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Mats >> VSK113

GAA time

Oddman >> VSK113

1337 :)

Zero >> Chat

HALF2 vid is out

Zero >> Chat

VSK WR TT: 59:59,31 :)

Zero >> Chat

1337L017 world record. FINALLY!!

Leek >> semen030

Nah, not that good. Had some 31 misses.

Blaztek >> semen030

Impsy Leek. =O

Blaztek >> Chat

Finaly I sendt a time again. Des 2015

Kopaka >> Chat

upload times works again

Mats >> Chat

time cannot be verified fml :'(


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Best Times
1.25,66adi [MiE]
2.26,19FinMan [dat]
3.27,34Xiphias [NK]
4.28,55skint0r [IV]
5.29,19roope [MiE]
6.29,69Attlee [A&M]
7.29,97xp [WNO]
8.30,14Raven [EPO]
10.31,14umiz [SAT]
11.31,96Mats [TR]
12.32,92Flat [FS]
13.35,07Danielj [TAH]
Record History
2012-03-0125,66adi [MiE]
2011-07-0926,19FinMan [dat]
2008-06-1026,98adi [MiE]
2006-11-1927,34Xiphias [NK]
2006-11-1828,55skint0r [IV]

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