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Virus >> Chat

hey 2021

Blaztek >> pa75le02

So submit the time then by sending in rec. ^^, GG

Mira >> pa75le02

got 23:13 ^^

Blaztek >> Chat

World Cup 8 starts 30th august 2020, be there! EOL

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Hosp >> Chat

Hi from June 2020

Blaztek >> Chat

Hi January 2020. :)

Arzenik >> Chat


Orcc >> umizzz03

We are still waiting for Jarkko's 9:xx

Blaztek >> kachi06

How the f*, Zero! Amazing time!


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Secret Areas

DCup0312Danielj [TAH]2007-07-03 12:07:11Download
TKT02Flat [FS]2007-05-14 22:57:40Download
TKT05BoneLESS [HHIT]2007-03-04 03:27:43Download
TKT09BoneLESS [HHIT]2007-03-04 03:27:25Download
TKT11BoneLESS [HHIT]2007-03-04 03:27:36Download
vzh022Danielj [TAH]2007-05-28 16:50:15Download
vzh100Danielj [TAH]2007-05-28 16:20:48Download
umizzz33Flat [FS]2007-08-25 11:41:08Download
ID302L04Xiphias [NK]2007-02-26 19:57:30Download
ID304L02Xiphias [NK]2007-02-27 00:28:08Download
ID305L02Xiphias [NK]2007-02-27 22:16:38Download
ID307L02Xiphias [NK]2007-02-26 20:09:46Download
Tube02Flat [FS]2007-09-01 14:48:15Download
NP01Alma [LaMe]2011-12-13 15:23:49Download
NP02Alma [LaMe]2011-12-13 15:24:57Download
NP03Alma [LaMe]2011-12-13 15:24:48Download
NP05Alma [LaMe]2011-12-13 15:24:36Download
NP07Alma [LaMe]2011-12-13 15:24:15Download
NP08Alma [LaMe]2011-12-13 15:24:06Download
NP10Alma [LaMe]2011-12-13 15:23:30Download
NP12Alma [LaMe]2011-12-13 15:23:19Download
NP15Alma [LaMe]2011-12-13 15:22:56Download
Gsla02Blaztek [CMR]2011-11-30 05:48:27Download
Gsla03Blaztek [CMR]2011-11-30 05:49:03Download
Gsla10Blaztek [CMR]2011-11-30 05:49:18Download
Gsla21Blaztek [CMR]2011-11-30 05:49:30Download
Gsla24Blaztek [CMR]2011-11-30 05:49:42Download
Gsla27Blaztek [CMR]2011-11-30 05:54:20Download
Gsla28Blaztek [CMR]2011-11-30 06:32:22Download
Gsla29Blaztek [CMR]2011-11-30 06:32:34Download
Gsla30Blaztek [CMR]2011-11-30 06:32:51Download
Gsla31Blaztek [CMR]2011-11-30 06:33:03Download
GslaSmiBlaztek [CMR]2011-11-30 06:33:38Download
BZAL024Mats [TR]2011-08-20 14:56:43Download
kachi33Blaztek [CMR]2011-10-21 11:45:16Download
Pablo13Blaztek [CMR]2011-12-14 09:37:14Download

Most secret areas found first

Blaztek [CMR]13
Alma [LaMe]9
Xiphias [NK]4
Danielj [TAH]3
Flat [FS]3
Mats [TR]1

Most secret areas found

Blaztek [CMR]13
Alma [LaMe]9
Flat [FS]5
Xiphias [NK]4
Danielj [TAH]3
Mats [TR]1

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