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Bludek >> Chat

:) hi

Blaztek >> Chat

Please come join us in EOL sometime soon, Oddman. )

Oddman >> Chat

Wow, it´s been so many years since playing Elma, good luck guys <3

Oddman >> Chat

Hey 2021 :)

Virus >> Chat

hey 2021

Blaztek >> pa75le02

So submit the time then by sending in rec. ^^, GG

Mira >> pa75le02

got 23:13 ^^

Blaztek >> Chat

World Cup 8 starts 30th august 2020, be there! EOL

redline >> Chat


Hosp >> Chat

Hi from June 2020


 » Eol


Why do times have to be verified in EOL?

An undetectable save load patch is widely spread which means a replay file is no longer a quarantee that the time is driven legally. However it is impossible to use this patch while online on EOL, which means times driven in EOL are cheatproof, and by checking the times in the EOL database they can be verified that they were driven legally.

Ofcourse the server can go down, or you can lose the connection during a good run. So when you upload a time that can't be verified in EOL it will still be saved and can be manually accepted by an admin, if it seems likely that it is legally. For example if you have driven 142 of 143 VSK times in EOL there's a good chance that the last time is simply driven during a disconnect.

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