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We are still waiting for Jarkko's 9:xx

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How the f*, Zero! Amazing time!

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Hi 2019. :)

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Happy new 2019

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Hello Kopasite. The legends of the internet <3

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quote: (Zero) wtf!? under 6sec... omg!

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 » Bug fixes and password changer

Bug fixes and password changer

Wednesday 15 November 2006

The bugs that have been found so far should now have been fixed, this includes:
Totaltimes showing 3 digits
Improved time when uploading showing 3 digits
When uploading time from the same level more than one time the best time is shown in all lines in newest records.
Some dead links.

I had forgot to make a page where you can change your password, this has now been made. Click on Profile and then Change password.

Last but not least, congratiolations to skint0r for taking the lead on the kinglist!

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