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Thanks for making and maintaining this site - had a blast back in the day. May rest in peace :)

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BZK Cup 05.06 - 03.07.2022 - Mopolauta

Virus >> Chat

hey 2022

Bludek >> Chat

:) hi

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Please come join us in EOL sometime soon, Oddman. )

Oddman >> Chat

Wow, it´s been so many years since playing Elma, good luck guys <3

Oddman >> Chat

Hey 2021 :)

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hey 2021

Blaztek >> pa75le02

So submit the time then by sending in rec. ^^, GG

Mira >> pa75le02

got 23:13 ^^


 » New levels and other goodies

New levels and other goodies

Friday 7 December 2007

As you might have noticed a new level pack was added last weekend, a 15 levels level pack by sla. Today another new pack has been added, a 35 levels h?yl? pack by Igge.

I recently bought web hosting from dreamhost in order to get more space (1024 times more than on the old to be exact) for big files. This means that the WCup movie is back up in low and medium quality (high has been up all the time) and the TKT trailer aswell. Download in Movies. The site itself haven't been moved yet, but will eventually.

A little word from Danielj, the creator of the danpe levels:

"Juski recently broke the 9 minute-limit WR-TT on my danpe levels with his danpe013 time, as I promised I will make a new video (original version). If you want some fame, h?yl some WRs and send me on IRC (Dani_TAH), or send me a PM on lauta if you don't have access to IRC. I will make a lauta topic for this, where I list all the best replays I have so far. Deadline for sending in recs is january 25th." - Danielj

Last but not least I'm proud to announce that Kopasite have secured the rights to the reocrd table of olliz' new levels, which are in the making.

at 2007-12-09 10:08:28

good job Kopa :D
skintati- Kopasite ;)

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