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Oddman >> Chat

Thanks for making and maintaining this site - had a blast back in the day. May rest in peace :)

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BZK Cup 05.06 - 03.07.2022 - Mopolauta

Virus >> Chat

hey 2022

Bludek >> Chat

:) hi

Blaztek >> Chat

Please come join us in EOL sometime soon, Oddman. )

Oddman >> Chat

Wow, it´s been so many years since playing Elma, good luck guys <3

Oddman >> Chat

Hey 2021 :)

Virus >> Chat

hey 2021

Blaztek >> pa75le02

So submit the time then by sending in rec. ^^, GG

Mira >> pa75le02

got 23:13 ^^


 » Slow pages and suggestion box

Slow pages and suggestion box

Saturday 10 April 2010

First of the site has for a long time now been very slow at some pages, I am fully aware of this. It is largely if not completely due to poor coding, and a bad database structure. This will require pretty much a complete rewrite to fix as I'll have to restructure the database ect. so it will take some time, but with EOL release nearing I will now have time for it. Before that I will try to see if I can do some temporary fixes for some of the very slow pages such as upload page and kuskipages (are there others let me know).

Also as I will have more time once EOL is released, I will like to hear from you guys if there are any new features you would like on the site, let me know in the comments.

Kopaka [LaMe] at 2010-04-24 07:05:12

Not much creativity here :P

Alma [LaMe] at 2010-04-28 13:22:29

somethings that might be intresting is:

1: Guestbook thingy for lvl packs, so you dont have to go to a lvl to say something about the whole pack. and maybe the same for kuskis :D

2: some stats maybe? time visited and some more, cant think of any good ones now.

3: New design?

4: instead of deciding POW and POM with points, let kuskis vote,

5: Interview page, where you can ask the POW or POM some random questions (if above feature is working out)

6: take the Secret Area contest back :D

7: rec sharing, like on Skintatious

8: Make a new Kopaka pack for us to hoyl :D

hope that helps, can maybe think of some more but not now, maybe some are just impsy to do but could be fun if atleast 1 of the ideas come to use to you :D

Jeppe at 2010-09-10 15:30:28

Yes i would love another levpack by kopaka :)

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