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Bludek >> Chat

:) hi

Blaztek >> Chat

Please come join us in EOL sometime soon, Oddman. )

Oddman >> Chat

Wow, it´s been so many years since playing Elma, good luck guys <3

Oddman >> Chat

Hey 2021 :)

Virus >> Chat

hey 2021

Blaztek >> pa75le02

So submit the time then by sending in rec. ^^, GG

Mira >> pa75le02

got 23:13 ^^

Blaztek >> Chat

World Cup 8 starts 30th august 2020, be there! EOL

redline >> Chat


Hosp >> Chat

Hi from June 2020


 » Player » Markku

Markku Finland

The Kopa Trilogy 
TKT032nd49,421 decade 
FSDC1L012nd24,621 decade 
FSDC1L024th39,411 decade 
FSDC1L032nd1:04,811 decade 
FSDC1L042nd39,251 decade 
FSDC1L073rd23,801 decade 
FSDC1L082nd1:05,831 decade 
FSDC1L092nd20,161 decade 
FSDC1L104th1:52,631 decade 
umiz level pack 
umizzz015th17,321 decade 
umizzz022nd20,821 decade 
umizzz034th9,991 decade 
umizzz043rd49,371 decade 
umizzz056th37,701 decade 
umizzz064th41,181 decade 
Raven Hyl Pack 
RHP013rd5,121 decade 
RHP064th5,001 decade 
RHP135th7,311 decade 
RHP164th19,441 decade 
RHP178th5,821 decade 
RHP211st5,211 decade 
RHP292nd7,959 years 
RHP312nd10,311 decade 
RHP355th14,771 decade 
RHP363rd9,121 decade 
RHP385th8,301 decade 
RHP393rd7,801 decade 
Quality umiz Levels 
qumiz023rd15,871 decade 
qumiz052nd9,121 decade 
qumiz063rd24,151 decade 
qumiz071st18,601 decade 
qumiz091st14,511 decade 
qumiz103rd35,341 decade 
qumiz113rd39,291 decade 
qumiz123rd13,671 decade 
qumiz135th29,201 decade 
qumiz153rd54,961 decade 
qumiz162nd31,361 decade 
qumiz172nd37,851 decade 
FinMan Hyl levels 
FMH012nd8,201 decade 
FMH035th9,561 decade 
FMH052nd15,961 decade 
Only Bounces Level Pack 
OBLP023rd10,961 decade 
OBLP107th13,521 decade 
Tube014th52,061 decade 
Tube022nd1:11,411 decade 
Tube032nd1:48,351 decade 
Tube042nd1:14,791 decade 
Tube052nd1:52,751 decade 
Tube062nd1:08,161 decade 
Tube073rd1:57,181 decade 
Tube082nd1:43,281 decade 
Tube092nd2:06,531 decade 
Tube104th1:10,481 decade 
I015th20,331 decade 
I026th20,511 decade 
I035th19,041 decade 
I046th10,831 decade 
I054th23,961 decade 
I063rd13,221 decade 
I076th12,401 decade 
I087th19,031 decade 
I097th13,051 decade 
I101st6,951 decade 
I115th19,561 decade 
I125th17,381 decade 
I133rd16,151 decade 
I141st21,071 decade 
I153rd22,921 decade 
I165th16,931 decade 
I175th12,391 decade 
I185th25,381 decade 
I195th18,111 decade 
I204th14,781 decade 
I213rd9,841 decade 
I221st9,941 decade 
I233rd11,631 decade 
I244th15,611 decade 
I256th16,441 decade 
I263rd10,881 decade 
I274th17,631 decade 
I285th20,971 decade 
I291st16,231 decade 
I303rd8,451 decade 
I314th13,311 decade 
I327th13,351 decade 
I332nd16,771 decade 
I343rd15,281 decade 
I352nd19,121 decade 
FinMan Pipes 
FMPi0013rd25,921 decade 
FMPi0024th37,081 decade 
FMPi0034th40,481 decade 
FMPi0042nd25,021 decade 
FMPi0054th32,871 decade 
FMPi0064th16,571 decade 
FMPi0072nd12,031 decade 
FMPi0083rd13,111 decade 
FMPi0093rd25,021 decade 
FMPi0102nd28,281 decade 
FMPi0114th17,741 decade 
FMPi0123rd20,211 decade 
FMPi0134th15,841 decade 
FMPi0143rd20,751 decade 
FMPi0153rd24,131 decade 
VSK00122nd7,891 decade 
VSK00212th18,261 decade 
VSK0038th14,811 decade 
VSK00415th18,991 decade 
VSK00511th17,211 decade 
VSK0068th40,371 decade 
VSK0075th21,911 decade 
VSK00810th43,751 decade 
VSK00913th32,341 decade 
VSK01013th27,761 decade 
VSK0113rd1:29,069 years 
VSK0125th30,841 decade 
VSK0138th24,431 decade 
VSK0148th21,911 decade 
VSK0157th16,101 decade 
VSK0163rd13,901 decade 
VSK0178th21,911 decade 
VSK0184th9,971 decade 
VSK0193rd1:38,061 decade 
VSK0205th40,771 decade 
VSK0213rd19,541 decade 
VSK0224th1:28,061 decade 
VSK0234th27,561 decade 
VSK0246th17,561 decade 
VSK0253rd25,131 decade 
VSK0264th21,281 decade 
VSK0279th29,801 decade 
VSK0288th6,081 decade 
VSK0293rd33,201 decade 
VSK0306th13,541 decade 
VSK0317th10,661 decade 
VSK0325th16,761 decade 
VSK0338th12,431 decade 
VSK0348th24,421 decade 
VSK0359th10,161 decade 
VSK0362nd10,671 decade 
VSK0376th33,511 decade 
VSK03811th8,691 decade 
VSK0397th14,521 decade 
VSK0404th10,751 decade 
VSK0414th33,711 decade 
VSK0423rd28,571 decade 
VSK0435th27,411 decade 
VSK0447th50,831 decade 
VSK0456th17,611 decade 
VSK0463rd17,741 decade 
VSK0473rd32,641 decade 
VSK0482nd31,971 decade 
VSK0496th1:28,891 decade 
VSK0503rd28,031 decade 
VSK05119th10,951 decade 
VSK0523rd15,121 decade 
VSK0534th25,021 decade 
VSK0543rd22,791 decade 
VSK0556th18,281 decade 
VSK0565th44,831 decade 
VSK0575th24,311 decade 
VSK0582nd15,431 decade 
VSK0594th1:34,411 decade 
VSK0603rd37,931 decade 
VSK0613rd21,741 decade 
VSK0623rd46,631 decade 
VSK0633rd59,851 decade 
VSK0644th29,311 decade 
VSK0659th17,471 decade 
VSK0663rd15,871 decade 
VSK0673rd32,451 decade 
VSK0683rd28,021 decade 
VSK0695th14,531 decade 
VSK07018th15,691 decade 
VSK0713rd27,701 decade 
VSK0726th16,981 decade 
VSK0738th9,041 decade 
VSK0744th45,821 decade 
VSK0759th7,981 decade 
VSK0766th14,611 decade 
VSK0774th12,711 decade 
VSK0785th22,321 decade 
VSK0795th26,661 decade 
VSK08010th15,531 decade 
VSK0814th32,731 decade 
VSK08211th15,621 decade 
VSK0833rd1:07,381 decade 
VSK0841st11,579 years 
VSK08510th11,531 decade 
VSK0868th20,571 decade 
VSK0874th48,021 decade 
VSK0885th31,371 decade 
VSK0894th31,891 decade 
VSK0905th23,681 decade 
VSK0916th30,511 decade 
VSK0925th18,141 decade 
VSK09310th7,991 decade 
VSK0942nd19,829 years 
VSK09510th27,881 decade 
VSK0968th27,711 decade 
VSK0973rd18,221 decade 
VSK0983rd36,161 decade 
VSK0994th39,531 decade 
VSK1004th47,051 decade 
VSK1018th17,691 decade 
VSK1027th12,441 decade 
VSK1038th14,791 decade 
VSK10413th25,811 decade 
VSK1055th11,871 decade 
VSK1065th23,101 decade 
VSK1079th12,361 decade 
VSK1089th22,161 decade 
VSK1097th17,131 decade 
VSK1107th29,371 decade 
VSK1115th29,591 decade 
VSK1127th32,101 decade 
VSK1134th14,141 decade 
VSK1145th30,061 decade 
VSK1153rd29,731 decade 
VSK1162nd27,589 years 
VSK1174th1:11,011 decade 
VSK1186th37,051 decade 
VSK1194th8,061 decade 
VSK1204th15,041 decade 
VSK1217th11,541 decade 
VSK1223rd13,871 decade 
VSK1232nd9,331 decade 
VSK1243rd7,461 decade 
VSK1257th18,091 decade 
VSK1263rd33,129 years 
VSK1278th13,981 decade 
VSK1284th23,361 decade 
VSK1295th1:01,641 decade 
VSK1303rd20,481 decade 
VSK13111th14,641 decade 
VSK1323rd41,541 decade 
VSK1333rd19,561 decade 
VSK1345th17,941 decade 
VSK1355th26,891 decade 
VSK1364th24,411 decade 
VSK1374th47,281 decade 
VSK1384th18,781 decade 
VSK1396th18,731 decade 
VSK1407th13,331 decade 
VSK1418th25,181 decade 
VSK1429th28,941 decade 
VSK1433rd54,289 years 
Alma and Zero Hoyla Pack 
AZHP0062nd9,089 years 
random igge pipes 
RIP015th45,591 decade 
RIP023rd48,291 decade 
RIP034th47,951 decade 
RIP043rd47,791 decade 
RIP053rd31,771 decade 
RIP063rd1:18,241 decade 
RIP073rd1:10,271 decade 
RIP083rd1:31,401 decade 
RIP095th36,851 decade 
RIP105th2:14,881 decade 
RIP113rd1:21,931 decade 
RIP123rd1:09,401 decade 
RIP135th41,441 decade 
RIP143rd1:46,861 decade 
RIP153rd1:06,351 decade 
RIP164th48,491 decade 
RIP173rd1:20,701 decade 
RIP183rd1:22,001 decade 
RIP194th26,721 decade 
RIP203rd1:28,981 decade 
RIP215th41,361 decade 
RIP225th1:55,561 decade 
RIP234th1:12,731 decade 
RIP244th38,751 decade 
RIP255th1:38,811 decade 
kachi331st54,691 decade 
kachi013rd22,201 decade 
kachi021st33,571 decade 
kachi031st39,511 decade 
kachi041st36,079 years 
kachi052nd41,001 decade 
kachi062nd29,551 decade 
kachi072nd23,241 decade 
kachi081st29,391 decade 
kachi092nd1:15,231 decade 
kachi103rd55,271 decade 
kachi112nd33,441 decade 
kachi122nd39,221 decade 
kachi132nd24,421 decade 
kachi143rd39,511 decade 
kachi152nd51,531 decade 
kachi164th34,121 decade 
kachi171st46,971 decade 
kachi182nd40,961 decade 
kachi192nd23,181 decade 
kachi203rd42,691 decade 
kachi212nd34,721 decade 
kachi221st37,291 decade 
kachi232nd38,831 decade 
kachi241st26,091 decade 
kachi252nd31,881 decade 
kachi263rd23,601 decade 
kachi272nd55,991 decade 
kachi285th25,651 decade 
kachi293rd35,031 decade 
kachi302nd55,601 decade 
kachi312nd40,341 decade 
kachi322nd30,611 decade 
Pab's Official Level Pack 
Pablo014th12,049 years 
Pablo023rd30,679 years 
Pablo039th30,109 years 
Pablo049th27,439 years 
Pablo055th48,769 years 
Pablo064th43,239 years 
Pablo073rd30,799 years 
Pablo084th34,169 years 
Pablo094th37,829 years 
Pablo102nd9,249 years 
Pablo114th1:04,049 years 
Pablo122nd34,549 years 
Pablo134th51,229 years 
Pablo143rd1:16,499 years 
Handpicked EOL battles by Jeppe 
Jeppe894th25,649 years 
Jeppe015th11,299 years 
Jeppe023rd15,959 years 
Jeppe034th12,869 years 
Jeppe044th38,159 years 
Jeppe056th29,199 years 
Jeppe065th29,059 years 
Jeppe074th30,609 years 
Jeppe084th18,619 years 
Jeppe093rd19,159 years 
Jeppe103rd27,839 years 
Jeppe116th22,549 years 
Jeppe124th16,049 years 
Jeppe137th44,429 years 
Jeppe143rd17,249 years 
Jeppe153rd35,229 years 
Jeppe162nd54,589 years 
Jeppe173rd31,779 years 
Jeppe183rd55,969 years 
Jeppe193rd32,779 years 
Jeppe203rd35,449 years 
Jeppe214th31,179 years 
Jeppe222nd46,509 years 
Jeppe232nd58,239 years 
Jeppe244th21,839 years 
Jeppe252nd35,639 years 
Jeppe267th16,329 years 
Jeppe274th17,669 years 
Jeppe285th15,989 years 
Jeppe293rd46,499 years 
Jeppe304th38,699 years 
Jeppe312nd44,719 years 
Jeppe326th50,839 years 
Jeppe333rd18,389 years 
Jeppe342nd44,239 years 
Jeppe353rd37,919 years 
Jeppe365th43,079 years 
Jeppe374th1:06,739 years 
Jeppe386th57,769 years 
Jeppe395th31,779 years 
Jeppe403rd26,749 years 
Jeppe414th52,219 years 
Jeppe424th18,509 years 
Jeppe434th22,749 years 
Jeppe444th28,309 years 
Jeppe454th29,259 years 
Jeppe464th1:00,799 years 
Jeppe471st39,819 years 
Jeppe483rd27,359 years 
Jeppe493rd46,119 years 
Jeppe504th24,519 years 
Jeppe511st32,379 years 
Jeppe523rd25,269 years 
Jeppe533rd17,629 years 
Jeppe544th34,789 years 
Jeppe554th31,769 years 
Jeppe564th45,139 years 
Jeppe573rd25,179 years 
Jeppe584th28,169 years 
Jeppe595th28,719 years 
Jeppe603rd47,729 years 
Jeppe614th13,239 years 
Jeppe624th46,709 years 
Jeppe636th33,039 years 
Jeppe645th27,229 years 
Jeppe653rd59,869 years 
Jeppe662nd18,239 years 
Jeppe674th2:13,699 years 
Jeppe682nd25,829 years 
Jeppe693rd35,089 years 
Jeppe704th1:10,789 years 
Jeppe714th2:20,499 years 
Jeppe723rd54,229 years 
Jeppe735th20,029 years 
Jeppe743rd33,769 years 
Jeppe753rd1:21,949 years 
Jeppe764th41,679 years 
Jeppe774th37,059 years 
Jeppe786th32,249 years 
Jeppe794th58,869 years 
Jeppe802nd55,349 years 
Jeppe812nd37,419 years 
Jeppe824th54,789 years 
Jeppe834th44,389 years 
Jeppe843rd27,169 years 
Jeppe853rd56,089 years 
Jeppe863rd30,429 years 
Jeppe875th46,189 years 
Jeppe884th36,389 years 
GAB152nd7:47,688 years 
Official Levelpacks Top10 
pa26le072nd1:04,658 years 
pa27le012nd1:03,998 years 
pa27le054th1:20,968 years 
pa33le031st30,817 years 
pa33le061st33,477 years 
pa35le021st1:22,017 years 
pa35le041st2:12,178 years 
pa35le081st33,467 years 
pa36le091st42,867 years 
pa36le102nd10,288 years 
pa37le041st1:00,758 years 
pa37le061st1:40,378 years 
pa37le102nd8,598 years 
pa39le021st51,628 years 
pa39le061st23,108 years 
pa39le071st20,128 years 
pa39le092nd31,218 years 
pa40le012nd35,428 years 
pa40le031st2:42,988 years 
pa40le071st41,528 years 
pa40le091st30,298 years 
pa42le061st43,977 years 
pa44le042nd15,858 years 
pa44le071st34,968 years 
pa44le082nd7,568 years 
pa44le092nd34,908 years 
pa44le102nd6,868 years 
pa45le051st1:21,717 years 
pa45le061st56,597 years 
pa45le091st37,297 years 
pa49le032nd1:13,908 years 
pa49le042nd14,178 years 
pa49le051st33,978 years 
pa49le061st17,518 years 
pa49le071st22,548 years 
pa49le082nd18,668 years 
pa49le102nd18,668 years 
pa50le011st33,248 years 
pa50le031st51,588 years 
pa50le041st42,707 years 
pa51le101st29,967 years 
pa52le021st35,238 years 
pa52le041st48,517 years 
pa52le051st1:14,217 years 
pa52le081st1:15,517 years 
pa52le091st19,647 years 
pa52le101st56,267 years 
pa53le011st1:35,818 years 
pa53le021st42,347 years 
pa53le031st32,657 years 
pa53le041st51,517 years 
pa53le062nd1:03,497 years 
pa53le081st10,317 years 
pa53le091st21,838 years 
pa54le011st38,478 years 
pa54le021st34,238 years 
pa54le031st45,438 years 
pa54le041st27,697 years 
pa54le051st26,908 years 
pa54le061st32,348 years 
pa54le071st35,548 years 
pa54le081st29,208 years 
pa54le091st21,098 years 
pa54le102nd9,028 years 
pa55le011st1:53,448 years 
pa55le022nd28,108 years 
pa55le031st40,108 years 
pa55le041st48,478 years 
pa55le051st46,128 years 
pa55le071st8,517 years 
pa55le081st35,447 years 
pa55le091st17,128 years 
pa55le101st15,848 years 
pa57le012nd1:37,638 years 
pa57le023rd37,258 years 
pa57le031st22,507 years 
pa57le041st38,557 years 
pa57le081st52,967 years 
pa57le091st42,467 years 
pa58le041st12,977 years 
pa58le072nd17,947 years 
pa58le091st32,547 years 
pa58le101st17,017 years 
pa59le011st43,277 years 
pa59le021st24,267 years 
pa59le031st26,797 years 
pa59le041st42,547 years 
pa59le051st39,707 years 
pa59le062nd7,027 years 
pa59le071st15,667 years 
pa59le081st1:11,597 years 
pa59le091st35,347 years 
pa60le011st49,808 years 
pa60le022nd22,317 years 
pa60le032nd58,738 years 
pa60le042nd22,268 years 
pa60le052nd30,798 years 
pa60le092nd1:37,428 years 
pa61le011st1:30,558 years 
pa61le022nd29,178 years 
pa61le032nd27,488 years 
pa61le042nd21,637 years 
pa61le061st43,238 years 
pa61le083rd19,407 years 
pa61le091st25,778 years 
pa61le102nd1:09,418 years 
pa62le012nd40,118 years 
pa62le021st1:02,388 years 
pa62le032nd39,878 years 
pa62le051st1:08,807 years 
pa62le061st33,108 years 
pa62le071st1:32,488 years 
pa62le081st37,607 years 
pa62le091st18,458 years 
pa62le101st24,788 years 
pa63le011st42,698 years 
pa63le021st41,788 years 
pa63le032nd35,868 years 
pa63le041st49,908 years 
pa63le051st27,708 years 
pa63le071st26,698 years 
pa63le081st37,068 years 
pa63le102nd43,138 years 
pa64le011st1:07,178 years 
pa64le021st21,057 years 
pa64le031st13,858 years 
pa64le051st1:19,148 years 
pa64le061st28,598 years 
pa64le081st16,317 years 
pa64le093rd28,478 years 
pa64le101st2:26,398 years 
pa65le022nd35,788 years 
pa65le031st23,648 years 
pa65le052nd38,367 years 
pa65le062nd21,317 years 
pa65le071st23,057 years 
pa65le081st21,877 years 
pa65le092nd24,327 years 
pa65le101st14,617 years 
pa66le011st14,377 years 
pa66le021st37,257 years 
pa66le031st38,347 years 
pa66le041st52,837 years 
pa66le051st44,567 years 
pa66le062nd1:00,708 years 
pa66le071st58,847 years 
pa66le091st58,637 years 
pa67le011st53,957 years 
pa67le041st25,927 years 
pa67le051st42,787 years 
pa67le061st29,847 years 
pa67le071st1:32,957 years 
pa67le081st17,447 years 
pa67le091st37,687 years 
pa67le102nd20,727 years 
pa68le021st39,127 years 
pa68le031st31,697 years 
pa68le062nd22,287 years 
pa68le081st22,837 years 
pa69le012nd41,797 years 
pa69le031st39,807 years 
pa70le062nd31,527 years 
pa70le101st25,687 years 
pa71le021st36,027 years 
pa71le041st19,307 years 
pa71le091st13,667 years 
pa71le101st17,887 years 
pa72le031st24,797 years 
pa72le042nd18,607 years 
pa72le051st54,978 years 
pa72le062nd43,617 years 
pa72le072nd26,037 years 
pa72le082nd39,647 years 
pa72le091st12,677 years 
pa72le101st32,407 years 
pa74le012nd38,587 years 
pa74le041st39,157 years 
pa74le051st26,757 years 
pa74le061st46,887 years 
pa74le081st46,457 years 
pa75le011st37,767 years 
pa75le032nd55,817 years 
pa75le043rd18,767 years 
pa75le052nd40,487 years 
pa75le061st40,108 years 
pa75le072nd1:06,307 years 
pa75le082nd54,977 years 
pa75le092nd1:31,627 years 
pa76le033rd43,798 years 
pa76le061st56,137 years 
Found Internals 
Found533rd27,938 years 
Found513rd43,608 years 
Found503rd59,978 years 
Found495th47,028 years 
Found473rd36,378 years 
Found422nd47,608 years 
Found368th1:24,538 years 
Found332nd1:06,908 years 
Found274th49,248 years 
Found267th23,648 years 
Found243rd39,818 years 
Found115th22,998 years 
Found095th1:12,998 years 
Found057th20,698 years 
Total Times
Latest times
12,97 on pa58le04 7 years ago
13,20 on pa58le04 7 years ago
32,54 on pa58le09 7 years ago
17,01 on pa58le10 7 years ago
42,54 on pa59le04 7 years ago
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