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 » Kopasite 10th anniversary cup

Kopasite 10th anniversary cup

Sunday 4 March 2012

To celebrate Kopasite's 10 year anniversary I'm arranging a cup. The cup will consist of 10 one week events with levels from older and newer Kopasite designers. The cup will start on sunday March 11th, which means events will start and have deadline on sunday evenings. Cup page:

This cup will be the first to be held using a new EOL cup system. This means that all you have to do to participate is to drive it online in EOL and the site will find all times driven within the deadline. Times will be hidden from the level on all lists on EOL site aswell as in-game during the event. The winner will ofcourse have to upload his replay. You can do this during the event or up to 24 hours after the deadline, after which the win will be given to next best player. Everyone can upload their replays and this is recommended so we can see different styles etc.
There will be one skippable event, meaning worst result will be remove if you play all 10 events. Designers can participate in the cup including their own event.

Confirmed designers:

The page to upload replays and see results will be ready sometime during next week.

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