573 years
NP029th19,233 years
NP0317th22,123 years
NP044th17,421 year
NP059th19,901 year
NP069th31,031 year
NP0714th22,971 month
NP0811th23,053 years
NP091st22,091 year
NP1011th23,117 months
NP111st25,063 years
NP121st24,901 year
NP1312th23,363 years
NP1415th26,153 years
NP158th20,436 months
FinMan Pipes
FMPi00114th29,521 year
FMPi0067th16,781 year
Great Sticks
GS011st26,091 month
Qsla000114th22,012 years
Qsla000210th33,562 years
Qsla000310th20,543 years
Qsla000420th21,553 years
Qsla000511th18,262 years
Qsla000611th55,772 years
Qsla000711th33,143 years
Qsla00089th44,743 years
Qsla000915th37,783 years
Qsla001014th42,433 years
Qsla001114th24,733 years
Qsla001214th36,523 years
Qsla001315th43,173 years
Qsla00149th25,883 years
Qsla001518th38,853 years
Qsla00168th19,423 years
Qsla001712th26,553 years
Qsla001813th21,183 years
Qsla001918th38,853 years
Qsla002016th25,303 years
Bliz Höyl
Bhoyl0113th20,542 years
Bhoyl0213th21,482 years
Bhoyl0320th19,152 years
Bhoyl0419th23,022 years
Bhoyl0517th15,812 years
Bhoyl0619th15,252 years
Bhoyl077th10,872 years
Bhoyl0816th19,422 years
Bhoyl0912th21,512 years
Bhoyl1014th15,382 years
Bhoyl1113th28,972 years
Bhoyl128th18,572 years
Bhoyl1312th20,172 years
Bhoyl147th19,262 years
Bhoyl1512th20,092 years
Bhoyl1615th15,652 years
Bhoyl1718th12,592 years
Bhoyl1910th16,572 years
Bhoyl2018th21,502 years
Bhoyl2110th16,232 years
Bhoyl2210th15,852 years
Bhoyl2313th16,412 years
Bhoyl2518th15,852 years
Bhoyl2617th12,332 years
Bhoyl2719th12,362 years
Bhoyl2817th18,832 years
Bhoyl2918th9,842 years
Bhoyl3025th6,672 years
semen00111th56,672 years
semen00213th24,142 years
semen00312th26,681 year
semen00410th28,272 years
semen00520th25,732 years
semen0068th24,871 year
semen00810th40,592 years
semen0098th34,301 year
semen0107th33,471 year
semen01115th27,451 year
semen0126th43,901 year
semen01314th29,472 years
semen01413th19,142 years
semen01610th50,721 year
semen0179th37,321 year
semen0189th25,982 years
semen01911th31,062 years
semen02011th41,202 years
semen02112th38,551 year
semen0238th34,972 years
semen02410th47,561 year
semen02616th29,482 years
semen0288th24,802 years
semen02919th48,171 year
semen0309th33,762 years
VSK00115th7,642 years
VSK0026th17,973 years
VSK0036th14,652 years
VSK0045th17,902 years
VSK00513th17,262 years
VSK0068th40,492 years
VSK00710th23,093 years
VSK00812th45,241 year
VSK00913th33,073 years
VSK0105th26,042 years
VSK01114th1:52,723 years
VSK0129th32,773 years
VSK01311th26,893 years
VSK01411th23,343 years
VSK01513th16,773 years
VSK01610th15,122 years
VSK0176th21,392 years
VSK01816th11,463 years
VSK0198th1:50,131 year
VSK02013th44,743 years
VSK02113th21,493 years
VSK0229th1:41,822 years
VSK0236th27,812 years
VSK02413th18,193 years
VSK02510th28,841 year
VSK0268th22,903 years
VSK0277th29,672 years
VSK0284th5,882 years
VSK02910th43,442 years
VSK0306th13,633 years
VSK03115th11,953 years
VSK0328th17,493 years
VSK03314th12,763 years
VSK03411th25,283 years
VSK03512th10,453 years
VSK03613th15,103 years
VSK03715th39,093 years
VSK03814th8,953 years
VSK0398th14,542 years
VSK04011th11,003 years
VSK04112th36,883 years
VSK04211th34,712 years
VSK04310th32,042 years
VSK04413th57,303 years
VSK04511th19,553 years
VSK04611th19,842 years
VSK04712th46,173 years
VSK04812th1:17,633 years
VSK04912th1:50,552 years
VSK05016th33,693 years
VSK05116th10,862 years
VSK05210th16,062 years
VSK0538th26,682 years
VSK0548th23,912 years
VSK0554th18,012 years
VSK0568th1:02,532 years
VSK05711th24,962 years
VSK0587th16,613 years
VSK05911th1:45,912 years
VSK06012th48,302 years
VSK0619th23,802 years
VSK06210th56,902 years
VSK06310th1:06,782 years
VSK0648th31,202 years
VSK0653rd13,773 years
VSK0666th17,182 years
VSK06710th39,893 years
VSK0689th31,333 years
VSK0697th16,653 years
VSK0707th15,342 years
VSK0717th31,623 years
VSK07210th18,893 years
VSK0739th9,112 years
VSK07414th56,562 years
VSK0758th8,042 years
VSK07612th18,072 years
VSK07710th14,972 years
VSK0788th23,143 years
VSK07912th36,632 years
VSK08013th17,042 years
VSK0819th33,702 years
VSK08214th16,462 years
VSK0839th1:16,032 years
VSK0843rd12,252 years
VSK0859th11,532 years
VSK08614th21,052 years
VSK08710th52,402 years
VSK08811th33,823 years
VSK0899th34,842 years
VSK09010th25,713 years
VSK0919th31,752 years
VSK09215th19,502 years
VSK0935th7,942 years
VSK09410th23,912 years
VSK09512th28,252 years
VSK09611th28,152 years
VSK09710th20,562 years
VSK09812th39,603 years
VSK0999th45,662 years
VSK10012th51,562 years
VSK1013rd17,253 years
VSK10211th13,582 years
VSK1035th14,472 years
VSK1048th25,452 years
VSK1057th19,632 years
VSK10613th24,242 years
VSK1073rd11,853 years
VSK1082nd21,782 years
VSK10912th20,262 years
VSK11014th34,992 years
VSK11113th37,212 years
VSK11211th35,263 years
VSK1139th14,572 years
VSK1149th32,192 years
VSK1155th31,753 years
VSK11611th30,283 years
VSK11710th1:20,432 years
VSK11814th42,352 years
VSK1196th8,153 years
VSK12012th15,502 years
VSK1215th11,352 years
VSK12210th15,712 years
VSK1237th9,763 years
VSK12410th7,882 years
VSK12510th18,483 years
VSK12610th44,263 years
VSK1278th14,042 years
VSK1287th25,462 years
VSK12911th1:08,412 years
VSK13011th21,632 years
VSK13110th15,152 years
VSK1329th45,282 years
VSK1339th21,322 years
VSK1348th18,512 years
VSK1357th28,572 years
VSK13611th28,712 years
VSK1378th58,792 years
VSK1388th22,162 years
VSK1397th18,932 years
VSK1403rd12,862 years
VSK1418th25,572 years
VSK1425th28,602 years
VSK14312th57,992 years
Gsla017th41,832 years
Gsla025th39,642 years
Gsla036th46,122 years
Gsla043rd40,512 years
Gsla055th49,9310 months
Gsla066th35,4211 months
Gsla075th30,054 weeks
Gsla086th36,201 year
Gsla094th26,791 year
Gsla104th37,321 year
Gsla115th56,082 years
Gsla124th31,324 weeks
Gsla133rd45,9511 months
Gsla144th33,614 weeks
Gsla155th38,103 weeks
Gsla164th28,681 year
Gsla172nd46,614 weeks
Gsla184th42,902 years
Gsla194th51,991 year
Gsla206th54,904 weeks
Gsla213rd30,441 year
Gsla223rd35,844 weeks
Gsla235th30,682 years
Gsla244th27,771 year
Gsla254th38,744 weeks
Gsla264th34,522 years
Gsla277th37,372 years
Gsla285th29,902 years
Gsla294th34,692 years
Gsla305th33,782 years
Gsla317th43,562 years
Gsla323rd45,304 weeks
GslaFin8th55,922 years
GslaPab8th45,922 years
GslaSch5th48,532 years
GslaSmi5th41,152 years
Gslaumi1st35,501 month
GslaVJ4th42,374 weeks
Gslazyw3rd33,622 years
Alma and Zero Hoyla Pack
AZHP0017th3,402 years
AZHP0028th9,793 years
AZHP00315th5,672 years
AZHP00410th11,942 years
AZHP00512th10,102 years
AZHP0067th11,542 years
AZHP0074th7,552 years
AZHP00816th8,743 years
AZHP0094th9,722 years
AZHP0106th8,452 years
AZHP0113rd6,302 years
AZHP0126th13,192 years
AZHP01312th8,893 years
AZHP0145th6,362 years
AZHP0153rd7,572 years
AZHP0166th9,623 years
AZHP01711th9,823 years
AZHP0182nd5,822 years
AZHP0195th15,432 years
AZHP0204th11,492 years
AZHP0218th3,243 years
AZHP02212th7,193 years
AZHP0234th5,623 years
AZHP0249th3,692 years
AZHP02513th5,943 years
AZHP0264th12,093 years
AZHP0272nd9,932 years
AZHP0288th10,552 years
AZHP0295th10,692 years
AZHP03010th8,203 years
AZHP03112th3,802 years
AZHP0328th7,082 years
AZHP0337th3,762 years
AZHP0348th6,282 years
AZHP0353rd7,902 years
AZHP03612th6,093 years
AZHP0375th10,072 years
AZHP0387th12,722 years
AZHP03915th4,562 years
AZHP0404th5,412 years
AZHP04113th12,262 years
AZHP04212th12,892 years
AZHP0439th3,512 years
AZHP04414th12,352 years
AZHP0457th5,643 years
AZHP04610th4,973 years
AZHP0475th6,782 years
AZHP0489th8,152 years
AZHP0499th9,263 years
AZHP05015th6,192 years
AZHP05111th9,473 years
AZHP0525th9,912 years
AZHP0539th6,083 years
AZHP05411th9,663 years
AZHP0558th7,593 years
AZHP05610th3,612 years
AZHP0576th10,552 years
AZHP05810th6,433 years
AZHP0595th5,863 years
AZHP0604th2,613 years
AZHP0618th7,942 years
AZHP06215th5,553 years
AZHP0635th7,792 years
AZHP0646th5,542 years
AZHP06510th5,243 years
AZHP06612th12,173 years
AZHP06711th11,782 years
AZHP0688th14,872 years
AZHP0698th4,912 years
AZHP07010th2,992 years
AZHP0716th6,412 years
AZHP0728th8,143 years
AZHP0737th7,233 years
AZHP0746th8,433 years
AZHP0756th7,972 years
AZHP0767th7,543 years
AZHP0778th6,593 years
AZHP0786th9,212 years
AZHP0796th7,872 years
AZHP0809th6,782 years
AZHP0817th11,932 years
AZHP0825th9,892 years
AZHP08312th2,163 years
AZHP08411th5,393 years
AZHP0857th9,182 years
AZHP0869th2,353 years
AZHP08715th1,943 years
AZHP0882nd10,113 years
AZHP0896th6,582 years
AZHP09010th4,652 years
AZHP0915th6,472 years
AZHP09210th8,013 years
AZHP0938th9,712 years
AZHP0947th6,842 years
AZHP0955th7,712 years
AZHP0961st5,492 years
AZHP0979th16,433 years
AZHP0987th14,732 years
AZHP09910th15,132 years
AZHP1008th21,152 years
random igge pipes
RIP018th13 apples2 years
RIP196th33,901 year
The Kopa Trilogy Ep II
TKTII012nd43,372 years
TKTII023rd1:14,822 years
TKTII033rd1:47,932 years
TKTII053rd47,752 years
TKTII062nd41,782 years
TKTII073rd2:11,072 years
TKTII083rd1:51,802 years
TKTII092nd41,162 years
TKTII114th17,562 years
TKTII122nd1:05,322 years
TKTII132nd42,672 years
TKTII142nd41,102 years
kachi333rd1:03,132 years
kachi016th23,092 years
kachi033rd43,322 years
kachi043rd37,712 years
kachi064th31,562 years
kachi073rd24,462 years
kachi083rd30,162 years
kachi133rd28,112 years
kachi164th37,512 years
kachi172nd47,472 years
kachi193rd23,882 years
kachi233rd39,712 years
kachi253rd36,432 years
kachi282nd23,052 years
kachi324th33,782 years
Haru Pack
Har0013rd36,622 years
Har0024th23,762 years
Har0033rd23,792 years
Har0043rd26,942 years
Har0054th14,412 years
Har0063rd38,512 years
Har0073rd28,462 years
Har0083rd44,512 years
Har0092nd52,752 years
Har0102nd23,442 years
Har0112nd29,982 years
Har0123rd51,742 years
Har0133rd25,342 years
Har0142nd59,032 years
Har0154th25,702 years
Har0162nd33,472 years
Har0173rd48,482 years
Har0183rd38,272 years
Har0193rd44,552 years
Har0203rd22,782 years
Har0212nd37,072 years
Har0223rd26,922 years
Har0232nd39,972 years
Har0253rd28,551 year
Pab's Official Level Pack
Pablo015th13,042 years
Pablo027th32,432 years
Pablo038th30,612 years
Pablo042nd27,252 years
Pablo059th54,662 years
Pablo066th52,422 years
Pablo079th45,462 years
Pablo0810th55,052 years
Pablo093rd41,732 years
Pablo126th38,422 years
Pablo133rd53,342 years
Pablo144th1:28,632 years
Handpicked EOL battles by Jeppe
Jeppe895th26,701 year
Jeppe275th18,201 year
Jeppe281st15,371 year
Jeppe327th53,361 year
Jeppe375th1:07,471 year
Jeppe515th34,231 year
Jeppe613rd13,141 year
Jeppe625th47,951 year
Jeppe747th35,721 year
Jeppe864th30,871 year
Höylä Mission
MCHM0014th9,999 months
MCHM0033rd17,519 months
MCHM0063rd18,659 months
MCHM0073rd17,639 months
MCHM0082nd59,499 months
MCHM0094th18,049 months
MCHM0102nd10,879 months
MCHM0114th5,489 months
MCHM0124th8,639 months
MCHM0153rd4,609 months
MCHM0164th14,459 months
MCHM0173rd8,958 months
MCHM0182nd11,738 months
MCHM0194th10,909 months
MCHM0214th14,889 months
MCHM0222nd22,449 months
MCHM0233rd21,039 months
MCHM0245th15,979 months
MCHM0253rd11,939 months
MCHM0262nd14,949 months
MCHM0272nd16,949 months
MCHM0294th17,039 months
MCHM0336th15,759 months
MCHM0352nd19,479 months
MCHM0384th14,819 months
MCHM0403rd15,108 months
MCHM0413rd19,339 months
MCHM0422nd14,879 months
MC Levels
MCLE0022nd52,3611 months
MCLE0112nd32,3311 months
MCLE0122nd1:41,2111 months
MCLE0132nd56,2711 months
MCLE0142nd55,8011 months
MCLE0012nd2:38,3511 months
LGR Levels
MOPLGR041st36,148 months
MOPLGR061st32,138 months
MOPLGR071st24,718 months
MOPLGR092nd29,318 months
MOPLGR101st1:06,668 months
MOPLGR121st44,008 months
MOPLGR202nd22,298 months
MOPLGR221st16,408 months
MOPLGR232nd12,298 months
MOPLGR243rd17,538 months
MOPLGR271st41,908 months
MOPLGR281st23,538 months
MOPLGR301st27,038 months
MOPLGR321st24,168 months
MOPLGR331st52,628 months
MOPLGR351st50,608 months
MOPLGR361st30,318 months
MOPLGR392nd23,718 months
MOPLGR401st14,698 months
MOPLGR421st34,178 months
MOPLGR501st49,798 months
Official Levelpacks Top10
pa44le043rd16,741 year
Found Internals
Found2111th27,7611 months
Found187th58,0411 months
Found1413th29,0811 months
Found117th25,0011 months
Found0321st32,7411 months
Total Times
Latest times
38,10 on Gsla15 3 weeks ago
45,30 on Gsla32 4 weeks ago
45,94 on Gsla32 4 weeks ago
38,74 on Gsla25 4 weeks ago
39,12 on Gsla15 4 weeks ago
Last active
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