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Oddman >> Chat

Thanks for making and maintaining this site - had a blast back in the day. May rest in peace :)

Blaztek >> Chat

BZK Cup 05.06 - 03.07.2022 - Mopolauta

Virus >> Chat

hey 2022

Bludek >> Chat

:) hi

Blaztek >> Chat

Please come join us in EOL sometime soon, Oddman. )

Oddman >> Chat

Wow, it´s been so many years since playing Elma, good luck guys <3

Oddman >> Chat

Hey 2021 :)

Virus >> Chat

hey 2021

Blaztek >> pa75le02

So submit the time then by sending in rec. ^^, GG

Mira >> pa75le02

got 23:13 ^^


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MatchBox [(Black)] Hungary

Mirror Internals 
MIRROR0131st15,111 decade 
MIRROR0219th14,701 decade 
MIRROR0321st21,301 decade 
MIRROR0424th39,361 decade 
MIRROR0525th28,301 decade 
1337 Contest 
1337L0013rd7,511 decade 
1337L0026th10,041 decade 
1337L00317th14,731 decade 
1337L00530th56,611 decade 
1337L00627th30,691 decade 
1337L00817th8,641 decade 
1337L00918th14,121 decade 
1337L01110th13,781 decade 
1337L01213th49,631 decade 
1337L01323rd11,121 decade 
1337L01418th26,631 decade 
1337L0157th9,741 decade 
1337L01618th29,901 decade 
1337L01727th27,391 decade 
1337L01827th14,661 decade 
1337L01915th28,091 decade 
1337L02024th30,601 decade 
Max Internals 
MAX016th18,421 decade 
MAX027th22,351 decade 
MAX039th27,351 decade 
MAX047th43,781 decade 
MAX0622nd1:50,511 decade 
MAX0711th1:03,481 decade 
MAX0818th39,061 decade 
MAX0915th2:00,541 decade 
MAX1019th44,691 decade 
MAX114th39,261 decade 
MAX1219th34,261 decade 
MAX1319th27,071 decade 
MAX179th1:43,041 decade 
MAX1815th1:07,431 decade 
MAX2116th34,561 decade 
MAX2219th1:02,541 decade 
MAX2314th1:20,611 decade 
MAX2414th1:42,851 decade 
MAX2517th44,421 decade 
MAX2615th43,931 decade 
MAX2711th1:27,971 decade 
MAX2810th1:23,731 decade 
MAX3110th2:33,201 decade 
MAX3612th1:58,801 decade 
MAX4111th1:02,011 decade 
MAX4213th1:18,381 decade 
MAX478th1:24,781 decade 
MAX508th1:48,321 decade 
MAX5217th51,661 decade 
cEp Level Pack 
cEplvl0125th17,521 decade 
cEplvl0228th21,031 decade 
cEplvl0328th20,621 decade 
cEplvl0432nd17,921 decade 
cEplvl0520th20,671 decade 
cEplvl0620th10,041 decade 
cEplvl0719th6,331 decade 
cEplvl0819th16,391 decade 
WkE Level Pack 
Packwke130th1:09,361 decade 
Packwke422nd43,641 decade 
Packwke517th1:22,941 decade 
Packwke614th1:05,391 decade 
Packwke716th52,841 decade 
Packwke921st19,241 decade 
Packwk107th10,481 decade 
Packwk1118th1:20,871 decade 
Packwk1217th1:03,191 decade 
Packwk1315th45,181 decade 
Packwk1419th22,881 decade 
Packwk1723rd41,691 decade 
Packwk2019th34,221 decade 
The Kopa Trilogy 
TKT0126th34,361 decade 
TKT0222nd55,861 decade 
TKT0317th54,831 decade 
TKT0421st41,241 decade 
TKT0525th59,601 decade 
TKT0722nd43,741 decade 
TKT0820th1:11,791 decade 
TKT1021st38,431 decade 
TKT1325th40,511 decade 
FSDC1L0122nd40,761 decade 
veezay höylä pack 
vzh00113th5,491 decade 
vzh00218th7,831 decade 
vzh0034th10,821 decade 
vzh00414th12,311 decade 
vzh00516th23,751 decade 
vzh00616th3,811 decade 
vzh00723rd3,471 decade 
vzh00819th24,581 decade 
vzh00927th12,781 decade 
vzh01017th7,321 decade 
vzh01116th10,551 decade 
vzh01213th12,161 decade 
vzh01313th16,561 decade 
vzh01416th6,121 decade 
vzh01517th8,951 decade 
vzh01621st8,281 decade 
vzh01727th8,861 decade 
vzh01829th20,881 decade 
vzh01933rd14,321 decade 
vzh02028th5,121 decade 
vzh02130th8,701 decade 
vzh02213th16,951 decade 
vzh02329th12,881 decade 
vzh02426th8,641 decade 
vzh02524th11,011 decade 
vzh02615th18,401 decade 
vzh02722nd7,141 decade 
vzh0289th5,871 decade 
vzh0294th5,981 decade 
vzh03018th10,131 decade 
vzh03128th14,641 decade 
vzh03216th5,961 decade 
vzh03320th9,331 decade 
vzh03426th11,901 decade 
vzh03520th18,971 decade 
vzh03617th20,181 decade 
vzh03716th8,781 decade 
vzh03830th8,111 decade 
vzh03926th9,251 decade 
vzh04019th11,551 decade 
vzh04124th11,111 decade 
vzh04213th17,451 decade 
vzh04325th6,501 decade 
vzh04425th12,781 decade 
vzh04514th16,381 decade 
vzh04623rd9,831 decade 
vzh04723rd9,981 decade 
vzh04823rd11,071 decade 
vzh04915th9,981 decade 
vzh0509th10,711 decade 
vzh0515th5,751 decade 
vzh05220th14,631 decade 
vzh05324th13,061 decade 
vzh05424th6,491 decade 
vzh05512th10,951 decade 
vzh05617th15,511 decade 
vzh05716th20,871 decade 
vzh05814th25,961 decade 
vzh05929th6,861 decade 
vzh06018th13,691 decade 
vzh06115th5,351 decade 
vzh06226th7,111 decade 
vzh06315th9,381 decade 
vzh06419th6,801 decade 
vzh06519th8,581 decade 
vzh06614th6,651 decade 
vzh06724th6,661 decade 
vzh06818th10,191 decade 
vzh06915th5,311 decade 
vzh07016th7,501 decade 
vzh07121st12,141 decade 
vzh07227th5,271 decade 
vzh07313th7,261 decade 
vzh07416th12,731 decade 
vzh07518th9,571 decade 
vzh07611th10,051 decade 
vzh07725th12,931 decade 
vzh07817th10,471 decade 
vzh07923rd11,091 decade 
vzh08020th6,301 decade 
vzh08120th12,441 decade 
vzh08215th10,101 decade 
vzh08318th10,821 decade 
vzh08425th5,971 decade 
vzh08514th5,911 decade 
vzh08615th7,831 decade 
vzh08716th15,171 decade 
vzh08814th6,741 decade 
vzh0898th6,961 decade 
vzh09019th8,421 decade 
vzh09112th9,121 decade 
vzh09222nd5,951 decade 
vzh0937th5,691 decade 
vzh09422nd8,101 decade 
vzh0959th8,001 decade 
vzh09621st12,821 decade 
vzh09714th8,881 decade 
vzh09825th10,801 decade 
vzh0999th9,871 decade 
vzh10020th46,071 decade 
umiz level pack 
umizzz0129th19,071 decade 
umizzz0221st23,731 decade 
umizzz0318th11,451 decade 
umizzz0427th1:13,331 decade 
umizzz0524th41,381 decade 
umizzz0620th52,561 decade 
umizzz0718th1:22,941 decade 
umizzz0822nd1:15,081 decade 
umizzz0926th22,041 decade 
umizzz1020th40,921 decade 
umizzz1123rd23,631 decade 
umizzz1221st44,241 decade 
umizzz1319th9,061 decade 
umizzz1816th53,311 decade 
umizzz2020th32,471 decade 
umizzz2217th28,561 decade 
umizzz2418th27,311 decade 
umizzz2617th2:01,831 decade 
umizzz2716th31,161 decade 
umizzz2915th38,841 decade 
umizzz3220th2:14,081 decade 
umizzz3830th12,871 decade 
Internally Tilted 
INTilt0115th13,521 decade 
INTilt026th11,481 decade 
INTilt039th20,291 decade 
INTilt0413th31,431 decade 
INTilt0524th19,061 decade 
INTilt0611th1:31,451 decade 
INTilt0713th27,561 decade 
INTilt087th22,991 decade 
INTilt0917th1:29,161 decade 
INTilt1116th34,181 decade 
INTilt125th21,151 decade 
INTilt149th15,621 decade 
INTilt1511th58,611 decade 
INTilt2114th30,021 decade 
INTilt2414th32,631 decade 
INTilt2514th27,391 decade 
INTilt3015th37,941 decade 
INTilt3216th47,311 decade 
INTilt4510th34,831 decade 
INTilt5220th41,101 decade 
Hoyl0115th8,811 decade 
Hoyl0216th9,341 decade 
Hoyl035th8,151 decade 
Hoyl0414th14,201 decade 
Hoyl0511th14,561 decade 
Hoyl0613th13,271 decade 
Hoyl076th14,331 decade 
Hoyl087th13,171 decade 
Hoyl097th12,751 decade 
Hoyl1013th11,091 decade 
Hoyl1115th12,261 decade 
Hoyl129th10,951 decade 
Hoyl1314th11,941 decade 
Hoyl149th11,901 decade 
Hoyl1510th11,151 decade 
Hoyl168th16,101 decade 
Hoyl1711th14,361 decade 
Hoyl1811th11,781 decade 
Hoyl197th11,551 decade 
Hoyl2010th9,071 decade 
Hoyl212nd8,931 decade 
Hoyl228th10,691 decade 
Hoyl2313th11,561 decade 
Hoyl247th14,601 decade 
Hoyl259th19,031 decade 
Hoyl2612th11,241 decade 
Hoyl2711th8,911 decade 
Hoyl288th12,981 decade 
Hoyl298th9,921 decade 
Hoyl304th13,321 decade 
Raven Höylä Pack 
RHP0125th6,161 decade 
RHP0222nd8,561 decade 
RHP0321st16,311 decade 
RHP0425th9,491 decade 
RHP0528th14,891 decade 
RHP0636th5,151 decade 
RHP0721st2,971 decade 
RHP0821st8,551 decade 
RHP0924th10,691 decade 
RHP1029th6,651 decade 
RHP1119th3,881 decade 
RHP1218th2,941 decade 
RHP1325th12,751 decade 
RHP1417th11,391 decade 
RHP1526th7,621 decade 
RHP1613th19,741 decade 
RHP1732nd5,951 decade 
RHP1823rd6,441 decade 
RHP1921st6,931 decade 
RHP2010th6,401 decade 
RHP2110th5,331 decade 
RHP2213th9,721 decade 
RHP2321st9,561 decade 
RHP2412th12,661 decade 
RHP2522nd10,341 decade 
RHP2614th8,521 decade 
RHP2713th6,861 decade 
RHP2819th6,151 decade 
RHP297th8,211 decade 
RHP3025th5,771 decade 
RHP3118th11,311 decade 
RHP3219th4,011 decade 
RHP3322nd5,601 decade 
RHP348th5,971 decade 
RHP3514th15,351 decade 
RHP3619th10,121 decade 
RHP3715th5,431 decade 
RHP3811th10,001 decade 
RHP3924th8,111 decade 
RHP4021st10,141 decade 
RHP4123rd4,561 decade 
RHP4223rd4,891 decade 
Internal Level Designing Contest 
ID302L0116th1:06,991 decade 
ID302L0214th42,981 decade 
ID302L0317th1:16,871 decade 
ID303L0217th26,171 decade 
ID303L0314th26,911 decade 
ID303L0422nd23,271 decade 
ID304L0115th35,041 decade 
ID304L0216th18,501 decade 
ID304L0319th17,361 decade 
ID304L0414th17,521 decade 
ID305L0213th1:15,591 decade 
ID305L0313th33,791 decade 
ID306L0112th1:04,401 decade 
ID306L0212th42,251 decade 
ID307L0112th1:02,381 decade 
ID307L0216th36,971 decade 
ID308L0218th52,871 decade 
ID308L0317th42,211 decade 
Quality umiz Levels 
qumiz0124th14,111 decade 
qumiz0218th21,041 decade 
qumiz0316th23,801 decade 
qumiz0410th34,221 decade 
qumiz0521st16,801 decade 
qumiz0613th25,281 decade 
qumiz0712th21,391 decade 
qumiz0816th39,031 decade 
qumiz0911th18,561 decade 
qumiz1015th39,071 decade 
qumiz1116th42,341 decade 
qumiz1216th15,151 decade 
qumiz1316th31,111 decade 
qumiz1419th12,541 decade 
qumiz1519th57,891 decade 
qumiz1614th35,641 decade 
qumiz1714th42,731 decade 
FinMan Höylä levels 
FMH0121st8,301 decade 
FMH0239th4,831 decade 
FMH0333rd13,521 decade 
FMH0428th8,701 decade 
FMH0529th17,941 decade 
FMH0623rd9,981 decade 
FMH0726th12,741 decade 
FMH0815th9,471 decade 
FMH0928th7,071 decade 
FMH1036th12,761 decade 
FMH1117th11,361 decade 
FMH1219th9,621 decade 
FMH1323rd12,281 decade 
FMH1421st10,211 decade 
FMH1511th9,361 decade 
FMH1623rd8,991 decade 
FMH1728th7,881 decade 
FMH1820th11,771 decade 
FMH1917th8,181 decade 
FMH2022nd9,241 decade 
FMH2111th9,051 decade 
FMH2224th10,241 decade 
FMH2321st7,731 decade 
FMH2428th14,921 decade 
FMH2526th7,281 decade 
FMH2619th15,641 decade 
FMH2717th10,491 decade 
FMH2832nd11,911 decade 
FMH2911th11,661 decade 
FMH3023rd7,431 decade 
Only Bounces Level Pack 
OBLP0125th13,331 decade 
OBLP0225th12,061 decade 
OBLP0313th23,681 decade 
OBLP0424th12,041 decade 
OBLP0527th21,321 decade 
OBLP0613th22,531 decade 
OBLP079th14,501 decade 
OBLP0826th10,061 decade 
OBLP0921st18,641 decade 
OBLP1028th13,961 decade 
OBLP1115th17,111 decade 
OBLP1217th17,511 decade 
OBLP1327th15,351 decade 
OBLP1416th9,681 decade 
OBLP1512th13,581 decade 
Easy Pipes Level Pack 
EPLP0112th21,061 decade 
EPLP0215th25,491 decade 
EPLP039th16,051 decade 
EPLP0415th12,891 decade 
EPLP0519th16,591 decade 
EPLP0618th10,841 decade 
EPLP078th13,471 decade 
EPLP0818th13,081 decade 
EPLP099th11,681 decade 
EPLP1019th17,911 decade 
EPLP1112th14,941 decade 
EPLP1214th19,991 decade 
EPLP139th14,201 decade 
EPLP148th15,061 decade 
EPLP1511th11,901 decade 
danpe levels 
danpe00119th9,221 decade 
danpe00222nd11,691 decade 
danpe00320th11,611 decade 
danpe00428th8,501 decade 
danpe00524th5,851 decade 
danpe00628th5,651 decade 
danpe00725th5,521 decade 
danpe00822nd6,271 decade 
danpe00915th7,651 decade 
danpe01018th9,251 decade 
danpe01118th19,401 decade 
danpe01217th26,421 decade 
danpe01318th1:14,201 decade 
danpe01423rd10,701 decade 
danpe01513th16,391 decade 
danpe01613th13,031 decade 
danpe01720th21,971 decade 
danpe01820th6,341 decade 
danpe01927th12,381 decade 
danpe02028th12,081 decade 
danpe02115th9,861 decade 
danpe02232nd9,221 decade 
danpe02316th6,081 decade 
danpe02427th9,081 decade 
danpe02522nd9,421 decade 
danpe02620th8,271 decade 
danpe02718th4,561 decade 
danpe02817th6,461 decade 
danpe02924th8,571 decade 
danpe03017th5,861 decade 
danpe03126th29,671 decade 
danpe03231st8,491 decade 
danpe03333rd4,711 decade 
danpe03425th12,081 decade 
danpe03515th5,741 decade 
danpe03614th6,461 decade 
danpe03727th11,251 decade 
danpe03819th8,101 decade 
danpe0396th6,271 decade 
danpe04019th7,451 decade 
danpe04117th2,881 decade 
danpe04222nd13,401 decade 
danpe04311th13,551 decade 
danpe04419th17,691 decade 
danpe04521st9,021 decade 
danpe04620th17,011 decade 
danpe04715th10,081 decade 
danpe04823rd14,701 decade 
danpe04921st19,671 decade 
danpe05027th7,501 decade 
NP0111th25,251 decade 
NP0215th19,441 decade 
NP0324th27,741 decade 
NP0420th18,031 decade 
NP0513th20,061 decade 
NP0623rd33,151 decade 
NP0725th26,191 decade 
NP0814th23,301 decade 
NP0921st26,291 decade 
NP1025th25,801 decade 
NP1117th29,291 decade 
NP1224th29,191 decade 
NP1325th27,161 decade 
NP1420th26,531 decade 
NP1513th21,161 decade 
I0112th21,401 decade 
I0225th24,191 decade 
I0318th21,811 decade 
I0418th22,731 decade 
I0519th29,631 decade 
I0619th28,211 decade 
I0718th14,351 decade 
I0822nd23,741 decade 
I098th13,091 decade 
I1011th7,411 decade 
I1117th20,721 decade 
I1223rd20,521 decade 
I1315th18,791 decade 
I1422nd23,141 decade 
I1621st22,081 decade 
I1721st26,171 decade 
I1820th28,351 decade 
I1922nd21,191 decade 
I2020th17,701 decade 
I2119th13,301 decade 
I2210th10,851 decade 
I2313th14,641 decade 
I248th15,761 decade 
I2518th18,171 decade 
I2616th13,661 decade 
I2714th18,861 decade 
I2821st26,571 decade 
I2912th21,601 decade 
I3018th15,401 decade 
I3118th18,051 decade 
I3212th14,001 decade 
I3312th21,161 decade 
I3416th26,761 decade 
I3511th23,691 decade 
FinMan Pipes 
FMPi00621st20,221 decade 
Qsla000121st25,941 decade 
Qsla000220th46,291 decade 
Qsla000313th20,791 decade 
Qsla000423rd21,821 decade 
VSK03016th14,181 decade 
Alma and Zero Hoyla Pack 
AZHP00117th3,551 decade 
AZHP00216th10,011 decade 
AZHP00312th5,561 decade 
AZHP0044th11,661 decade 
AZHP0055th9,871 decade 
AZHP00615th16,181 decade 
AZHP00713th8,121 decade 
AZHP0087th8,211 decade 
AZHP00912th10,161 decade 
AZHP01015th9,771 decade 
AZHP01114th6,861 decade 
AZHP01214th15,601 decade 
AZHP01311th8,311 decade 
AZHP01411th6,411 decade 
AZHP01514th7,971 decade 
AZHP01617th11,131 decade 
AZHP01718th10,061 decade 
AZHP01816th7,661 decade 
AZHP01913th15,861 decade 
AZHP02017th12,881 decade 
AZHP02111th3,261 decade 
AZHP02211th7,051 decade 
AZHP02316th6,201 decade 
AZHP0246th3,671 decade 
AZHP02517th7,351 decade 
AZHP02617th12,501 decade 
AZHP02711th15,731 decade 
AZHP02818th11,721 decade 
AZHP02913th11,361 decade 
AZHP03014th8,641 decade 
AZHP03111th3,761 decade 
AZHP0327th7,081 decade 
AZHP0336th3,741 decade 
AZHP03411th6,331 decade 
AZHP03513th8,241 decade 
AZHP03612th6,091 decade 
AZHP03714th10,241 decade 
AZHP03812th12,931 decade 
AZHP03913th4,501 decade 
AZHP04012th6,561 decade 
AZHP04112th12,121 decade 
AZHP04211th10,601 decade 
AZHP0438th3,491 decade 
AZHP04414th12,301 decade 
AZHP04516th5,941 decade 
AZHP0467th4,931 decade 
AZHP04716th9,281 decade 
AZHP04813th8,711 decade 
AZHP04914th9,371 decade 
AZHP05017th6,211 decade 
AZHP0519th9,391 decade 
AZHP05211th10,171 decade 
AZHP0532nd5,851 decade 
AZHP05412th9,631 decade 
AZHP05512th7,751 decade 
AZHP05612th3,621 decade 
AZHP05710th10,571 decade 
AZHP0589th6,391 decade 
AZHP0599th10,221 decade 
AZHP0609th2,621 decade 
AZHP0618th7,801 decade 
AZHP06212th5,491 decade 
AZHP0633rd7,781 decade 
AZHP0648th5,561 decade 
AZHP0653rd5,051 decade 
AZHP06615th12,311 decade 
AZHP06715th11,811 decade 
AZHP06810th14,901 decade 
AZHP06915th9,871 decade 
AZHP07010th2,981 decade 
AZHP07112th6,511 decade 
AZHP07211th8,181 decade 
AZHP07317th7,421 decade 
AZHP07411th8,621 decade 
AZHP07515th8,271 decade 
AZHP07615th10,171 decade 
AZHP07713th6,841 decade 
AZHP07812th9,321 decade 
AZHP07914th8,301 decade 
AZHP08016th8,011 decade 
AZHP0817th11,851 decade 
AZHP08213th10,271 decade 
AZHP08310th2,141 decade 
AZHP08410th5,341 decade 
AZHP08513th9,661 decade 
AZHP0868th2,341 decade 
AZHP08713th1,931 decade 
AZHP08810th10,191 decade 
AZHP0899th6,631 decade 
AZHP09014th4,861 decade 
AZHP09111th6,841 decade 
AZHP0929th7,961 decade 
AZHP09315th10,071 decade 
AZHP09410th6,901 decade 
AZHP09517th8,311 decade 
AZHP09615th6,011 decade 
AZHP09714th17,741 decade 
AZHP09817th16,951 decade 
AZHP09914th15,711 decade 
AZHP10017th27,851 decade 
Höylä Mission 
MCHM0019th10,411 decade 
MCHM0037th18,911 decade 
MCHM0057th47,181 decade 
MCHM0066th19,161 decade 
MCHM0118th8,521 decade 
MCHM0125th8,551 decade 
MCHM0135th8,901 decade 
MCHM0148th24,931 decade 
MCHM0158th10,791 decade 
MCHM0167th14,681 decade 
MCHM0176th9,221 decade 
MCHM0187th13,341 decade 
MCHM0198th13,491 decade 
MCHM0205th11,411 decade 
MCHM0216th15,341 decade 
MCHM0227th30,681 decade 
MCHM0248th28,221 decade 
MCHM0257th14,141 decade 
MCHM0265th16,821 decade 
MCHM0277th17,811 decade 
MCHM0299th26,031 decade 
MCHM0317th40,301 decade 
MCHM0323rd15,101 decade 
MCHM03311th19,471 decade 
MCHM0347th13,251 decade 
MCHM0357th28,421 decade 
MCHM0385th15,061 decade 
MCHM0395th25,631 decade 
MCHM0406th17,291 decade 
MCHM0416th21,111 decade 
MCHM0424th15,001 decade 
Total Times
Latest times
11,90 on Hoyl14 1 decade ago
15,71 on AZHP099 1 decade ago
14,33 on Hoyl07 1 decade ago
9,87 on AZHP005 1 decade ago
11,66 on AZHP004 1 decade ago
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