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We are still waiting for Jarkko's 9:xx

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How the f*, Zero! Amazing time!

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Hi 2019. :)

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Happy new 2019

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Hello Kopasite. The legends of the internet <3

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quote: (Zero) wtf!? under 6sec... omg!

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 » GAB pack by BlaZtek

GAB pack by BlaZtek

Monday 15 October 2012

BlaZtek made a new level pack called GAB. It has 15 levels, some of them pretty challenging, who will be first to get a TT? Go here to play.

Blaztek [CMR] at 2012-11-19 07:39:31

Super Über Hyper Ultra Mega cool levs o,o Ahaha, go on compete guys! Im spying the record list Virus, Zero, GRob, FinMan, Oddman, Markku, Kazan, Jeppe, Björn, JackRabbit, Kabii, Kopaka, Alma, Smibu, Zweq, TorInge, DarMoed, Champion and all other moporacers, I want times, many times many players o,O :D

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