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Oddman >> Chat

Thanks for making and maintaining this site - had a blast back in the day. May rest in peace :)

Blaztek >> Chat

BZK Cup 05.06 - 03.07.2022 - Mopolauta

Virus >> Chat

hey 2022

Bludek >> Chat

:) hi

Blaztek >> Chat

Please come join us in EOL sometime soon, Oddman. )

Oddman >> Chat

Wow, it´s been so many years since playing Elma, good luck guys <3

Oddman >> Chat

Hey 2021 :)

Virus >> Chat

hey 2021

Blaztek >> pa75le02

So submit the time then by sending in rec. ^^, GG

Mira >> pa75le02

got 23:13 ^^


 » Player » BoneLESS

BoneLESS [HHIT] Canada

Dragstrup Cup 2003 
DCup03015th36,221 decade 
DCup03026th1:17,101 decade 
DCup030310th39,811 decade 
DCup03045th43,821 decade 
DCup030510th59,351 decade 
DCup030610th49,711 decade 
DCup03077th59,941 decade 
DCup03086th1:03,661 decade 
DCup03095th54,051 decade 
DCup03106th1:27,901 decade 
DCup03119th23,801 decade 
DCup03127th54,341 decade 
DCup03139th41,071 decade 
DCup03146th39,571 decade 
DCup03156th1:22,161 decade 
DCup03164th1:04,761 decade 
DCup03177th55,861 decade 
DCup03188th1:46,201 decade 
1337 Contest 
1337L00125th7,581 decade 
1337L00211th10,101 decade 
1337L0036th14,271 decade 
1337L00428th17,581 decade 
1337L00512th50,721 decade 
1337L00610th27,831 decade 
1337L0075th22,601 decade 
1337L00934th16,301 decade 
1337L0108th52,671 decade 
1337L01126th14,451 decade 
1337L0127th43,781 decade 
1337L01319th11,041 decade 
1337L0147th24,371 decade 
1337L01513th10,131 decade 
1337L01611th28,901 decade 
1337L01710th18,511 decade 
1337L0187th13,941 decade 
1337L01927th28,581 decade 
1337L0205th26,271 decade 
Max Internals 
MAX0121st18,841 decade 
MAX0226th23,801 decade 
MAX0316th27,851 decade 
MAX0422nd45,881 decade 
MAX086th34,491 decade 
MAX1021st47,331 decade 
MAX124th31,451 decade 
MAX138th25,261 decade 
MAX188th1:05,991 decade 
MAX214th31,701 decade 
MAX222nd55,641 decade 
MAX256th40,541 decade 
MAX419th1:01,141 decade 
Shareware Levels 
TheFaza07th35,601 decade 
TheFaza13rd44,271 decade 
TheFaza27th50,991 decade 
TheFaza35th1:04,591 decade 
hnvhgm6th12,801 decade 
WkE Level Pack 
Packwke15th12,691 decade 
Packwke25th1:07,791 decade 
Packwke35th30,241 decade 
Packwke46th22,161 decade 
Packwke55th1:10,861 decade 
Packwke615th1:05,521 decade 
Packwke73rd43,741 decade 
Packwke86th14,471 decade 
Packwke93rd7,921 decade 
Packwk103rd10,351 decade 
Packwk116th54,091 decade 
Packwk123rd54,981 decade 
Packwk136th38,001 decade 
Packwk149th20,791 decade 
Packwk154th24,461 decade 
Packwk164th44,521 decade 
Packwk1715th38,741 decade 
Packwk186th42,991 decade 
Packwk197th42,991 decade 
Packwk205th27,451 decade 
The Kopa Trilogy 
TKT013rd29,951 decade 
TKT026th47,611 decade 
TKT0310th51,061 decade 
TKT048th33,191 decade 
TKT056th54,581 decade 
TKT0610th1:00,881 decade 
TKT074th34,801 decade 
TKT088th57,021 decade 
TKT094th41,071 decade 
TKT1012th35,421 decade 
TKT116th1:23,901 decade 
TKT1216th32,631 decade 
TKT1310th27,841 decade 
TKT148th1:03,121 decade 
TKT157th1:23,071 decade 
FSDC1L0110th28,281 decade 
FSDC1L029th42,891 decade 
FSDC1L039th1:12,051 decade 
FSDC1L043rd41,931 decade 
FSDC1L053rd17,581 decade 
FSDC1L062nd25,461 decade 
FSDC1L076th25,391 decade 
FSDC1L086th1:08,611 decade 
FSDC1L098th21,591 decade 
FSDC1L105th1:54,021 decade 
veezay höylä pack 
vzh00121st5,531 decade 
vzh0027th7,771 decade 
vzh00312th10,961 decade 
vzh00413th12,301 decade 
vzh00531st23,941 decade 
vzh00621st3,811 decade 
vzh00722nd3,461 decade 
vzh00810th24,021 decade 
vzh00919th12,301 decade 
vzh0109th7,211 decade 
vzh01118th10,551 decade 
vzh01224th12,331 decade 
vzh01317th16,591 decade 
vzh01420th6,141 decade 
vzh0157th8,911 decade 
vzh0167th8,161 decade 
vzh01717th8,741 decade 
vzh01814th20,661 decade 
vzh0198th13,231 decade 
vzh02012th5,001 decade 
vzh02115th8,441 decade 
vzh02212th16,711 decade 
vzh0232nd10,751 decade 
vzh02424th8,601 decade 
vzh0255th10,411 decade 
vzh0265th17,881 decade 
vzh02711th6,901 decade 
vzh02825th6,041 decade 
vzh0295th5,981 decade 
vzh0309th9,631 decade 
vzh03118th14,041 decade 
vzh0326th5,931 decade 
vzh03316th9,321 decade 
vzh0342nd10,741 decade 
vzh03515th18,421 decade 
vzh0362nd17,001 decade 
vzh03714th8,761 decade 
vzh03820th8,051 decade 
vzh03924th9,241 decade 
vzh04012th11,251 decade 
vzh04110th10,821 decade 
vzh0426th16,551 decade 
vzh0436th6,451 decade 
vzh04410th11,461 decade 
vzh04522nd16,651 decade 
vzh0464th7,491 decade 
vzh04712th9,891 decade 
vzh04815th10,201 decade 
vzh04911th9,861 decade 
vzh0508th10,701 decade 
vzh0517th5,831 decade 
vzh05212th14,461 decade 
vzh05313th12,711 decade 
vzh0548th6,011 decade 
vzh0556th10,431 decade 
vzh05616th15,421 decade 
vzh05712th20,511 decade 
vzh05811th25,631 decade 
vzh05913th6,641 decade 
vzh06023rd13,721 decade 
vzh06111th5,331 decade 
vzh06218th6,881 decade 
vzh0637th8,181 decade 
vzh0646th6,671 decade 
vzh0657th8,311 decade 
vzh06615th6,651 decade 
vzh06717th6,551 decade 
vzh06817th10,181 decade 
vzh06923rd5,401 decade 
vzh07017th7,501 decade 
vzh07110th12,061 decade 
vzh07222nd5,221 decade 
vzh07317th7,281 decade 
vzh07410th12,451 decade 
vzh07511th9,471 decade 
vzh07626th10,751 decade 
vzh07711th12,251 decade 
vzh07811th10,211 decade 
vzh07916th10,881 decade 
vzh08014th6,271 decade 
vzh08125th12,551 decade 
vzh08221st10,271 decade 
vzh0835th10,441 decade 
vzh08414th5,691 decade 
vzh0856th5,891 decade 
vzh08623rd9,121 decade 
vzh0876th15,101 decade 
vzh08825th6,901 decade 
vzh0899th6,961 decade 
vzh0905th7,971 decade 
vzh09110th8,991 decade 
vzh09210th5,891 decade 
vzh09316th6,821 decade 
vzh0942nd7,741 decade 
vzh0952nd7,931 decade 
vzh09629th13,231 decade 
vzh09713th8,841 decade 
vzh09810th6,621 decade 
vzh09923rd10,221 decade 
vzh10013th43,801 decade 
umiz level pack 
umizzz0113th17,991 decade 
umizzz029th21,891 decade 
umizzz038th11,271 decade 
umizzz047th52,041 decade 
umizzz0510th38,401 decade 
umizzz0616th47,781 decade 
umizzz075th1:07,321 decade 
umizzz085th1:00,981 decade 
umizzz094th14,171 decade 
umizzz106th37,221 decade 
umizzz116th20,291 decade 
umizzz1214th40,561 decade 
umizzz1314th7,891 decade 
umizzz1410th1:02,751 decade 
umizzz159th34,411 decade 
umizzz1611th55,701 decade 
umizzz178th38,401 decade 
umizzz185th50,851 decade 
umizzz1913th48,271 decade 
umizzz2015th32,051 decade 
umizzz219th51,441 decade 
umizzz228th25,401 decade 
umizzz2314th40,671 decade 
umizzz246th24,801 decade 
umizzz2510th1:46,981 decade 
umizzz269th1:42,511 decade 
umizzz276th29,241 decade 
umizzz2811th1:11,561 decade 
umizzz298th36,241 decade 
umizzz306th2:39,181 decade 
umizzz3112th1:10,101 decade 
umizzz3211th2:04,861 decade 
umizzz3310th20,171 decade 
umizzz347th27,461 decade 
umizzz357th21,161 decade 
umizzz367th32,151 decade 
umizzz3710th52,831 decade 
umizzz388th11,121 decade 
Internally Tilted 
INTilt159th57,961 decade 
INTilt218th26,591 decade 
INTilt253rd25,911 decade 
Raven Höylä Pack 
RHP196th6,661 decade 
RHP207th6,381 decade 
RHP399th7,871 decade 
Internal Level Designing Contest 
ID302L015th57,721 decade 
ID302L0210th42,441 decade 
ID302L036th1:12,541 decade 
ID302L043rd49,361 decade 
ID303L016th36,681 decade 
ID303L025th18,571 decade 
ID303L036th19,641 decade 
ID303L046th21,251 decade 
ID304L016th29,551 decade 
ID304L029th18,051 decade 
ID304L037th16,071 decade 
ID304L044th16,481 decade 
ID305L013rd32,831 decade 
ID305L024th53,911 decade 
ID305L038th31,831 decade 
ID306L013rd42,571 decade 
ID306L029th37,181 decade 
ID307L016th33,681 decade 
ID307L023rd29,341 decade 
ID308L016th37,231 decade 
ID308L024th45,991 decade 
ID308L039th39,131 decade 
Quality umiz Levels 
qumiz016th12,991 decade 
qumiz0211th16,671 decade 
qumiz0311th23,151 decade 
qumiz048th31,031 decade 
qumiz055th9,741 decade 
qumiz0612th25,201 decade 
qumiz079th20,921 decade 
qumiz0811th36,301 decade 
qumiz096th17,641 decade 
qumiz107th35,891 decade 
qumiz116th39,601 decade 
qumiz1213th14,871 decade 
qumiz138th29,411 decade 
qumiz147th10,941 decade 
qumiz1513th56,731 decade 
qumiz166th33,211 decade 
qumiz176th39,641 decade 
Only Bounces Level Pack 
OBLP012nd11,831 decade 
OBLP029th11,111 decade 
OBLP0311th23,591 decade 
OBLP0411th11,041 decade 
OBLP059th20,081 decade 
OBLP0612th22,431 decade 
OBLP0710th14,521 decade 
OBLP086th8,981 decade 
OBLP0914th18,431 decade 
OBLP1017th13,661 decade 
OBLP1111th16,831 decade 
OBLP1211th17,011 decade 
OBLP136th14,361 decade 
OBLP146th9,451 decade 
OBLP158th13,151 decade 
Easy Pipes Level Pack 
EPLP014th20,381 decade 
EPLP023rd24,341 decade 
EPLP037th15,981 decade 
EPLP044th12,601 decade 
EPLP057th14,921 decade 
EPLP067th10,611 decade 
EPLP075th13,321 decade 
EPLP084th12,871 decade 
EPLP094th11,561 decade 
EPLP103rd17,281 decade 
EPLP115th14,491 decade 
EPLP124th19,731 decade 
EPLP134th13,911 decade 
EPLP143rd14,741 decade 
EPLP153rd11,731 decade 
danpe levels 
danpe0481st13,411 decade 
Tube019th57,491 decade 
Tube025th1:25,371 decade 
Tube037th2:08,701 decade 
Tube046th1:28,421 decade 
Tube067th1:17,411 decade 
Tube074th2:06,991 decade 
Tube084th1:59,831 decade 
Tube095th2:26,041 decade 
Tube106th1:16,441 decade 
NP016th24,581 decade 
NP028th19,111 decade 
NP033rd20,331 decade 
NP0412th17,811 decade 
NP055th19,761 decade 
NP0616th31,401 decade 
NP074th21,841 decade 
NP087th22,821 decade 
NP096th23,881 decade 
NP1015th23,461 decade 
NP1110th26,341 decade 
NP126th25,581 decade 
NP1312th23,131 decade 
NP1411th25,631 decade 
NP1511th21,041 decade 
I095th12,921 decade 
I157th24,391 decade 
I168th17,321 decade 
I179th12,651 decade 
I189th26,321 decade 
I198th18,811 decade 
I2110th10,751 decade 
I2414th15,971 decade 
I259th16,851 decade 
I2611th11,941 decade 
I2713th18,741 decade 
FinMan Pipes 
FMPi0016th26,511 decade 
FMPi0025th39,711 decade 
FMPi0036th43,261 decade 
FMPi0047th29,471 decade 
FMPi0056th35,301 decade 
FMPi00610th16,941 decade 
FMPi0074th12,281 decade 
FMPi0086th13,491 decade 
FMPi0096th25,501 decade 
FMPi0104th28,361 decade 
FMPi0115th18,311 decade 
FMPi0127th21,221 decade 
FMPi0136th16,141 decade 
FMPi0147th22,361 decade 
FMPi0156th25,681 decade 
Great Sticks 
GS018th27,291 decade 
GS022nd23,291 decade 
GS037th15,471 decade 
GS0410th31,981 decade 
GS057th31,741 decade 
GS068th36,011 decade 
GS076th43,551 decade 
GS087th50,071 decade 
GS098th33,061 decade 
GS104th24,111 decade 
GS115th16,461 decade 
GS124th46,781 decade 
Qsla00016th21,681 decade 
Qsla000210th33,331 decade 
Qsla000320th21,961 decade 
Qsla00044th15,371 decade 
Qsla00057th17,671 decade 
Qsla000610th54,791 decade 
Qsla000710th32,571 decade 
Qsla00087th43,611 decade 
Qsla00096th32,921 decade 
Qsla001011th34,331 decade 
Qsla001110th23,721 decade 
Qsla00129th29,551 decade 
Qsla00138th38,571 decade 
Qsla00147th25,671 decade 
Qsla00157th31,911 decade 
Qsla001612th22,261 decade 
Qsla00178th24,291 decade 
Qsla00188th18,811 decade 
Qsla00199th32,981 decade 
Qsla00203rd19,791 decade 
Bliz Höyl 
Bhoyl014th19,631 decade 
Bhoyl0212th21,451 decade 
Bhoyl0311th18,371 decade 
Bhoyl046th21,671 decade 
Bhoyl055th15,051 decade 
Bhoyl064th14,691 decade 
Bhoyl0713th11,161 decade 
Bhoyl0814th18,881 decade 
Bhoyl0912th21,491 decade 
Bhoyl1011th15,261 decade 
Bhoyl118th27,651 decade 
Bhoyl128th18,521 decade 
Bhoyl138th19,881 decade 
Bhoyl143rd18,561 decade 
Bhoyl156th18,331 decade 
Bhoyl162nd15,171 decade 
Bhoyl1718th12,321 decade 
Bhoyl187th9,031 decade 
Bhoyl198th16,411 decade 
Bhoyl209th20,821 decade 
Bhoyl218th15,921 decade 
Bhoyl226th15,511 decade 
Bhoyl233rd15,641 decade 
Bhoyl243rd12,441 decade 
Bhoyl257th14,411 decade 
Bhoyl2610th11,601 decade 
Bhoyl2711th12,051 decade 
Bhoyl2815th18,281 decade 
Bhoyl2911th9,731 decade 
Bhoyl3021st6,601 decade 
semen0019th56,391 decade 
semen0023rd23,101 decade 
semen0039th26,311 decade 
semen0043rd26,711 decade 
semen00511th24,011 decade 
semen00611th24,981 decade 
semen00711th22,351 decade 
semen00813th41,411 decade 
semen00913th34,381 decade 
semen01010th33,671 decade 
semen01110th27,191 decade 
semen01211th44,301 decade 
semen0137th28,151 decade 
semen0148th18,661 decade 
semen0156th57,591 decade 
semen0165th47,881 decade 
semen0175th36,511 decade 
semen0184th24,451 decade 
semen0196th30,401 decade 
semen0205th40,011 decade 
semen0218th37,791 decade 
semen0228th28,931 decade 
semen02311th35,751 decade 
semen0249th47,321 decade 
semen02510th55,601 decade 
semen02610th28,321 decade 
semen0279th27,681 decade 
semen02815th25,461 decade 
semen02916th47,601 decade 
semen0305th33,251 decade 
VSK00110th7,461 decade 
VSK00217th18,731 decade 
VSK00316th15,781 decade 
VSK00410th18,151 decade 
VSK0058th17,061 decade 
VSK00614th41,721 decade 
VSK0078th22,681 decade 
VSK0088th42,821 decade 
VSK0098th31,661 decade 
VSK0107th26,601 decade 
VSK01110th1:39,521 decade 
VSK01210th33,141 decade 
VSK0134th23,061 decade 
VSK0146th21,621 decade 
VSK0155th15,821 decade 
VSK0167th14,751 decade 
VSK0175th20,761 decade 
VSK01816th11,431 decade 
VSK0196th1:43,941 decade 
VSK02012th43,231 decade 
VSK0214th19,731 decade 
VSK0228th1:33,841 decade 
VSK0238th28,871 decade 
VSK02417th18,251 decade 
VSK0255th26,811 decade 
VSK0266th22,101 decade 
VSK0277th29,621 decade 
VSK02810th6,211 decade 
VSK0297th41,811 decade 
VSK03011th13,841 decade 
VSK0315th10,641 decade 
VSK0324th16,731 decade 
VSK0335th12,151 decade 
VSK0344th23,221 decade 
VSK0356th9,911 decade 
VSK03610th12,391 decade 
VSK0374th32,521 decade 
VSK0387th8,371 decade 
VSK0394th13,461 decade 
VSK0402nd10,731 decade 
VSK04111th35,051 decade 
VSK0426th29,481 decade 
VSK0437th28,701 decade 
VSK0445th49,911 decade 
VSK0454th17,461 decade 
VSK0464th17,921 decade 
VSK0477th36,051 decade 
VSK0486th45,411 decade 
VSK0497th1:29,091 decade 
VSK0504th28,941 decade 
VSK0513rd9,971 decade 
VSK0526th15,421 decade 
VSK0536th25,721 decade 
VSK05410th24,051 decade 
VSK0558th18,981 decade 
VSK0566th45,771 decade 
VSK05711th24,711 decade 
VSK0585th15,721 decade 
VSK0598th1:39,461 decade 
VSK0604th38,741 decade 
VSK0616th22,401 decade 
VSK0627th48,901 decade 
VSK0635th1:00,201 decade 
VSK0646th29,911 decade 
VSK0657th14,951 decade 
VSK0666th16,731 decade 
VSK0677th34,091 decade 
VSK0685th28,761 decade 
VSK0696th14,711 decade 
VSK07012th15,641 decade 
VSK0717th31,281 decade 
VSK07212th19,311 decade 
VSK0736th8,681 decade 
VSK0745th46,091 decade 
VSK0755th7,861 decade 
VSK0769th14,791 decade 
VSK0776th12,921 decade 
VSK0784th22,231 decade 
VSK0796th27,881 decade 
VSK0804th14,101 decade 
VSK0817th33,421 decade 
VSK0825th15,151 decade 
VSK0834th1:07,981 decade 
VSK0845th13,461 decade 
VSK0858th11,121 decade 
VSK0865th20,471 decade 
VSK0875th48,451 decade 
VSK0887th32,901 decade 
VSK0896th33,121 decade 
VSK0906th24,011 decade 
VSK0913rd29,571 decade 
VSK0927th18,191 decade 
VSK0937th7,951 decade 
VSK0946th22,991 decade 
VSK0957th27,631 decade 
VSK0967th27,621 decade 
VSK0979th20,391 decade 
VSK0985th37,161 decade 
VSK0995th39,741 decade 
VSK1009th48,891 decade 
VSK1017th17,461 decade 
VSK1028th12,651 decade 
VSK1036th14,511 decade 
VSK10411th25,771 decade 
VSK1056th12,021 decade 
VSK1066th23,461 decade 
VSK1078th12,331 decade 
VSK10812th23,001 decade 
VSK1093rd16,051 decade 
VSK1109th29,591 decade 
VSK1116th30,351 decade 
VSK11212th34,741 decade 
VSK1135th14,201 decade 
VSK1147th30,791 decade 
VSK1158th32,791 decade 
VSK1165th28,601 decade 
VSK1177th1:16,721 decade 
VSK1189th37,641 decade 
VSK1197th8,181 decade 
VSK1208th15,131 decade 
VSK1219th11,691 decade 
VSK1225th14,251 decade 
VSK1238th9,761 decade 
VSK1247th7,571 decade 
VSK1259th18,401 decade 
VSK1266th38,981 decade 
VSK1273rd13,871 decade 
VSK1287th24,851 decade 
VSK12910th1:05,731 decade 
VSK1307th20,981 decade 
VSK1318th14,561 decade 
VSK1329th43,991 decade 
VSK1339th21,171 decade 
VSK1349th18,431 decade 
VSK1354th26,351 decade 
VSK1367th26,401 decade 
VSK1376th51,471 decade 
VSK1383rd18,691 decade 
VSK1395th18,391 decade 
VSK1405th12,901 decade 
VSK1416th24,701 decade 
VSK1427th28,621 decade 
VSK1435th55,381 decade 
Gsla014th39,251 decade 
Gsla026th39,831 decade 
Gsla037th46,471 decade 
Gsla044th41,541 decade 
Gsla055th49,711 decade 
Gsla063rd33,771 decade 
Gsla077th32,191 decade 
Gsla088th36,361 decade 
Gsla093rd26,771 decade 
Gsla103rd36,931 decade 
Gsla114th55,431 decade 
Gsla127th32,071 decade 
Gsla135th47,121 decade 
Gsla145th34,371 decade 
Gsla154th33,261 decade 
Gsla169th28,921 decade 
Gsla175th47,961 decade 
Gsla188th44,241 decade 
Gsla196th56,451 decade 
Gsla203rd53,411 decade 
Gsla215th30,841 decade 
Gsla227th36,941 decade 
Gsla234th28,341 decade 
Gsla245th25,871 decade 
Gsla256th39,171 decade 
Gsla267th34,961 decade 
Gsla274th36,471 decade 
Gsla283rd29,571 decade 
Gsla296th34,871 decade 
Gsla3010th34,821 decade 
Gsla313rd41,751 decade 
Gsla324th45,301 decade 
GslaFin6th51,471 decade 
GslaPab4th40,571 decade 
GslaSch3rd41,341 decade 
GslaSmi4th39,651 decade 
Gslaumi7th37,751 decade 
GslaVJ3rd40,581 decade 
Gslazyw7th33,851 decade 
Total Times
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12,28 on FMPi007 1 decade ago
13,41 on danpe048 1 decade ago
6,38 on RHP20 1 decade ago
6,66 on RHP19 1 decade ago
25,40 on umizzz22 1 decade ago
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