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Oddman >> Chat

Thanks for making and maintaining this site - had a blast back in the day. May rest in peace :)

Blaztek >> Chat

BZK Cup 05.06 - 03.07.2022 - Mopolauta

Virus >> Chat

hey 2022

Bludek >> Chat

:) hi

Blaztek >> Chat

Please come join us in EOL sometime soon, Oddman. )

Oddman >> Chat

Wow, it´s been so many years since playing Elma, good luck guys <3

Oddman >> Chat

Hey 2021 :)

Virus >> Chat

hey 2021

Blaztek >> pa75le02

So submit the time then by sending in rec. ^^, GG

Mira >> pa75le02

got 23:13 ^^


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Tisk [FM]

Pab's Official Level Pack 
Pablo0111th13,831 decade 
Pablo025th31,041 decade 
Pablo0313th30,991 decade 
Pablo0411th27,891 decade 
Pablo056th49,071 decade 
Pablo068th51,911 decade 
Pablo079th36,151 decade 
Pablo0810th39,381 decade 
Pablo098th59,781 decade 
Pablo106th15,441 decade 
Pablo118th1:20,331 decade 
Pablo1210th40,951 decade 
Pablo139th55,651 decade 
Pablo148th1:31,001 decade 
Handpicked EOL battles by Jeppe 
Jeppe897th27,081 decade 
Jeppe019th14,481 decade 
Jeppe029th17,141 decade 
Jeppe036th13,461 decade 
Jeppe048th42,081 decade 
Jeppe057th31,021 decade 
Jeppe068th30,321 decade 
Jeppe078th32,261 decade 
Jeppe087th19,891 decade 
Jeppe098th21,061 decade 
Jeppe104th31,181 decade 
Jeppe115th21,591 decade 
Jeppe126th17,021 decade 
Jeppe1313th47,051 decade 
Jeppe145th18,391 decade 
Jeppe156th36,291 decade 
Jeppe167th1:00,661 decade 
Jeppe179th34,641 decade 
Jeppe187th59,771 decade 
Jeppe196th34,021 decade 
Jeppe204th36,381 decade 
Jeppe218th41,751 decade 
Jeppe228th52,741 decade 
Jeppe237th1:08,001 decade 
Jeppe246th23,051 decade 
Jeppe256th44,461 decade 
Jeppe2615th17,731 decade 
Jeppe2712th20,521 decade 
Jeppe286th18,321 decade 
Jeppe296th52,761 decade 
Jeppe308th39,611 decade 
Jeppe315th56,611 decade 
Jeppe328th55,361 decade 
Jeppe335th18,641 decade 
Jeppe345th52,221 decade 
Jeppe355th43,701 decade 
Jeppe363rd42,851 decade 
Jeppe379th1:10,511 decade 
Jeppe389th1:00,951 decade 
Jeppe397th33,651 decade 
Jeppe405th28,411 decade 
Jeppe416th54,431 decade 
Jeppe427th21,911 decade 
Jeppe436th23,881 decade 
Jeppe445th32,121 decade 
Jeppe455th30,891 decade 
Jeppe465th1:01,121 decade 
Jeppe477th43,891 decade 
Jeppe486th32,761 decade 
Jeppe495th54,741 decade 
Jeppe505th26,471 decade 
Jeppe517th34,711 decade 
Jeppe525th30,371 decade 
Jeppe536th20,661 decade 
Jeppe547th36,761 decade 
Jeppe557th34,921 decade 
Jeppe566th47,181 decade 
Jeppe579th28,441 decade 
Jeppe585th30,021 decade 
Jeppe5910th30,451 decade 
Jeppe605th56,421 decade 
Jeppe619th13,671 decade 
Jeppe626th48,321 decade 
Jeppe635th33,001 decade 
Jeppe644th27,111 decade 
Jeppe655th1:14,671 decade 
Jeppe666th21,571 decade 
Jeppe677th2:30,971 decade 
Jeppe686th26,281 decade 
Jeppe699th39,251 decade 
Jeppe707th1:25,341 decade 
Jeppe716th2:35,051 decade 
Jeppe725th59,081 decade 
Jeppe737th20,701 decade 
Jeppe746th35,301 decade 
Jeppe757th1:49,901 decade 
Jeppe766th44,251 decade 
Jeppe776th43,361 decade 
Jeppe788th41,001 decade 
Jeppe796th1:05,961 decade 
Jeppe808th1:14,531 decade 
Jeppe817th40,681 decade 
Jeppe827th1:02,671 decade 
Jeppe836th49,011 decade 
Jeppe845th29,911 decade 
Jeppe857th1:06,081 decade 
Jeppe867th33,001 decade 
Jeppe876th47,071 decade 
Jeppe886th42,481 decade 
GAB016th1:07,701 decade 
GAB025th1:02,841 decade 
GAB034th57,031 decade 
GAB045th1:31,551 decade 
GAB054th1:35,581 decade 
GAB064th1:07,311 decade 
GAB098th19,951 decade 
GAB107th47,561 decade 
GAB114th44,991 decade 
GAB129th38,631 decade 
GAB135th1:35,791 decade 
Höylä Mission 
MCHM0018th10,181 decade 
MCHM0026th32,041 decade 
MCHM0038th20,051 decade 
MCHM0044th19,741 decade 
MCHM0054th42,771 decade 
MCHM0068th20,511 decade 
MCHM0075th18,891 decade 
MCHM0084th1:00,801 decade 
MCHM0094th17,831 decade 
MCHM0105th11,521 decade 
MCHM0117th6,241 decade 
MCHM0127th9,651 decade 
MCHM0137th8,981 decade 
MCHM0146th23,921 decade 
MCHM0157th5,101 decade 
MCHM0168th14,711 decade 
MCHM0178th9,351 decade 
MCHM0185th12,281 decade 
MCHM0197th12,751 decade 
MCHM0207th12,141 decade 
MCHM0217th15,411 decade 
MCHM0223rd22,461 decade 
MCHM0235th26,811 decade 
MCHM0244th15,331 decade 
MCHM0256th13,691 decade 
MCHM0266th16,921 decade 
MCHM0276th17,671 decade 
MCHM0283rd25,331 decade 
MCHM0297th19,081 decade 
MCHM0315th36,691 decade 
MCHM0325th15,551 decade 
MCHM03310th16,141 decade 
MCHM0345th12,461 decade 
MCHM0354th22,421 decade 
MCHM0374th25,851 decade 
MCHM0388th15,521 decade 
MCHM0396th25,751 decade 
MCHM0407th18,081 decade 
MCHM0417th21,681 decade 
MCHM0426th17,281 decade 
Lost Internals 
Lost372nd1:14,891 decade 
Lost511st47,641 decade 
World Cup Levels 
WCup3022nd30,541 decade 
Found Internals 
Found547th1:23,321 decade 
Found535th28,351 decade 
Found5213th28,041 decade 
Found517th53,571 decade 
Found504th1:03,731 decade 
Found4912th1:08,721 decade 
Found4813th1:23,901 decade 
Found476th49,461 decade 
Found463rd1:21,351 decade 
Found4510th34,671 decade 
Found448th28,091 decade 
Found435th1:02,851 decade 
Found428th52,121 decade 
Found417th55,161 decade 
Found405th1:06,211 decade 
Found396th48,821 decade 
Found3812th33,581 decade 
Found376th1:07,671 decade 
Found3610th1:27,581 decade 
Found355th3:05,981 decade 
Found349th38,881 decade 
Found337th1:46,471 decade 
Found329th45,891 decade 
Found317th45,901 decade 
Found3015th53,901 decade 
Found2914th1:03,611 decade 
Found2810th1:12,751 decade 
Found2711th54,321 decade 
Found269th25,311 decade 
Found2510th36,981 decade 
Found247th43,081 decade 
Found2312th44,171 decade 
Found228th31,291 decade 
Found217th26,651 decade 
Found205th1:06,061 decade 
Found1910th45,461 decade 
Found1811th58,201 decade 
Found177th1:11,071 decade 
Found167th1:28,021 decade 
Found1513th1:15,791 decade 
Found144th25,861 decade 
Found1312th29,711 decade 
Found1211th29,411 decade 
Found1111th25,411 decade 
Found107th44,051 decade 
Found096th1:14,481 decade 
Found087th26,331 decade 
Found0712th34,461 decade 
Found0611th1:00,261 decade 
Found0515th22,201 decade 
Found049th33,081 decade 
Found0314th27,801 decade 
Found0218th12,941 decade 
Found0121st12,611 decade 
HALF2H4th39,418 years 
Total Times
Latest times
39,41 on HALF2H 8 years ago
39,74 on HALF2H 8 years ago
30,54 on WCup302 1 decade ago
25,85 on MCHM037 1 decade ago
15,52 on MCHM038 1 decade ago
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