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Blaztek >> Chat

BZK Cup 05.06 - 03.07.2022 - Mopolauta

Virus >> Chat

hey 2022

Bludek >> Chat

:) hi

Blaztek >> Chat

Please come join us in EOL sometime soon, Oddman. )

Oddman >> Chat

Wow, it´s been so many years since playing Elma, good luck guys <3

Oddman >> Chat

Hey 2021 :)

Virus >> Chat

hey 2021

Blaztek >> pa75le02

So submit the time then by sending in rec. ^^, GG

Mira >> pa75le02

got 23:13 ^^

Blaztek >> Chat

World Cup 8 starts 30th august 2020, be there! EOL


 » Player » Oddman

Oddman Sweden

1337 Contest 
1337L00121st7,581 decade 
1337L00320th14,751 decade 
1337L0081st8,541 decade 
1337L00911th13,851 decade 
1337L01328th11,211 decade 
1337L01921st28,311 decade 
veezay höylä pack 
vzh0011st5,441 decade 
vzh0026th7,771 decade 
vzh0039th10,911 decade 
vzh0041st12,161 decade 
vzh0055th23,481 decade 
vzh0065th3,801 decade 
vzh0072nd3,381 decade 
vzh0084th23,171 decade 
vzh0096th11,851 decade 
vzh0101st6,991 decade 
vzh0113rd10,291 decade 
vzh0125th12,021 decade 
vzh0138th16,541 decade 
vzh01414th6,091 decade 
vzh01513th8,931 decade 
vzh0163rd8,091 decade 
vzh0175th8,571 decade 
vzh0183rd20,341 decade 
vzh0193rd12,881 decade 
vzh0203rd4,911 decade 
vzh0214th8,231 decade 
vzh0227th14,331 decade 
vzh0234th10,801 decade 
vzh0245th8,081 decade 
vzh0259th10,521 decade 
vzh0267th17,971 decade 
vzh02710th6,871 decade 
vzh02810th5,891 decade 
vzh0292nd5,971 decade 
vzh0307th9,621 decade 
vzh0317th13,171 decade 
vzh0327th5,941 decade 
vzh0333rd9,231 decade 
vzh0346th11,181 decade 
vzh0357th17,101 decade 
vzh0364th17,331 decade 
vzh0375th8,681 decade 
vzh0386th7,921 decade 
vzh0398th9,121 decade 
vzh0403rd10,641 decade 
vzh04112th10,851 decade 
vzh04210th17,211 decade 
vzh0431st6,431 decade 
vzh0447th10,891 decade 
vzh0452nd15,401 decade 
vzh0466th7,531 decade 
vzh0472nd9,771 decade 
vzh0483rd9,771 decade 
vzh0498th9,731 decade 
vzh0502nd10,451 decade 
vzh05118th5,971 decade 
vzh0523rd14,321 decade 
vzh0534th12,521 decade 
vzh0543rd5,871 decade 
vzh05511th10,901 decade 
vzh0569th15,091 decade 
vzh0577th19,781 decade 
vzh0586th25,101 decade 
vzh05911th6,641 decade 
vzh0607th13,351 decade 
vzh0619th5,311 decade 
vzh0626th6,641 decade 
vzh0633rd7,731 decade 
vzh0645th6,671 decade 
vzh06512th8,361 decade 
vzh0667th6,641 decade 
vzh0674th6,391 decade 
vzh0682nd9,851 decade 
vzh0698th4,821 decade 
vzh07010th7,471 decade 
vzh0712nd11,881 decade 
vzh0727th5,031 decade 
vzh0732nd7,041 decade 
vzh0745th12,311 decade 
vzh0757th9,381 decade 
vzh0763rd9,821 decade 
vzh0777th11,841 decade 
vzh07812th10,231 decade 
vzh0797th10,611 decade 
vzh0803rd6,231 decade 
vzh0812nd11,821 decade 
vzh0826th10,011 decade 
vzh0834th10,441 decade 
vzh08411th5,621 decade 
vzh0853rd5,871 decade 
vzh0867th6,541 decade 
vzh0875th14,921 decade 
vzh0882nd6,671 decade 
vzh0893rd6,941 decade 
vzh0902nd7,821 decade 
vzh0918th8,951 decade 
vzh0926th5,861 decade 
vzh0932nd5,381 decade 
vzh0944th7,781 decade 
vzh0953rd7,941 decade 
vzh0963rd11,601 decade 
vzh0972nd8,731 decade 
vzh0987th6,581 decade 
vzh0992nd9,821 decade 
vzh1004th39,841 decade 
Hoyl011st8,751 decade 
Hoyl159th11,141 decade 
FinMan Höylä levels 
FMH0112th8,261 decade 
FMH0215th4,751 decade 
FMH0327th11,931 decade 
FMH0418th8,061 decade 
FMH059th16,781 decade 
FMH0622nd9,981 decade 
FMH0712th11,831 decade 
FMH0819th9,631 decade 
FMH0910th6,561 decade 
FMH1014th8,201 decade 
FMH119th11,161 decade 
FMH1216th9,601 decade 
FMH1319th12,191 decade 
FMH1413th9,911 decade 
FMH1515th9,401 decade 
FMH1616th8,821 decade 
FMH1718th7,781 decade 
FMH188th11,301 decade 
FMH1914th7,901 decade 
FMH2015th9,061 decade 
FMH218th9,001 decade 
FMH2212th9,961 decade 
FMH2312th7,091 decade 
FMH2427th14,921 decade 
FMH2518th7,251 decade 
FMH2613th15,351 decade 
FMH273rd10,421 decade 
FMH289th11,661 decade 
FMH2916th11,741 decade 
FMH3024th7,441 decade 
Only Bounces Level Pack 
OBLP0123rd12,971 decade 
OBLP0229th12,331 decade 
OBLP0819th9,621 decade 
OBLP0919th18,611 decade 
OBLP1014th13,631 decade 
OBLP1213th17,141 decade 
Easy Pipes Level Pack 
EPLP098th11,661 decade 
EPLP1014th17,711 decade 
NP0219th20,301 decade 
NP049th17,671 decade 
NP1017th23,851 decade 
Great Sticks 
GS027th25,701 decade 
GS047th31,241 decade 
GS108th27,501 decade 
GS116th16,591 decade 
Bliz Höyl 
Bhoyl0112th20,371 decade 
Bhoyl0221st21,931 decade 
Bhoyl033rd17,881 decade 
Bhoyl057th15,241 decade 
Bhoyl0613th15,011 decade 
Bhoyl0715th11,291 decade 
Bhoyl1012th15,271 decade 
Bhoyl139th19,901 decade 
Bhoyl1611th15,491 decade 
Bhoyl179th11,911 decade 
Bhoyl185th8,841 decade 
Bhoyl196th16,331 decade 
Bhoyl2020th21,511 decade 
Bhoyl2218th16,491 decade 
Bhoyl249th13,021 decade 
Bhoyl2917th9,811 decade 
Bhoyl3015th6,571 decade 
semen00212th23,961 decade 
semen0046th27,201 decade 
semen0067th24,671 decade 
semen01015th34,301 decade 
semen0118th27,121 decade 
semen01213th44,741 decade 
semen01311th28,741 decade 
semen0145th18,521 decade 
semen0188th25,301 decade 
semen0209th40,631 decade 
semen02110th37,891 decade 
semen02310th35,551 decade 
semen0297th45,051 decade 
VSK00112th7,471 decade 
VSK0029th17,971 decade 
VSK0056th16,971 decade 
VSK0086th41,991 decade 
VSK0099th31,801 decade 
VSK01411th22,941 decade 
VSK0185th10,071 decade 
VSK0219th20,031 decade 
VSK0239th29,121 decade 
VSK0244th17,451 decade 
VSK0289th6,141 decade 
VSK0319th10,731 decade 
VSK0349th24,741 decade 
VSK0386th8,181 decade 
VSK0407th10,781 decade 
VSK0467th18,831 decade 
VSK0508th29,591 decade 
VSK0517th10,211 decade 
VSK0524th15,171 decade 
VSK0716th30,491 decade 
VSK0757th7,891 decade 
VSK0848th17,311 decade 
VSK08610th20,631 decade 
VSK0886th31,431 decade 
VSK0909th25,191 decade 
VSK0928th18,221 decade 
VSK0958th27,671 decade 
VSK0964th27,371 decade 
VSK0976th19,381 decade 
VSK1047th23,571 decade 
VSK10611th24,111 decade 
VSK10710th12,551 decade 
VSK1137th14,271 decade 
VSK1195th8,111 decade 
VSK1207th15,121 decade 
VSK1228th14,731 decade 
VSK1235th9,591 decade 
VSK1246th7,521 decade 
VSK1258th18,181 decade 
VSK1277th13,961 decade 
VSK1298th1:04,831 decade 
VSK1306th20,901 decade 
VSK1319th14,581 decade 
VSK13412th18,841 decade 
VSK1408th13,741 decade 
Alma and Zero Hoyla Pack 
AZHP0011st3,361 decade 
AZHP0082nd7,941 decade 
AZHP0144th6,281 decade 
AZHP0152nd7,531 decade 
AZHP0163rd8,931 decade 
AZHP0176th9,631 decade 
AZHP0203rd11,341 decade 
AZHP0211st2,981 decade 
AZHP0225th6,861 decade 
AZHP0232nd5,581 decade 
AZHP0253rd4,441 decade 
AZHP0275th10,211 decade 
AZHP0304th7,571 decade 
AZHP0313rd3,621 decade 
AZHP0343rd6,111 decade 
AZHP0352nd7,841 decade 
AZHP0371st9,521 decade 
AZHP0381st7,631 decade 
AZHP0392nd4,251 decade 
AZHP0414th11,471 decade 
AZHP0422nd10,231 decade 
AZHP0453rd5,491 decade 
AZHP0477th6,791 decade 
AZHP0483rd6,591 decade 
AZHP0534th5,881 decade 
AZHP0543rd9,451 decade 
AZHP0552nd7,381 decade 
AZHP0592nd5,601 decade 
AZHP0601st2,601 decade 
AZHP0624th5,421 decade 
AZHP0641st4,931 decade 
AZHP0655th5,081 decade 
AZHP0677th11,681 decade 
AZHP0683rd14,261 decade 
AZHP0701st2,851 decade 
AZHP0722nd7,921 decade 
AZHP0732nd6,851 decade 
AZHP0763rd7,251 decade 
AZHP0773rd6,381 decade 
AZHP0824th9,801 decade 
AZHP0844th5,281 decade 
AZHP0871st1,901 decade 
AZHP0892nd6,521 decade 
AZHP0901st4,081 decade 
AZHP0911st6,161 decade 
AZHP0933rd9,361 decade 
AZHP0954th7,681 decade 
AZHP0984th14,321 decade 
AZHP0992nd13,821 decade 
BlaZtek Adventure Levels 
BZAL0172nd54,671 decade 
BZAL0182nd20,681 decade 
BZAL0252nd36,541 decade 
BZAL0262nd24,881 decade 
BZAL0282nd26,321 decade 
Handpicked EOL battles by Jeppe 
Jeppe055th28,641 decade 
Total Times
Latest times
11,34 on AZHP020 1 decade ago
8,93 on AZHP016 1 decade ago
9,52 on AZHP037 1 decade ago
11,47 on AZHP041 1 decade ago
9,80 on AZHP037 1 decade ago
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